Your Most Cherished (Sentimental) Plant?

moonwolf_gwSeptember 13, 2010

Hi everyone,

To answer my own question, I have to say it's my Hoya carnosa. It was my first houseplant and I got it from my high school home-ec teacher. It's in a pot now with other cuttings from some of the nice folks over on the Hoya forum I got last year. I now have approx. twenty Hoyas plus a few other houseplants. I also got a cutting of carnosa that's from her grandmother's plant this year. She was one of the ones who sent me my first carnosa cuttings last year. Here's a picture of my baby (I call her Nikki in honor of my best friend who died the summer before senior year). I just put it into a new hanger today.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

my Jasmine 'Maid or Orleans'.. because the scent immediately took me back to the time I was 6 or 7, sniffing my first jasmine flower at a neightbor's house. The memory was incredibly vivid, every time she bloomed! :)

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My Most cherished plant? Thats a tough one! I love them all. I guess the one I would pull out of a fire first would be my Jubacia Chilensis (Honey palm). I sprouted it from a seed collected in 1999 from a botanical garden in Antibes France. It has flourished sans problem for over ten years now in my sun room.
I have many other cherished plants though. I have two Jades Planted the year my son was born (1973) ,and a yellow crown of thorns given to me by a friend in 1979 (it has not been repotted since I got it. Too many thorns). I have many plants 20 years or older that I grew from seed or cutting that I would have a hard time parting with. They are like my children. Any one else out there have any really old potted plants?

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I meant to say I got my cuttings from TigerDawn and Jennifer on the Hoya forum. Whoops! TD is the person I was referring to in the first paragraph.

Kemistry, I have Maid of Orelans too. The smell took my breath away! I got mine at Wal-Mart and thought it was J. officinale until I posted pictures of it on GW.

Dizzyloo, it must be great to have plants that age that are still going! Hoyas (especially carnosas) are usually long lived too. My home-ec teacher hasn't repotted hers in about five or ten years (that was back in '08).

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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