Please. let's see some of your summered plants here! Pic

meyermike_1micha(5)October 10, 2011

Here are just a few of my plants that I summer outside and bring in this time of the year.

Do you have any pictures to share of your plants summered outdoors that come inside for the winter? How did they do?

Osmantus Frarans

A gardenia cutting that I rooted greening up nice now!

Citrus with oranges and flowers coming on. One with a Coleus that came out of now nowhere

Yellow Gardenia about to bloom.

Regular Gardenia in bloom

And a few Hoya from a couple of beloved friends all started from cuttings this spring.

A Brunfelsia ' Lady of the night' that smells heavenly with lots of blooms on the way.

More to come again:-0)


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)


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Oh Al, I am quite impressed!

Look at how perfect your plants are in every way. The one at the bottom is one of my favorite for a special reason.
What is that plant at the top? Quite an interesting specimen and quite lovely.
Where is the Jade? You know:-)

They are beautiful Al. Now, where are everyone else's? There must be many here that summered their plants outside?

Thank you for sharing your unique beauties! Love them all.


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marquest(z5 PA)

I received this Gardenia as a cutting 3 years ago and this is my first bloom. I am very proud of it. LOL. I have been babying it in a pot every summer and winter. This winter I saw what I thought was a weed and kept saying I was going to pull it from the pot but I got busy and threw the plant outside this summer un-weeded.

My bonus was a petunia plant. I had the gardenia pot under the petunia last year so I got a nice un-expected combo pot.

I love foliage so most of my houseplants are grown for foliage only.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hello, Mike, Al, and Marquest! Good to see you and your plants!

A few of these should be familiar....first up, a pot and some cuttings that Mike sent ;-)
I added a 'Gollum' and a 'Hobbit' cutting to the front corners to balance things out.

Another pot of cuttings from a Gardenwebber who would rather remain anonymous....

The following two are from the same Gardenwebber. Not sure on an ID of this first one....Sedum?
This is actually one of my favorites. Small, compact, great color, texture, and form. I just keep
on pinching it back. Perfect species for a small planting.

Sedum nussbaumerianum....should have pinched this one a long time ago....

And this Euphorbia was a stowaway in some Crassula ovata 'Hobbit' soil....massive growth this Summer.

Pachira aquatica, grown from a leaf some six years ago, and now taller than I am (6 feet).

And last for the time being, my big ol' Christmas Cactus (and a peek of my Wandering Jew).


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Hi Mike,

I also have some pics that i need to post.
So I will get to it soon. I have some new little ones and want to show you how they are doing!!!


Love all of your pics!! They all look so healthy and i cant get over all of the jades that you have! Quite the collection! I need to pinch some of mine as well, but i still need to get the nerve to do so! Love the CC too!


All of your pics look beautiful!!! I really like the minatures and all of the blooms look so vibrant! I love all of the colors that you have in your garden! I really like the first pic too! Love the color! What a beauty!!


Love all of the beautiful plants that you have as well!

I especially like Gardenias too! They smell heavenly and i have some planted all along the back side of my house. The fragrance from these wonderful trees are so powerful!!
Reminds me of growing up in VB. My mother had Gardenias all around her house and when i smell them it brings back many memories!!! : )

Great job everyone!!!

Thanks Mike for the post!!

I will post some pics here soon!!

Take care,

Laura in VB

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I spy Chenille and Wandering Jew! Nice, Moosetrackz!

Laura, so good to see you! Thank you for the compliments....just for you, some more Jades ;-)
Left to right: 'Gollum,' 'Skinny Fingers/Gollum,' and a smaller leafed Jade that has been variously
identified as 'Rubra' or 'Ruby,' as well as 'Crosby's Compact.' Still not sure, of course.

These next two ought to be familiar to some, as well. Thanks again to the gentleman who sent them!
Aeonium 'Schwartzkopf' kicking into growth mode again. Probably time to re-pot....

And a Squill (Scilla).

Here's a motley pic of some succulents that I set outside in late Spring and leave all Summer:
my variegated Port. afras, a couple Aloes, and a Euphorbia.

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odyssey3(7 noVA)

I like that Gollum very much! Aptly named.

And Moosetrackz, I do believe that is the most beautiful string of pearls I have ever seen.

Really, beautiful pictures everyone. I enjoyed them all.

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Thanks odyssy! :) I take no credit for it. I do pretty much nothing and it stays beautiful lol.

Your plants are all SO nice! I love the succulents in those cute tiny containers. SO cute! I also LOVE that plant in marquest's second picture. The one next to the caladium. I want one of those so bad but I've never seen any at the stores around here.

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

Boy! Those are hard acts to follow! But, I'll trot my little kids out. I just brought some plants to my office to get ready for a long, dreary winter.All of these were transplanted into gritty mix for the first time in June and July. The baby spider plant and phalaenopsis orchids went wild. One orchid immediately produced two flower spikes and the other produced a flower spike and a keiki. So here are my babies trying to figure out why I'm forcing them to live in a sealed corporate box.

Dracaena "Song of India"

This spider plant started as three offsets about two months ago

Kalanchoe "Lucky Bells"

Kalanchoe & Crassula

Two phalaenopsis orchids

This is from pieces that fell off an ancient jade plant my grandmother gave me more than 30 years ago. The mother plant is more than three feet by three feet and almost impossible to move outdoors for the summer. But she loves it when I do.

I have about 75 more plants that will need to move inside in the next couple weeks. These are just the ones I couldn't find room for at home. I will miss summer and my first season of using Al's mixes for everything. But, I know most of my plants will do better this winter than they have before thanks to all the great things I've learned on GardenWeb.

Happy growing!

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Your Dracaena and spider plant are beautiful Ohiofem!

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Ohio!!!! Those plants are just amazing! In a Corporate box! That is a good one. If they feel anything like I do working there, then I wish them all the best!lol
Seriously though, you have some awesome plants! Please post more?
One thing I find interesting.....Your orchids are in the gritty mix? I have most of all my plants in this, but I never thought to try an Orchid. Nice.

Josh! Yes it is familiar. In fact that same generous man sent me one too. Let me find it and I will be back soon to post a picture of it. Yours is so cute. I love it and all the jades too. Looking great my friend. Now, please, let's see some more, including your Hoyas, please:-)

Moosetrackz! Wow. I just love your plants too. I love those string of pearls. That is the kind of plant I look for when stopping at nurseries. Something unique and beautiful, a must have.
Look at all those babies on your spider plants and on Ohio's too.

Josh, where did you get that little bowl with the Sedum in it? I LOVE it.
I knew those cuttings would be happy in your care. I love what you did. Look at that Crown of Thorns explode in growth too. Nice.

Marquest! That is beautiful! The Petunia in with your Gardenia. I can also see how green and healthy the Gardenia is. You are doing a great job. Now you got me started. I never thought of growing plants for leaf colors. You have some amazing colors there. I love that second plant from the top of your photos. I really want one now. Thanks.

Please, there are much more here with many nice pictures of their summered plants. BRING THEM ON, please. Let's make this a bright and cheery thread to escape to in time of the winter blues.


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I wanted to make this a special post for you to thank you for all you have done and hoping your Mom and daughter are ok.

Please do, please post some pics of your plants after your nice summer. Some preferably by the pool

Can't wait to see yours and much more.


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Everyone here have beautiful, beautiful plants. It's fun looking at others' pictures.

Ohio..Your Bonnie Spider is amazing. I bought one years ago, but it's never looked as curly as yours. I'm starting to wonder if mine is a true Bonnie or just a variegated Spider.

Here's a few recent pics of plants that are brought in or on their way in.

Think this is a Kalanchoe, not sure.

Aloe, gold-tooth


E. ghost plant

E. lactea

E. lactea, reverse

Aglaonema, trio combo

Adenium, 10-yr-old, purchased at HD

Adenium, purchased from Thailand


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, Toni! How's the weather out your way?

Mike, that little pot I bought at a local nursery in the bonsai section. Perfect match!
Your Aeonium looks much larger than mine. I think I need to re-pot before it's too late.
Hoya? How about this 'Royal Hawaiian Purple' that I sunburned last month? ;-)
It's making a nice recovery....


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Howdy Josh,
Our weather? Well, it's exactly like LA/CA in Oct. Hot days, cold nights. It's been years since I've been to CA, but I remember the temps as if it'd been yesterday.
Day temps were 80F..night, as low as 35F.

So far, the lowest night temps were 49F, 'here.' This Oct, reminds me of time spent in CA.

Josh, do you have two 'purple' Aeonyiums in the little pot, or does it have two heads? It's so cute. Are you planning on keeping it in the small container?

Do you have enough Afras? lol.

I love your Scillia. Its dots are so pronounced. Does it get full sun?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, Toni! Thanks ;-)

That's great Autumn weather!

Yes, those are two cuttings of Aeonium that I rooted in that tiny pot (1 inch).
I am definitely going to move it into a larger container...maybe today even.

Enough afras?! Never! ;-)
Actually, I just gave two rooted cuttings away. I am trying to downsize the duplicates.

The Scilla does not get full sun. I set it beneath the deck rail so that it gets filtered
light all day long. This particular plant does best in the 5-1-1 mix (bark, perlite, peat),
rather than the Gritty Mix.


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I moved and couldn't put my plants out this summer. They actually seemed to do alright for the most part (which was surprising. We'll see how winter goes, though), but I really wish I still had a porch. Or a yard for that matter :(

I actually took pics of them end results of this about a month back. They might be informative. I should post them sometime.

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)

All your lovely, lovely plants. I can't have mine outdoors because while they are out I fill the empty spaces...then you know what happens. If you have it, I surely do envy your restraint! :-)

Al, your AV is lovely. A rule of thumb for African violets is the pot should be no more than 1/3 the size of the leaf span. A 9" violet a 3" pot is maximum. My 30" Apache Rainmaker was in a 4" pot supported by leaf rings.


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I take almost everything outside in the summer and haul them all back in when it gets cooler. I'm forever hauling plants in and out, but they like it so much outside, so it's worth it. Here are a few of mine.......nothing exotic.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Love everyone's plants so much!!

elkay, your last pic is my ammunition when I soon way to my honey, "see, there's not THAT many plants in here" LOL! TY ty ty ty! And OOOoooooh I love that window! And I think I have the same piece of furniture - on the left - is it a Sauder that you put together yourself?

I'll give Toni's E. lactea thingie my personal award for most UNUSUAL looking plant, and not just on this discussion. Wow! What does the E. stand for? What planet is it from??! Is the thing at the top the flower?

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birdsnblooms feels more like autumn. Cooler, but not cold, grey and rain.
It would have been nice if the rain held off until my plants were all indoors, but Oct is known for storms.

Most Crassulas are still outside. I worry about rot. Thing is, I intended keeping them out until temps dropped, so leaves redden. What do you think? Bring them in or keep outside? Considering temps might drop in the 50's at night. That's what they're predicting, but they've been wrong the last two weeks. lol

Your Aeon looks so cute in its little container. Too bad you have to repot. Do you think Aeons grow faster when rootbound?

Josh, my Scillia has been in the same pot over 10 years. No drainage, either. Doubt there's any soil in the contaier. lol..
Has yours flowered yet? In winter, they bloom off stalks w/white pretty.

BTW, how's your 'cado doing?

Linda, is Apache Rainmaker, Standard or Large? Have a photo?

Elkay, beautiful plants. Your Balfour Aralia's doing fantastic. I give up 'trying' to keep these guys.

You take your Philos out, too? I don't dare, too scared they'll burn.

Pic 5. Is it a Variegated Philo or Alocasia? Beautiful beautiful plants. Is it an upright or vine.

I've never seen such large Syngonium leaves. They're huge, and such pretty colors.

Love your plant room. And yes, I KNOW what you mean about bringing plants outside in looks empty, and needs new plants. lol

Purple. E stands for Euphorbia. E. lactea cristata is two succulents, grafted together. No, the top isn't a flower. It took three or four tries before keeping this Euphorbia alive. Soil MUST dry. got it at Home Depot, 'on planet Earth, lol.' The tops come in different colors, no two are exactly alike. Thanks for the compliment, Toni

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Toni - that 5th pic is an Aglaonema Modestum Variagatum. It's an upright.

Purple - I can't believe you can make out that desk. Yep, that's what it is.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Cool pics, everyone! Love the variegates and the colors!

today our weather was back up into the 80F's!
But when it was raining last week, the nights were dipping into the 40F's. I left my Jades out wet,
but only because they're in very gritty mixes with no peat moss (and very little bark, as well).

If the temps are in the 50F's, I wouldn't hesitate to leave them out. Let 'em color up.

I re-potted the Aeonium, but it's still in a fairly small pot. The small container limited the growth
of the plant, so I would say that it definitely does not grow faster when rootbound.

No drainage for your Scilla? And ten years in the same pot?! This must be a tough plant!
Mine hasn't flowered yet, but I hope it will soon. I haven't had it a full year yet.

My Avocado isn't doing well. It was damaged this Summer and Fall, and has been slow to recover...
but at least it's still alive. I have it outside under some Wisteria recuperating now.


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I was hesitating to post these because:

A) As I said, I was stuck keeping them inside, but whatever, science.

B) My apartment has really depressing looking walls.

Avonia flowered. It is less out of focus in real life. Also seems to have a lot more foliage now.

Surprisingly, this didn't etiolate *at all*.

This lost its growing point when it fell out of my window last September when I had the windows open during a possible tornado. It's... doing something. My other E. Trigona is a lot nicer looking. I will not be posting pictures of it.

This looked a lot worse when I got it last October, lost all of its leaves in the winter, regrew a bunch over the summer, and... actually looks a lot greener right now, but I don't have more recent pics.

This WAS looking fine till I repotted it a week or two ago. Hopefully that's just transplant stress. Its rootball was... in a state.

Gasteraloe. Like the other Gasteria-thing I have, this *never seems to grow*. It actually has, but it's glacial. Anyway, looks good enough.

Uh... this thing! It's a plant. Yep.

Main plant always looked sort of off. The pups seem happy enough, though.

Apparently the corking is completely harmless and it was actually like that when I got it. Eagh. Anyway, it grew pretty robustly this summer, though requires lots of rotating because it has branches all over and no matter which way it's facing, one of them isn't getting enough light.

I have better pictures of more interesting plants. I might upload them later.

Anyway, list of casualties:

NOID Podocarp - Remember that heat wave back in July? Yeah. Not fun.
Lychee - Heat wave.
A bunch of cacti - This is pretty much what I expected.

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Look at all the other beautiful additions! I never saw such nice plants in various colors and some unique mind you.

Let me just pick out a couple of my favorites and beg for a piece of each

Toni: That 'white ghost' is do die for! Love it very much. I have always wanted one that size so I don't have to wait until I am old to see like that!

Amccour: There is nothing wrong with your plants. They are all nice and the fact that you help plants along that were once in a weakend state is very nice.
I also love the color of the Gasteria-thing.

Josh: Sorry to hear of the Avacado! That plant was so special to you and you worked so hard to keep it shaped nicely.

Elkay: Wow wow wow! Beautiful plants. I love them all and the colors.

Al: I just realize you have an Epiphyllum ! Nice going. How old is it? Does it smell good?

More pic to come soon


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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

One of my largest houseplants to spend summer outdoors is my bougainvillea. No flowers at the moment.

My pointsettias are getting a bit big as well. Thiese pix taken prior to the start of their photoperiod process.

Other random houseplants brought out for an all day rain shower in September.


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Excellent! Thanks, Tj!


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Hi Mike!!!

Thanks for the nice post!!!
I just got home form a long trip so i had to wait until I got home to upload some pics to my computer.

First of all, I want to say that i really enjoyed meeting you and Sissy a few weeks ago!! You guys are so much fun to be around and I throughly enjoyed myself !!! What a pleasure it was to finally meet you both!

Looking forward to the next time!!! : )

Thank you so much for the wonderful little goodies that you gave to me..

Here are some pics of the little ones that made it home safely! The "Mock Orange" is blooming right now and smells like heaven! The Jades are doing great and they didnt have any stress due to the long travel day in the air!

The first pics are the gifts from you Mike!!
Thank you so much for your kindness and for making us feel so special in your neck of the woods! We had a blast!!!


Thank you for the extra pics of your Jades. Im always impressed with your collecion.
Great job with all of your plants and trees!

These are from Mike..Thanks Again!!!

"Mock Orange"

Jades from Mike... : )

These are some of my DR's pics tken today...

Some of my Plumeria

Some of the blooms this is a J-105


Thai Super Round

Black Tiger

Salmon Brug

Pool pic for you mike!!


Gardenias from my tree

Baby DR seedlings..

Seed pod on my Plumeria

Some Jades from a very nice person!


Visitor om my PLumie leaf...

Hope you all enjoy the pics...

Thanks for the great post Mike!!

I dont like to see the summer end...

Take care everyone,


Laura in VB

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Laura!!!! I love them all!

I can't believe how fast that 'Mock Orange" grew. It loves your area and your finger tips! Oh, I am so happy they are all doing so well.

It was a pleasure meeting you too. It was a splendid day and I hope you visit again! My Mom says your pool looks
No wonder everything at your pools edge does so well. I would do well

Hey, look that lizard! Maybe he is watching for mites on your

What a beautiful view, home, and yes POND!!!!, and yard! Now, where in the world are you going to put all those new seedlings? So cute! You started those yourself? Wow.

Thanks for posting and for everything else too! Beautiful.

Pictures 7 and 9...WOWOW

Tj: Wonderful looking plants! Thanks so much for sharing. Beautiful job.

Hey Josh!


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Laura, OMG, your yard is amazing. I love it. Can I move in with you? lol.

I adore your island of Palm Trees. And those Plumerias!!
The flower on your Brug is the largest I'd ever seen.
I especially love your Adenium/s. The trunk is huge!

What a cute lizard! Is it a Chameleon? Toni

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Beautiful plants, everyone!

Al, what is the 9th photo in your post? (white pot, purple blooms) Someone sent our office one of these as a gift, and I haven't figured it out yet.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Hey Mike,

Thank you for all of the nice compliments!!

The "Mock Orange" is still blooming and still has the best fragrance then most other citrus that i have had the pleasure of being around.

You are right, i can open the door an smell it even before i find the tree! It is fabulous and i really appreciate the gift!!!

Always a pleasure to meet the special people here on this forum : )

Tell Sissy that i send her many hugs and that she always has a place here by the pool!!! You too!

I really need to start thinking about where i am going to winter everything...LOL!!! Today, i started to sort out the trees that will be put to sleep and go through the ritual of the annual "Haircut"...You know how much i dont like to do this to the plumies, but it needs to be done.


You are always welcome to come and visit anytime and if you want to stay, well "come on!!" LOL...always nice to meet more great people from the forum!!

Thank you as well for the nice comments!!! You have a beautiful collection of plants/trees. Quite lovely and such a rare collection. Always enjoy your pictures!!!

Take care everyone,

Laura in VB

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Toni,

I forgot to answer your question about the lizard... i have no clue what he is, but he sure is a cute little thing!!! i havent seen this type around my area before...he must have been enjoying the bugs on my Plumerias!!! LOL!!!

Take care,

Lura in VB

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WOW!! seeing all these beautiful plants, makes me want to go out and buy more, alas, I have not the room for much more than I already have. Small apt. But these all are just so pretty! ALL OF THEM!! Maybe some day I will have the room. ;)

    Bookmark   October 17, 2011 at 11:30PM
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oooo Laura, I see you've borrowed some beverage delivery trays for your plants too - they are SO dang handy!!
Just don't get caught, anybody ;D

EVERYONE's plants are all looking so great after spending the summer outside!

Most of mine did too, but I did some rather heavy pruning a month or so ago & division when I repotted in July, so nobody is looking very impressive at the moment... the Fire Flash got a little beat up, but it's putting on some new whorls since I cut the seed pods off.

However, I will post some pics of my Scheff & D. marginata that got whacked; they are back-budding nicely, but the new growth is still too small to photograph well... the D's new buds are JUST starting to crack out of the bark, which is very exciting! The cuttings rooted, so that's good news for the club at my school that will be giving them away.


    Bookmark   October 18, 2011 at 12:05AM
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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Hi Gravyboots!!!

LOL...the trays do come in handy, and they are so useful to us plant lovers!! The local deliveryman that delivers things to the local store gave them to me. He said they have so many...if you ever need them just ask the local store where you shop and they usually have them hanging around and are piled up in the corner somewhere. They work out well when i have to bring in little containers and such. I really like them for the seedlings, they keep them nice and tight so they dont move around !!

Cant wait to see some of your beautiful plants GB!!!!

You always have some great looking trees/plants!!!

Take care everyone!!!

Laura in VB

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Laura..About the J-105. It's the most amazing flower I'd ever seen! It looks thick, like a it? I absolutely adore it. But, what is a J-105?

I also forgot to comment about your Gardenia. The flowers are gigantic!! And there are so many.

Okay, I'll be over tomorrow with my plants, 2 dogs, 4 birds, and an Iguana. lol..Toni

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Hey Laura!!!!

Thanks alot and much love from Mom!

Funny, now I want some of those

Oh, so beautiful as always Laura! Fantastic!!!

I knew you would like that Mock Orange!lo. You should see Toni's. Toni, do you have a picture of yours? It would knock the socks of of Laura..llol

Toni! Please post a picture of your Mock Orange!

Toni: Are you still out of breathe lugging your plants in?lololol

Much love to all here and wonderful pics!


    Bookmark   October 18, 2011 at 8:40PM
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Mike, your pictures were beautiful also.

I have a question about your beautiful gardenias since you are also in a Zone 5 location: It looks like yours are in a greenhouse-type location, but do you think they would do almost as well in a cool basement near a South window in the Winter with a few spritzes of water now and then? If I leave them in a heated upstairs room in an East window, wouldn't that be too warm for them?

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Hi Toni,

Thanks for the compliment on the J-105. It is a strange name..LOL This is a Thai Plumeria named J-105. It is a rare sort of Plumeria and one that is a bloom that we all anxiouly wait to finally see. It does take several years to finally see some blooms on these beauties, but it sure is worth the wait!!!

You have a sharp eye, it is known for its thick petals and waxy looking 3-4 inch bloom. The quality of the coloration is what is so impressive with this variety. Thanks for noticing its unique quality!! : )

My Gardenia is from my mothers house from when i was a little girl. I have never seen flowers the size of this particular Gardenia. My mother calls it " The Old Fashion Gardenia" I have a cutting rooting for Mike, and if you would like one, let me know!!

Mike ,

Those holders are quite handy!! I really get a lot of use from them. You can see that i use them to root cuttings, hold all of the little clay pots, and just keep the little containers organized. It makes it so easy to move around and it also keep the wind from knocking over the pots. Lots of great use from these freebies!!! LOL : )

I do love the Mock Orange. It would be wonderful to see Toni's tree. Must be pretty large eh? LOL...i still like my tiny cute little tree! The Ponderosa is growing as well, but no blooms yet. Ill post on the citrus forum when i get some blooms on that tree!

Tell Sissy i said hello and that im thinking of you all up in MA!!

Take care Mike and thanks for the great post!!!

Laura in VB

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Hey Laura, now I am on the prowl for some of I remember all the Cactus members using those to carry their plants to and from the meetings! I never thought I had any use for them, that is until my collection exploded and I saw yours.

You are so nice to root that Gardenia for me! You know how I feel about them and you know it will thrive here. I love those flowers. Believe me, if Toni gets one, it will live with her for years to come.

Yes, I can't wait to see the Ponderosa tree in bloom and that will be very soon. Mine are doing it again.

Yes, I hope Toni throws a picture of her tree here. I was shock at it's size. She must live in a huge castle with plants more than what my local Nursery
maybe Darculas' castle since she likes spending nights up.

Hi Toni: You finished bringing your plants in yet?:-) How in the world did you spot that Plumeria out anyhow? Have you caught your breath yet? Wow.

Hellp Patann: Those Gardenias only sit in there until the snow starts to fly and then will come into my home. I sit them by a south facing window through the winter and the temps in there never rise above the 50's until about March which is when I will start the greenhouse up again.
It will survive and stall in growth, but be much happier that way and pest free than to be put in a heated room with limited sun. I think you already know to be very careful with the moisture in your mix.
I find that limited sunshine and warmer temps bring spindly growth, aborted buds, yellowing, and pest issues.
Good luck with yours.


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Atown - the 9th picture with the orchid-like blooms is Streptocarpella - too many hybrids to identify more closely but it seems like the cultivar might have been 'Concord Blue'.

Great thread, Mike!


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Laura..That flower is very noticeable. Quite novel. Maybe one
Thanks for the Gardenia offer, but my house is packed. Guess I went over-board this summer, plus, I tend to forget plants

Mike, I thought I was going to pass out! It's been raining, non-stop, since yesterday, Tues.
If I don't get sick, it'll be a miracle. I was drenched. Started hauling plants in the house and gh at 10:30am, stopped about 6:30. There's about 30 left to go. lol.
No more plants..this time, I mean it! lol.

Mike, what is a Mock Orange? The only MO I know of is a perrenial hardy to z5 and up. Toni

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Have been meaning to post some pics- here are a few taken after moving the kids inside for the year.
Common, I know, but I've had this pothos since I was a kid- it's been fun to evolve my plant care with it.

My mish-mash window:

Post-pruning- it wouldn't fit with its new growth.

The sunroom gang:

My measly jade collection (the left and center plant are new-ish, we'll see if I can keep them going.

More sunroom plants (some split from gift baskets from work recently- had a grand opening & several group plantings were gifted.)

I know I don't have the best specimens, but I love them, and some of them have been around for childhood, teen years, adulthood, parenthood, etc. A few have even been almost destroyed by my loudmouth parrot and lived to tell about it.

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Elkay..Your Aglaonema is the pretties I'd ever seen. Foliage looks it?

Mike, didn't I post a pic of my Murraya? lol. I did somewhere, maybe another thread?

Everyone here has true beautys. Toni

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Atown: Are you sure you are not related to Toni here?lol

You have so many beautiful plants! I'll bet they just love your huge windows.
Thank you for posting.

Toni: Where did you post it? lol. Well, me still thinks it belongs on this thread since I just love that tree! It makes mine look like a


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Hi......theses are the plants I had outside this summer...

a href=""; target="_blank">

and my jades...

and one more....

and this is my old cc..I repotted it last spring, and it grew lots over the summer, its like twice as big...

I didn't get pictures of my cactus yet I only have a few.....I hope to soon.... as some of you might notice I have really down sized last fall I gave over 50+ plants to my church for the fall festival and some to friends and a few that had mealy bugs I thanks for looking...linda

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Oh Linda!!!!!

What a wonderful surprise to see first thing this am. I just LOVE how nice all your plants look!

Now you know that I am a bit partial to that certain jade, riht? Look at the colors on that thing!
You have always appreciated that plant and I thank you dearly for that! Just how many of them that I sent do you have? It seems they have ALL done very well with you!

Your CC, and the original CC is just huge and georgous!

Great work and beautiful plants as well as everyone here.

By the way, my pond is doing great, and yours?


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Mike, you asked if my plants were indoors yet.

These two were brought in last night, Nov 17th, when temps dropped in the 20's. Thought it was time. lol

Both have tiny, green berries. They should redden. Small, white flowers proceed. Toni

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Amazing plants, everyone! I usually hang out at the Cacti and Succulent forum, so am late to the party here. Too many nice plants to mention...

Mike: I am impressed with the fruit on your citrus plant. It is an orange? What other citrus do you grow?

Laura, your plants are beautiful, especially the plumerias in flower, absolutely gorgeous! Sad to say, my cutting never rooted. It started to send out some leaves, but they never fully developed, and I tried to follow your instructions, but no roots, and now most of the leaves are falling off, though the top is still green. Any hope for it? Those palm trees of yours continue to amaze me. And that lizard, any idea of what species? No lizards in New England.


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Christopher- The lizard is a brown anole, one of my favorite species found in the US.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Hi Christopher,

Im sorry to hear that your cutting didnt root! They can be challenging.. Believe me!!! I have had my share of them take a turn for the worse!! : )

I had a very special cutting from B Guillot who is known for his prised trees. I met him while I was in CA and he was so kind to help me cut a few cuttings from his huge 50 year old California Sally. Sad to say, this one i lost.. Broke my heart. I did tell him about the loss and he says not to worry...

Just like Im telling worries!!! Come spring ill send you a rooted tree that was cut from the same tree that was sent to you!!! I would not fuss with the cutting. Toss it and wait for spring!!!

Thank you for the nice compliments on my Palms..I do love them and they are another addiction that i have. Thankfully, I dont have anymore room for the big Palms. They are very tall and have adapted well to my area of VB.
These cold hardy palms are making there way up the east coast and have been "zone pushed" in many areas that you wouldn't believe. I have a friend who lives in Utah and he has some Beautiful palms that he protects in the winter. It still amazes me to see the Snow capped mountains in the background. If you like to see a pic, go to the Palm Forum and see the pics from will be amazed...

Thanks Amy for naming the lizard..I didnt have any idea on the species.. I have seen the other blue/green cuties..but not this type. He was very patient while i ran back into the house to get my camera!!!

Great thread Mike!!!!

Love to see everyones pictures!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

Keep the pics coming...Brightens the day to see the beauty around the country!!!

Take Care,

Laura in VB

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So Amy, is this the same one I see in Florida, which I thought was the Cuban anole?


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lrvjim(7 to 8)

Hi Mike-

This booger has some attitude, he stays in the garage-

No blooms yet, but it shouldn't be long,

These guys also spend the chilly nights in the garage, and come out on the pretty warm days


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Mike, here goes. lol

Murraya in bud

Murraya in bloom

That tree is Murraya paniculata.. I wanted to try M. koenigii, so picked up a baby.

It'll be a longgggg time before koenigii looks like paniculata, lol. Toni

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Well, we're using common names here, so both are applicable. BUT, cuban brown anole, cuban green anole, cuban knight anole, etc are all different species. Laura's pic is of Anolis sagrei, Brown Anole. Yes, both the brown and green anole are in FL. The Knight is probably there, although I don't believe it's native (nor is the brown- only the Green is.). The Green & Brown both reach an approximate adult legth of 8" including (mostly) tail, and are fairly stream-lined(so Laura's photo is a full-grown adult) and the Cuban Knights can reach something like 12-14" and are much thicker-bodied. Don't quote me on these lengths- I am not referencing any books. My basic point is that the cute little Browns & Greens hang out and eat bugs off of your plants, and the Cuban Knight Anole look like big scary lizards. Totally outing myself as a reptile/animal nerd...Back to plants:

Toni- What are the two plants that you posted on Fri? They're beautiful!

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usha_srinivasan(z5/6 SE MI)

RE: M.koennigii;
Looks like you have the Asian Indian curry plant. It is my all time favorite herb for Indian cooking. I remember the scent of the leaves from my childhood daysin Delhi -in summer the scent from the Murraya was so pungent that I'd hold my breath as I walked by the three huge bushes we had in our front yard. Strangely enough I cannot remember if the flowers are sweet smelling.

I would love for the little curry plant to flood my kitchen with the same scent
today. How things change with age (and location) :)

Anyways, thought I would share.
Usha (long term lurker, newly re-awakened houseplant hoarder)

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Thanks for the information and the offer! When it comes to Plumeria, you seem to have the magic touch. Your other plants are impressive, also. Always love to see those palms of yours.

Amy, thanks for the information about the Anoles. I was aware that there were both green and brown species in Florida, and that the brown one was not native. I did not know, however, that the Brown Anole's range was so far north as Virginia Beach. Living here in New England, the sight of any lizard is a treat to this nature lover, as I have never seen any species of lizard in the wild here.


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Atown. Thanks. The first is Fox Tail Fern, second, Ming Fern. Ever hear of Asparagus Fern/Sprengeri? They're related.

Usha,Welcome..Yep, you got it. It's a Curry Plant. I'll sniff the leaves, see if they're fragrant.
My Murraya paniculatas flowers smell heavenly. Wonder if M. koenig's flowers are similiar.

It's wonderful recalling the past. Fond memories. Nice, cozy feelings.

Smells, scents in the air, a certain type of day, brings back many memories.

Walking in a class room, especially grade school/crayons, remins me of school days.
Watching kids walk to school, especially in autumn is another.

This probably doesn't apply to India, but the smell when a furnace is first turned on reminds me of my family's first home.

You should buy a Murraya or two. Even if on the small side. They'll grow into beautiful, fragrant, large trees. Toni

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You all have some of the nicest pictures I have seen.

By the way. Did I tell you that my local nursery was tossing over 30 beautiful healthy citrus trees into the dumpster because they didn't want to winter them inside? What a crying shame. If I had the room, I would of taken them all home with me:)_(


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usha_srinivasan(z5/6 SE MI)


I do have a small Murraya koenigii, it is too small yet to actually use for my cooking -I'd probably end up using the whole plant :)

Unfortunately, it went through a series of mishaps - kept it too long in a styrofoam container, started shedding all its leaves, transplanted it this spring and it sprouted back and then someone tipped it out of its pot and I didnt notice until almost too late. Now the Murraya is sulking quietly in my kitchen window .....


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LOL, same w/my M. koenigii..Very small. It was sent in a Dixie Cup..It needs repotting, but I'll wait until spring.

Which direction does your kitchen window face?
Murraya's are related to citrus, so they need quite a bit of light.

When younger though, direct summer west, south or outdoor light might scorch the leaves. Mine didn't even go outside this year.. Depending on growth, maybe next spring.

Is yours grafted? Wish I knew how to graft..
My M. panculata is grafted..I prefer tree-shaped, and grafted plants are advantageous over non-grafted.

One day our Murryas will be large enough to do what we they're so pretty..Wonder if koenigii flowers as much as panculata...Would you happen to know? Toni

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usha_srinivasan(z5/6 SE MI)

Hi Toni,

My Murraya is grown from seed. A friend of mine has this amazing huge plant in her house, she never takes it outside but keeps it by a south facing patio glass door (lucky her !).

My kitchen window faces south east, more east then south so
not as bright as the Murraya might like - I will move her to
a south facing window as soon as I figure out shelf space.

I will ask my friend about the flowers.....

Happy Thanksgiving,

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Usha, Happy, 'belated' Thanksgiving..

Usha, I'm assuming your Murraya is on a window sill??? Is that correct?
If so, and your window faces SE, can you move it across the sill so it's getting more south? Or, how about a west exposure?

Murrayas aren't the fastest growers..One reason I'm SOOOO happy my M. paniculata is grafted and tree-shaped. :)

BTW, my koenigii is seed-grown, too, but wish it was grafted. Other than a local conservatory/green house, and online pictures, lol, I've never seen a large M. koenigii.

Can't recall is I asked you, but can you post a picture? Toni

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Hey everyone. Been a while since I've posted here, but I'm loving seeing everyones plants so much that I thought I'd share some of my favorites with everyone as well.

My oldest Thanksgiving cactus. It'll be 4 years in January. It doesn't look like much, but I'm thrilled with it 'cause it lost all its segments during the spring and I think it's coming back quite nicely.

Opuntia santa-rita. One of my favs. Will be 2 years in April.

Jade ovata 'Gollum'. Turned 2 in September.

Haworthia fasciata. Really like this one. 1.5 years old.

Philodendron scandens. 3.5 years old.

Another Phildendron. Not sure of its exact name. Only 6 months old.

Dracaena deremensis 'Yellow Stipe'. My mother can't grow these worth a bean, but mine's doing quite well I think. Will be 3 years in May.

Dracaena marginata. Turned 4 in September.

Ficus elastica 'Black Prince'. 2.5 years old.

Hildewinteria aureispina. Will be 3 years in April.

Coleus blumei. Looks quite pathetic right now but that's because I just cut it back hard. It always grows back beautifully. I'm proud of this one because Coleus plants are classified as annuals and this one is turning 3 years next month (Decemeber).

Hope I didn't post too much. Thanks for sharing everyone and thanks for looking at mine.

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Hi, Bunny, long time no see. What I don't see are your
Did you post any? Toni

    Bookmark   November 30, 2011 at 12:34PM
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I did post a bunch of pictures. They're showing up for me. I'm not sure what's wrong.

    Bookmark   November 30, 2011 at 5:56PM
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Bunny, they're working now..Your plants look great. All are healthy.

You can never post too many pictures. I for one love viewing others' plants.

About your F. Rubber Tree. Did you buy it w/one trunk or cutting back?
The reason I'm asking. I have an old RT w/several stems, but I want it shaped tree-like.
Don't know if all but one stem should be pruned off. Toni

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Thanks. I cut my Rubber Tree back. I wanted a bit more branching than just one so I'm tempted to cut it back again and see what happens.

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Well, Everyone !!! What can I say !!--you are all fantastic and your plants just blow my mind-- I think someone should do a documentary -- and you all can STAR in it--
I wonder if the rest of the world knows you all exist
What a treasure you are !!!!!!!! Thank you sooooo much.

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usha_srinivasan(z5/6 SE MI)

Thanks for the nice comments Mike,
here are some of my plant pics.

My new plant room :

my hibiscus, bloomed all the way till thanksgiving

croton (gold dust ?) and rhipsalis


scheff - one who started it all, craigslist find

angelwing begonia with my Indian theme mosaic. The design is called kolam and traditionally drawn on the front porch floor as a welcome sign. My artist friend and I morphed it into a mosaic theme, and placed near my front door entrance.

Thanks for looking,

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Beautiful pictures everyone!!!

Thanks for sharing...


    Bookmark   December 4, 2011 at 8:59PM
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