Hurricane Sandy

greenchic(7)October 28, 2012

We have had pretty good weather this late in October here in Baltimore so my plants have still been outdoors but today I spent the morning bringing my plants inside to prepare for the coming storm. I didn't realize I had so many and they have grown so much these last few months. I hope they dont start declining. Is there anything i can do to prevent that? I lost so many last year just moving them from outside back inside...

I can only hope the storm passes by without too much trouble. In the meantime we have our supplies stocked on the ready.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Oh man, hopefully the storm will spare you from damages! I've got family and friends in Baltimore so I'm watching this storm too, from afar.

While inside, plants will probably use water much less quickly, there's no wind and it's cooler. They also need more sun than you think, at least that's what happens to me.

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Hi chic, I'm in PA also in the path of the storm.

It is hard on the plants bringing them into less light. Luckily I have a lot of big windows. So far this year mine are doing ok. Some people recommend bringing them in at night and taking them back out in the daytime, acclimating them slowly to indoors. Thats a good practice but It would be to much work for me.
You could try supplementing them with artificial lighting.
stay safe

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Happy Hurricane from Rhode Island!


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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Good luck guys!

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Any and all in the path is in my thoughts and prayers!

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odyssey3(7 noVA)

All the plants are in. Work is cancelled for tomorrow. The cell is charged and the car is full of gas. Extra water, food, flashlights and batteries are stocked. Fridge is turned up to its coldest setting. Ready as I'll ever be.

Good luck everyone waiting for Sandy!!!

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Well, I'm in NYC & was mandatorily evacuated (my bldg is directly at the edge of a bay & my area is quite low-lying & floodable, 3 blocks from the Ocean).

I have taken a hotel room in Manhattan (didn't really have anywhere else to go). Happens I got a room in the heart of Times Square, talk about surreal. In the crossroads of tourist territory, particularly strange. Gonna go out & get some coffee, back to browse some more later.

In the memorable words of NJ Gov. Christie,

"if it looks stupid, it is stupid" he said we can all take that as a good NJ rule.

Be safe everybody, hope you got all the plants secured.

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hello everyone and thank you for your prayers and thoughts.

Baltimore took a beating but my house lost power only for one night. The lights went out about 7pm and came back on the next morning at about 8am. I am so thankful.

I drove around and saw a few fallen trees but homes and property in my area looked pretty good for the most part. its still cloudy and raining off and on but the worst is behind us.

My parents in nyc sent me a few pics of the local property destruction and fallen trees. Im praying for a speedy recovery for everyone...

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In the meantime, welcome to my jungle. I brought in my plants and probably a lot of bugs too...

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Glad you and your family & possessions are OK! That's a seriously nice collection. It looks like they're gathered around that globe, looking for a warmer home...

Ok who remembers the little green aliens in the machine in Toy Story movie? Bringing plants inside seems so similar to me, and both green of course.

"The claw is our master. The claw chooses who will go and who will stay. Nirvana is coming, the mystic portal awaits."

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we got hit pretty bad. Lots of downed trees. Our power has been out since Mon night. a friends came and picked me up because my house is pretty cold. I am worried about my plants. Hopefully it will come on soon but the report says sun or monday.
take care all.

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