Bottle Wall - Bottle Art Sculpture

sherma(4-5)May 28, 2012

I've been wanting to do a bottle wall to display a rainbow of colored glass. My husband is helping me figure it out. We will make the frame from copper and will string bottles with rows of cable approximately 6" apart. I've laid out my placement (see photo) and will be drilling the holes this week. We have found that a glass bit (arrow head) doesn't cut the holes very good so we have subsequently broke a couple pieces. I've ordered a diamond core drill bit and hope for better results.

Has anyone ever built one of these? I can't find anything on the web. It's purely for aesthetics, but I would like to build it to last. Any pointers out there?

Image link:

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THAT IS AWESOME!!!!! If you go to a stained glass store, they will have diamond bits that you buy for about $20 that are 1/4 inch, they fit on your drill(I use my cordless drill) and you keep a sponge soaked with water to keep the drilling wet, if you don't you wear out your bit faster. I have an idea for something similar to this that is percolating in my yours is VERY inspirational!!! There are cheaper diamond bits to buy out there, but I find that they are a cheaper product, so getting a good bit is worth it. I use mine to drill 1/4inch glass. Maybe a glass shop would be able to get you one also. Also, if you are careful by not pushing too hard...but some glass just doesn't take to being drilled....

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WONDERFUL! Such a work of art. I am anxious to see your finished progress-or WIP. Thank you for sharing. ENJOY!

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Marlene Kindred

Love the colors and patterns you've chosen. I've only seen a couple of pictures of "walls" that look similar to what you're doing and I don't remember where. Thanks for sharing your work with us and I look forward to seeing your finished wall! The only advice I have is to be careful that the glass you choose is actually colored glass and not stained or painted as that will fade with light exposure.

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How fabulous looking. Wish the picture was full screen so I could drool on it easier. What sort of bottles/what sizes are you using. Also what sort of cable - will you be securing the bottoms to the copper frame?

Will be following your progress. Get busy!!

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freshair2townsquare(z7/8, D/FW)


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anita(z5 UT)

I saw a picture of something like this before-I think it was on Pintrest. I think it is beautiful.

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