chevy57red(3/4 MN)May 4, 2011

Looking forward to Saturday............

City-wide garage day sale here.................Pine City, MN.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM............Wonder what treasures I will find?

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gardencraze(9b Groveland FL.)

Hmmmmmm let me see.... tickets round trip to Pine City,MN. $$$ Need about another 5 days to hit the Thrift Shops $$$$$ and maybe some garden site seeing $$$.... Ehhhh what I'm I thinking I'm broke besides the trip would wear me out.LOL

I hope you find loads of wonderful junk

Hugs, Carmen

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Hope you find a lot of bargains you can't live without and enjoy your day! - Marylee

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Marlene Kindred

Ooooohhhh...sounds like loads of fun! Happy treasure hunting...and don't forget, we want to see your loot!

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh what a fun thing to look forward to!! don't forget lots of PICTURES................:)

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I'm getting greener by the minute!!! Have fun and post the pics so we can all droooooool!!

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Wow!! I'm envious! Have a good time for all of us. And show us the goods. Jlily

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Sounds like a blast!! I don't remember yard sales(auctions when people lost their farms) But we used to have "Crazy Days" in August- it spread like crazy because we went back to visit each year & I got to go to several on way there. Utah even had them. I even managed to get in on a great sale at the big mall in Minneapolis & they had tables set up outside the stores in the mall. Got a silver-plated cake knife(had fun taking that on the plane) I had taken Maid of Scandinavia's cake decorating class, they insisted I take the cake box apart & when they saw the cake I had made on cardboard base, spatula,cones & tips they decided I was OK. Got some great buys, but all were new. I like antiques better so get some good stuff for me!!! Hint, Hint! Jan

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OH wow lucky you....take a big truck and fill er up...

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Don't you just LOVE those city-wide sales? I'll bet most towns would have plenty of stuff to do them several times a year and wouldn't THAT be fun! Have a great time, nd good luck on finding some special "stuff". Do share pics with us all!

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Head further south to Red Wing and check out the 100 Mile Garage Sale too for me! I always loved going there but haven't been able to make it the past few years. Maybe next year!

We have a city-wide rummage sale near here next weekend. I'm hoping my knees will allow me to go.

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chevy57red(3/4 MN)

Well.... after so much anticipation..... we made it to about 30 of the 58 sales..
I do believe that I saw more baby clothes for sale than I had to raise 3 kids!!
Oh.. and do not forget all of the plastic toys it now takes to raise all of those kids!!
But it was a day to score on and good garden items or treasures..
I did however score on 38 Louis Lamore "Sacket" series books. So DH will be reading for awhile!!
But it was a good day to be out and DD and I had a good time!!

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