Aspasragus fern turning yellow... :(

markyyySeptember 16, 2009

Hi, I've got this asparagus fern that sits on my table. I actually just got it recently, but parts of it is turning yellow. I've notcied some roots sticking out from below, is that a problem? I water it the soil dries (according to the instructions), is there a even better way? And why why is it turning yellow? Sunlight, water, or needs to be repotted? thanks a lot

P.S. Is there a season or something where it's supposed to turn yellow?

P.P.S. How long can they live normally?

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

There are several plants with the common name 'asparagus fern'. It would be helpful if you could offer an exact identity. There are many possible causes of yellowing - over/under-fertilizing, over/under-watering caused by various reasons, tight roots, wrong light or sunburn, insects, disease, individual deficiencies, chemical toxicities .......

They can be divided, so there is no reason they couldn't outlive both/either of us.


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Mentha(9 CA)

They might just be losing leaves, my MIL's turns yellow this time of year due to climatic changes, but the above reasons need to be checked before I'd say so.

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thanks...i really don't know what my plant is, i'll try to get a picture... (thanks again)

i think it's this kind :

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