Ficus Outside?

annakathleen(5mo)October 16, 2012

Hello. I am looking for advice on Ficus Benjamina. In the spring we procured two large beautiful trees in pots. They are approximately 7-8' tall. Have done very well outside on the north side of the house next to our hot tub. Being as big as they are there is no way these guys can come inside. Just won't work. Will they survive the southeast Ga winter? Will they lose their leaves until spring? Is there something I can do to protect them outside until warmer weather? I know it's not real close to freeze time, but I would like to have a game plan for that first frost warning! Thanks!

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I don't know how they'd go with cold, but doubt they'd survive the cold that you mentioned. However, they can be pruned quite drastically and reduced to a smaller, lighter, more "mobile" size. They can be root pruned as well.

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I try not to leave my Ficus out when the temp is below 55. I agree with tropic, prune them. You have nothing to loose because if you leave them out, I think they will die.

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