Help with plant ID?

pipperee(6a / 6b eastern WA)October 21, 2013

I would greatly appreciate your help in identifying some lovely houseplants I inherited. They appear to be some kind of succulents, which I've never had great success with (after 20 years I finally mastered philodendrons and spider plants), so I'd like to learn about them and care for them properly for once. An hour of Internet surfing hasn't gotten me an answer yet...
Thank you!

Plant number 1:
Plant number 1 flower:

Plant number 2:

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pipperee(6a / 6b eastern WA)

With correct links this time (can't figure out why photobucket flips my pictures. Sorry!)

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Your top one (2 pics) is a Kalanchoe - a succulent plant which in your case has gone a bit "leggy" in parts.
The second is a Hoya - it's sometimes difficult to tell which one till they flower

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pipperee(6a / 6b eastern WA)

Thank you!

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