Devastated! Totems falling apart!

aussie_mum(3)May 14, 2013

Hi folk
I am confused and 'devastated' as some of my glassware is coming unstuck! Until recently I have been using an aussie product called Liquid Nails Clear or Liquid Nails 3-in-1 Clear. They are water resistant but not designed for permanent water immersion.

I once glued some glassware in hot weather and 2 weeks later when I tested it, some of the bonds failed!! So i have learnt that lesson.

unfortunately some of the joins in some of my glassware are peeling off after they get wet. It rained the other day and now several joins have failed! Grrr! This has happened in a totem I glued up MONTHS ago as well as some more recent things.

I recently got a small tube of E 6000 and did some gluing up on Sunday. I tested a couple of things today and the joins have failed. Am I being too hasty? Does the E 6000 take longer to cure? I have used it on several pieces that i was having trouble with anyway - on joins that had failed using other glues and I thought E 6000 was "the best" so decided to try it on some of my troublesome pieces.

How important is it to allow the glue to cure for 5-10 minutes before joining the 2 surfaces?

How long should I wait before tugging at it to see if it's 'stuck tight'???

How much does the ambient temperature affect E 6000 during the gluing process?

I am not scared that the joins, on the stuff I have sold, will fail and that I will have unhappy customers!! (I have started selling a few items in my local craft co-op.)

Any advice on using E 6000 appreciated. And if there are any other aussies here, what glue are you using and are you having issues?

Thanks :)

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

I use E6000 all the time and have never had it fail. I let the glue set up for several minutes before I try to bond two pieces together otherwise they will slide out of place and not create a good seal. I let my items cure 24 hours. I have GOG windows that have been out in the weather year round for 4 years and not had a bit of trouble. Same thing with my totems (I do bring those in in the winter).

I am in the USA and living in Tenn and we got temps down to single digits and as high as 100plus.

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I notice that those using exterior GE silicone for doors & windows II do mention that be sure it is "fresh" . Don't know about the E 6000. I don't use it outside. Oh, be sure your glass is very clean, might even wipe it off with rubbing alcohol as sometimes your hand lotion or oils on your hands might cause a problem. If you are painting glass you always wipe it with the alcohol & then keep you hands off part you are painting or paint doesn't stick well. Maybe same with the glues. Hope someone else has more suggestions. Jan

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Make sure the previous glue is totally off the items before gluing them together again. I use the GE silicone and if I want to reglue I scape the silicone off and sand the piece until the adhesive is completely off.

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I have used the E6000 on all my plate flowers.....none of them have came apart. I put the glue on both pieces and wait 2 minutes and then press together....I also let them cure for 24 or more before I touch them.

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do you have a solid line of adhesive, with no breaks so that air and water can get in? That one took me a while to learn, and sometimes, well, if I'm in a hurry...

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Marlene Kindred

Wow...I am so sorry you're having this issue. I can't speak to the E 6000 since I've never used it, but I do use the GE Silicone II and it does need to be used before the expiration date to make sure it holds. I do have to re-glue some of mine occasionally, but just a "weld" that probably wasn't glued enough. I do let my totems cure for a week before I put them out.

Hope you have better luck in the future!

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Thanks for the feedback! I have been sanding the glass and then wiping it with methylated spirits, which is an alcoholic based cleaner/solvent. And I've tried to make sure I don't get finger marks or oil on the glass. I have been trying to make sure I get a good solid line of glue with no 'breaks' in it.

It's just weird because SOME lines of glue will fail and other will stick fast! I can't work out why!

I have been wondering if the temperature of the glue and 'ambient temperature' while the glue dries makes a difference to what bonds will stick? Also have been wondering if some glasses are harder than others (ie such as tempered glass)? I had one birdfeeder (made from a cup and saucer) that fell apart and I believe it was the tempered glass in the 'cup' that might have affected how well the glue adhered to the cup and saucer. I had extreme difficulty in sanding them, as they are so 'hardened' so they are heat resistant. Some glass sands well and you can see the glass powder coming off as you sand. Other glass is very resistant to sanding and scratching!

Any further advice appreciated! :)

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX(8b)

I only use the GE silicone ll, I clean the glass well then wipe with alcohol, I put an abundant line of silicone down then push down gently the piece that glues to it and just very lightly rotate it around a little to get it set in good making sure that it is a solid seal. Then I wet my finger and run it around the seal which picks up the extra silicone and also helps lock in the seal. You may have to wipe it off your finger and rewet it to get all the way around the seal. This is how professionals that use silicone caulk to seal bathtubs and sinks etc do it. I learned that watching the Mike Holmes shows on TV.
It works great, creates a good solid seal with no leaks or air gaps that can let moisture into the pieces which will cause problems. I have never had a seal fail. I always give the completed totem a couple of days to fully set up and cure. But they are generally solid in just a couple of hours.
I highly suggest you try some good outdoor rated clear silicon caulk instead of the glues since you are having failed seals.

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Thanks so much ravencajun for your advice. I'll have a look around for some silicone caulk. :)

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