Plant ID help, please

jansy1985(5a)September 13, 2013

Hi Everyone - I adopted this plant from the "moving area" of my building. My guess is someone moved out and didn't want to take it with them.
The tag says Tropical hibiscus 'Sunny Wind' with a picture of yellow flower on it, but the leaves don't look anything like hibiscus leaves I see on the internet. I'd appreciate any help in IDing it.

Also, for now I've 'quarantined' this plant in the tub of my unused bathroom. What type of things do you check before mixing adopted plants with other houseplants?


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Close up of a leaf

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it looks like a sea hibiscus. if it's, regular trimming can greatly reduce its leaf size greatly!

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Thanks, Keylyn. This plant seems to have almost a bonsai-like trunk with lots of white circular markings - is that normal for sea hibiscus? Just wondering if this is something caused by pests etc..

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Hi Jane,

Do all leaves have yellow spots?

I Googled H. Sunny Wind. There's variegated and green leaves, but most pics focus on flowers. Yellow with orange-red centers.


Has your Hib flowered yet?

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Hi Toni
I just picked it up last night. It's a very 'leggy' plant with only a few leaves (not spotted or variegated), a bonsai-like trunk and no sign of flowers. It was beside another almost dead plant that looked a lot like the pictures of 'Sunny wind', so I thought may be the tag was misplaced on this plant.
This one has tiny leaves forming in lots of areas. If it is hibiscus, I am hoping it will perk up with lots of sun and water. :)

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