Perfect Office Plant

bernadette_gourder(5 from Newaygo, MI)October 13, 2010


I am trying to find the perfect maintenance free and allergy free office plant that blooms. I am looking into miniature roses, begonias, and impatiens. What do you think? And where can I get one that is already potted (it's for a gift)?

Thank you for any help! :)


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

What sort of light conditions are present in this office?

And you certainly don't mean 'maintenance FREE', do you? ;-)

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bernadette_gourder(5 from Newaygo, MI)

Hi! I am not sure what lighting there is. She hasn't gotten the job yet. But I assume the worst conditions really so I am leaning more toward begonia/impatiens. A rose is gorgeous and known to be allergy free and much easier to find (like from proflowers or 1800flowers than the other) so that's why I am thinking of them as an option.

I know there is no real maintenance free plant. haha The easiest flowering plant to take care of is probably better put. :)

Let me know if have any suggestions on what kind and where to get it!

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north53 Z1b MB(zone 1b Canada)

IMO, a miniature rose would be the worst choice. Indoors I think it is difficult to keep them happy. They are spider mite prone also.
There are lots of plants that do well in office conditions, but if it really has to be a flowering plant, I think Christmas cactus might be a good choice. They seem to be undemanding to me, anyways.
BTW, even plastic plants aren't maintenance free - they need to be dusted or they look awful.

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Honestly? Just my humble opinion here but since you're not sure what the light conditions will be plus realize plants don't bloom forever...there will be a time when any plant is just sitting there...and still need maintenance.

I'd have been thrilled when I worked in an office to get one of those gifts of cut flowers that can be set up to be delivered monthly. This way there would always be something blooming, hopefully even a wonderful fragrance, maybe exotic, the light conditions wouldn't matter, and it's about as maintenance free except for a little water, as possible. Flowers and no work for the recipient :)

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

bernadette, it might be a real challenge to find a flowering plant that will thrive or even survive in typical office conditions. If there were such plants, you'd see them every where. Roses, no...impatiens, no. There are some types of begonias that will produce flowers inside, but the lighting requirements might be tough to accommodate in an office.

Why not, instead, provide a plant with pretty foliage or an interesting form? Then, you would not have to worry about allergy problems (cut flowers are a no no for allergy sufferers) at all!

Find out what the light conditions are and get back to us. We can help you with a good list of possible plants if we have more information.

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bernadette_gourder(5 from Newaygo, MI)

Thanks for your suggestions . . . by the time I know what kind of office conditions it will be after her birthday. Wish I thought of this gift sooner! Well, anyway. I do plan to give her a non stop begonia. I have had one inside for over a decade and still is looking beautiful. So, that will be my gift to her, but I may want to get her another plant when I do know exactly where she will be working. I'll let you know when the time comes. Thanks again!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Begonia sempervirens...a good choice.

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I've had some really good experiences with Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily) in my office (they are standing near the window though). They are easy to keep and produce white lily-like flowers. They do require a good amount of water. From what I've read, they don't need too much sunlight but - again - mine were standing near the windows, so I can't say if they will thrive in other environments. I don't know if they cause any allergies.

Here is a link that might be useful: Good Office Plants

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