Bringing artichoke plants indoors for winter?

fireweed22November 19, 2012

I wrote this in yesterday but it disappeared...

Artichokes do not survive here due to the cold and wet of winter. Last spring I planted a bunch in pots in hopes of storing them in the cold but generally frost free garage.

Are there any tricks to overwinter them? I assumed keeping them fairly dry. Thanks.

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I have never overwintered potted artichokes, but have thought about trying. I would treat them like geraniums -- cut off excess growth to a smallish crown, and keep them cool and almost dry through winter. My attempts to overwinter plants outdoors in Zone 7 failed, so I've never tried since moving to Zone 6. I'm considering staring some seedlings indoors in January and chilling them in March to get annual production. Anyone doing that?

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I grew one plant from a seed I got in trade so I dont even know the type but I grew it in a 5 gal pot all summer. I brought it into my heated garage 42 F and placed it near a small south window without cutting it back. Over the winter it slowly died back till it had only one small new leaf in may but I put it out in the ground sans pot an it grew over the summmer of 2012 to produce 2 purple flowers. I didnt pick them because I wanted to see them in full flower. The plant seemed to die in late summer but before fall a new shoot appeared at the base so I dug it up before the first frost and I am going for a third year. I watered them in winter about once a week and I'll bet if I had a bigger window it would do better. Also this year slugs or something came in with it to eat it up but diatomaceaus earth fixed them. Hope this helps Ric

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