neat bottle trees

PurplemoonMay 15, 2011

Take a look at this guy's bottle trees. I think they are pretty neat. He has photos of 5 he did, including the blue one in the first picture.



Here is a link that might be useful: bottle trees

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Karen, those bottle trees are amazing! I have seen the blue glass recently at TS's and garage sales and it is not cheap. I love the blue bottle trees but they have gotten too costly for my pocketbook. Thank you for sharing.

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I haven't had any luck growing a bottle tree here in the desert but I have a bottle cactus on the property. Made with 48 bottles of Rolling Rock Beer, 1 wine bottle, and Dodge Cummins' pressure plate. I keep the cost down by consuming the beer myself.

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Those are great looking bottle trees, I kept on scrolling through the pics and there are lots of great ideas in there.

Very nice tinfoilhat, especially since Rolling Rock would be an imported beer down in AZ. The stand part looks pretty complicated, did you make that too?

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"48 bottles of beer on the wall, 48 bottles of beer, take 1 down, pass it around".... ....

LOL...that's what I started singing when I read your post, tinfoil! Cool bottle tree!

And, tons of bottles on all of those trees, PM! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

VERY cool bottle trees! I like the look of so many bottles on each tree! And Tinfoil your "cactus" is great looking too!

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Tin, I love your bottle cactus. Wish I liked beer, I'd love to make one of those myself.

That guy having so many bottles on his 'trees' and bottle 'bushes' is what really appealed to me.

Marylee, the blue bottles are scarce here at GW and when there are some, they are too pricey. In fact I seldom see any bottles that could be used there now.
Maybe I should start drinking...LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Those are cool bottle trees. I like the weird rounded one that looks like something alien. lol TFS, Karen, you find the coolest stuff!

tinfoilhat, I like your cactus too. Like Karen, I wish I liked beer! Did you make the whole thing yourself? Or is the part the bottles are on a bottle drying rack?

A co-worker of mine drinks a Schmitt Sohne "Relax" riesling wine that comes in a blue bottle with the word relax on the side. I have her giving me the empty bottles. It costs around $10/bottle. Maybe I should try a bottle for myself!

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WOW!!!! Beautiful!
I keep hoping for a tall tree, but maybe this
has inspired to make shorter ones! I have the bottles
but need someone to dig the hole for the tall 4x4
that I want to put up! It's heck to get 'older'
and weaker-LOL

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I also love bottle trees. I have one, mostly blue Reisling wine bottles that I emptied personally. It took me a few months to get enough, and then I found some at the local recycling center.

I also use single ones on a piece of rebar in my garden where I would like delphiniums to grow, but they won't, here. At least I can have the look! When I put them on the rebar however I use a piece of modeling clay or adhesive putty on the end of the rebar for a cushion (after I broke a bottle dropping it on the rebar).

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