Leftover coffee as nitrogen fertilizer?

colmjkennyNovember 15, 2009


This is related to another post I made. My soil pH is in the 7.0-7.5 range- just within the range for the leafy greens and whatnot I am growing for winter, but room to be more acid. I also have a major lack of nitrogen, based on soil testing and lack of growth of everything but the peas.

Would it be a bad idea to save my leftover coffee and water my plants with it, perhaps if I dilute it 5-1 with water? As I said, my soil becoming more acidic doesn't look to be a problem

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Can you just pour coffee on the veggies? I've only tried using the grounds mixed in with compost. I'd probably use blood meal and fish emulsion instead in the short term, but long term your best bet is getting lots of composted organic matter worked into your garden beds. That's the only thing that helps my compacted clay soil here in L.A.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

I cannot think of any reason not to put leftover coffee on vegetables. I poured the leftover coffee on marigolds near the deck where I had my second cup and the flowers thrived.

I had a Sansevieria in an office that got nothing but stale coffee for thirteen years. It did fine, but then Sansevieria are tough.

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my opinion is that the liquid fish fertilizer is good advice, long term, get some manure,.......are you growing edible podded peas? ....... coffee grounds in the compost or dig them in, worms seem to like them,.....the left over coffee you can freeze in ice cube trays and use them in beverages.

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rj_hythloday(8A VA)

If I had a real abundance of grounds I'd side dress new plants, or leafy greens, even 1/2 on top of the lawn. Generally speaking I don't go to pick them up as often and just add a bag or two to the compost.

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