Javalina Proof Flowers

tinfoilhatMay 22, 2011

I was experimenting with different plants I could grow in water this winter. I had them sitting in a shallow Tupperware storage container and my DW kept them alive while I was gone this spring. I had a sweet potato that was doing real well and I was going to put it on one of floating islands I built for my pond. This morning my potted starter plants and cactus were torn to shreds and my sweet potato was gone. Somewhere out there is a fat happy javalina with a taste for sweet potatoes.

I guess I should stick with my welded flowers, nothing eats these.

Made from pipe, rebar, Caterpillar engine fan, and 44 bottles of Rolling Rock.

Made with chain and tiller wheels

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I am sorry you lost your plants, but your garden sculptures are amazing. Thank you for sharing.

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Your javalina-safe flowers are much more striking! Those little piggy types can't be trusted around green plants huh? I love both of your flowers. I'm pretty impressed that the chain on the one could stay upright like that because you can't see the welds. My husband said you should have welded your sweet potato vines to the ground too. he-he

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How fun! The welded flowers, NOT the javelinas! Nice job!

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Your flower sculptures are amazing!! No watering, no fertilizing, no kind of plants! The only time I saw a javelina was from a hot-air balloon on my 40th b-day in Arizona. And here I was complaining about the digging damage of the squirrels! LOL Sorry they got your plants.

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

Those jav'ies are a pain in the b-tt! They can totally trash a garden in one night. The only planter I've found they can't tip over or ruin are 2 ft. deep, metal livestock troughs. I've had them try and shove them around but I guess they get tired of it after awhile.
Love your flowers.

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Ewwwwww! I had to Image Google a "javalina"...looks like very ugly critters! ...lots of damage from those, I bet!

But I am lovin' your sculptures...esp the chain & tiller wheels! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Well first I had to look up "javalina" since I had no idea what that was....unheard of here in the east. Wow! I'm so sorry about your plants...surely am glad we don't have those bad boys here in VA. But, I love you new javalina proof flowers! Great form and texture on both, but I'm drawn to the one made out of the fan blade and bottles just because color is what catches my eye.

Great job on both tinfoil!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Love the flowers. The bottle tree leaves idea is genius!
The chain one is amazing and otherworldly.

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I like your varmint-proof flowers, bottles are neat on 1st 1 & 2nd 1 I really like the chains-almost as if it is dancing or happy to be in your garden! Jan

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puggranny(Zone 8)

Love your hog proof flowers!!!! We use to live by the river and I gave up on flowers and yard those devils kept it tore up and my hubby killed and had trappers and they still were plentiful

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Nothin stops the javalina train from roaring thru....but you sure did a good job at making your yard beautiful and putting a stop to their uninvited grazing! Love both of them...but am really liking the bottle tree flower. Thanks for sharing your always amazing creations.

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While the rest of the country has been flooding we have been exceptional dry. I think we have had below normal rainfall for 9 of the last 10 years. Normal rainfall is only 12" per year.
My little oasis has been overrun with rabbits and javalina for the past few years. Predators have also moved in closer due to lack of food and along with cleaning out the rabbits are also taking the chickens, cats and dogs. While I would'nt mind losing some of these freeloading cats, I always seem to lose the cats with the best personalities. The ones that just have to help me with my painting or inspect each hole before I put a screw it in.
This is what it looks like in the open range outside my oasis. There just isn't anything out there for grazing animals like rabbits and javalina. My place probably looks like an all you can eat buffet from their side of the fence.

Thank you for the comments on my flowers and not commenting on my fondness for Rolling Rock. I swear I only do it for green bottles. Really!
FYI: Havalina, Javalina, and Javelina are all pretty much excepted spellings in the SW.

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Does your wearing a 'tinfoilhat' have anything to do with the tall chain link fence???? LOL! Do Javalina's climb over it!!! And always enjoy seeing your creations & now your backyard! TFS!
Jeanne S.

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sorie6(6b ok.)

Great job on the javalina proof flowers. I love the bottle tree flower too!! Now I've got to google javaline to see what they look like. tfs.

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Those flowers are are a great way to outsmart critters and save on watering at the same time.

We have feral hogs around here and they are very destructive.

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