Large Yucca with brown leaf tips

ttkidd(Toronto ON)October 1, 2008

I have a large Yucca, about 7' tall that has started developing brown leaf tips. I've heard this can be caused by too much salts in the soil, but thought I'd post the question up here to see if there were any other possible causes.

I should probably repot anyway, as I haven't changed the soil in over two years, and it's pretty much impossible to lug the thing to my bath tub to properly leach the soil.


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There most certainly are many causes that might bring about brown leaf tips and among them....including the chance the water has too high a concentration of salts;
overwatering, underwatering, not enough humidity,locating the plant in drafts from doors, windows, heat vents...or from placing a fan for moving air around...or a combination of any and all.

You would be best judge if you think you're overwatering...and/or underwatering.
Salts concentrations would have to come over fertilizer is given or if by chance you are on well and soften the water with sodium.
You might speak to your well-man or a plumber and ask whether you can safely use potassium chloride in place of the sodium in your system. (if you have one)
Such use of well water would have to be stopped and instead use a tap offline or collect rain water or bottled water.

Needless to say you should keep your leaf tips looking good with a pair of scissors.

If the cause isn't too discernible, try elimating or changing one, then another of the possibilities.

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