What plants can be in the same.pot as a Majesty Palm?

MrBlubs(3a)September 21, 2013

Back in febuary I bought a Majesty palm (theres 3 in one) for 10 bucks at home depot. So far it has actually been doing quite well . Recently I moved it off the ground on to a storage thingy that about a foot off the ground. Now Im stuck at looking at the big green pot that it is taking.up all that space. I was wondering if there any plant (A vining plant perferably) that could be in the same pot as it that would trail down the pot bcovering. the pot. Cpuld Philodendrons handle that much moisture? Or Pothos?
Could really any plant be planted with it?
Thanks for.the help!

Sorry for all the typos.... My phone wont me click back and .... Well its confusing

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The thing about raising two distinct types of plants in the same soil is how they use such environment to their best advantage.

There's lots of things plants use for their benefit; sun, shade, rain (moisture), heat (sunlight), energy (sunlight), nutrition (fertilizer), air temperature, outside temperature affects (wind or air currents) etc, etc.....

The trouble ensues when one of the residents has different needs than the other.

Plants can get along with each other if their needs are met equally--they take the same amount of sun, of water, and other factors that doesn't change their growth habits.

Vines regularly are partners with another plant because their needs are less stringent--they get along with minimal differences.
When a plant however, grows independently of the other and affects how the other uses their environemtn, that can cause growth problems.
One way to avoid this is to turn the container to the sum every....or every other day ensuring both plants receive equal sunlight.

Air currents from floor vents, or doors or windows being opened directing changes of temperature to the leaves, often causes immediate problems.
How much water does one plant need...and use, that the other doesn't can be a life and death issue for one...or both.

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Thanks for the info!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

What size palm do you have?

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MrBlubs, I have seen Creeping Jenny Lysimachia nummularia grown under a Manila Palm Adonidia merrillii in a large container outside the main entrance to an upscale mall(zone 9) .
It had 'crept' over the edge of the container and covered quite two thirds of its expanse.
The effect was quite pleasing.

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Not that it's at all relevant here but lysimachia nummularia can be submerged too...but never mind that for now.

Picture this stuff in your mind's eye spilling over the edge of your pot and you'll see what Ronalawn's talking about. :)

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Ah, Creeping Jenny. Never even though of that!
I actually have some trailing down the rocks and spreading.over my.pond in my backyard! It would look nice but, I dont knkw where I could het any.this time of year..... Maybe Ill steal some from my Cabin when I go.
That one palm tree look really nice! I didnt think of wander Jew Either!
guess I'll try to get my hands on some Creeping Jenny!
Heres a pic of my plam trees (There only maybe 4' tall)
I should of got a better looking.pot then a plastic green one but, Im cheap and It was only 6 bucks!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Very pretty! I think it would say 'thank you' if it could - if you take some of the rocks off of the surface so it can get a bit of air. I know it would say 'thank you' if you snap the drain saucer off of the bottom. You can't see in there, it's not going to stop an accidental mess when watering in place. If you water in shower/tub/sink, the excess can drip out, then the pot can still sit on the saucer, just no need to snap it back on (which also blocks some of the drain holes.)

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