Buying 2 year old Asparagus Crowns

carduus(5 - NE OH)November 20, 2007

Gardening shows that I watch often mention that if you want to grow asparagus and have it *soon*, that 2 year old crowns are the way to go. Well, I sold my wife on letting me grow asparagus this coming year by telling her about this possibility, as her biggest gripe was the many years between planting and harvest. However, now that I'm poking around online, I can't find a single Dave's Garden-rated supplier of 2 year old Jersey asparagus crowns.

Obviously these garden guys are getting these crowns from somewhere...but where? Does anyone have links to reputable sellers of 2 year old Jersey asparagus crowns? Thank you in advance.

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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)

I've heard that it's best to start with 1 yo crowns. The reasons are outlined in the link I found below.

Here's an excerpt;

"Starting asparagus plantings with one-year-old crowns is still the easiest and most popular method used by Eastern and Midwestern U.S. growers. Research has shown that using one-year-old crowns is more economical and higher yielding than using two- and three-year-old crowns. Two-year-old crowns appear to suffer greater transplant shock. Weak crowns have been shown to yield less than plants established from vigorous crowns. Often, two-year-old crowns are weak crowns grown an additional year to obtain additional size."

You know, you'll be surprised at how quickly that time will pass and you'll soon be eating the most wonderful asparagus that you can imagine.

Besides....2 yo old crowns cost quite a bit more. So just by a few extra crowns and harvest those after the 1st year. If you have the temporary space to spare, it wouldn't take much.

Just do it;)

Btw, Henry Fields and Johnny's both carry 2 yo crowns.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ohio State University Extension

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Beeone(4 N. Wyo.)

That is a very good link. I downloaded and saved it several years ago so it wouldn't disappear on me.

Go with the 1 year old crowns. Don't pick any spears the year you plant them, then do a short picking of spears the next year as the bulletin recommends. Didn't seem to harm the crowns at all with the early picking when I did it and I have had great yields ever since, plus I didn't have to wait years to start getting some production.

Also, put a very healthy dose of 0-48-0 in the ground with the roots when you plant. Phosphate is relatively immobile in the ground, so planting is really your only chance to give them a good supply of phosphate. Phosphate won't burn or harm the plants. Just don't use fertilizer with any nitrogen in it or you will damage the roots. Put the nitrogen on top of the ground and water it in if you need nitrogen.

Good luck!

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hercules(PA 6a)


beeone offered you some excellent advice....on crowns, on harvest, and on the 0-48-0 addition.

You asked for links to order Jersey crowns. Why not go directly to the grower? They're really nice people to deal with, and will ship your order just when you need it in your climate in the Spring.

Click on the link below, get their tel. #, and talk with them. Also, while you're on their website, click on the planting instructions under home gardener. There's a bunch of great info there.

Good luck, and happy 'gus growing.

Hal (7 y/o bed of Jersey Knights)

Here is a link that might be useful: Jersey Asparagus Farms

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hercules(PA 6a)

carduus....I forgot to mention, get your order in soon. They wholesale (of course) as well as retail. They DO sell out, so it's important to order while orders on file do not exceed the anticipated harvest. That will probably happen before mid-December, if I remember correctly.


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Either will work fine. Honestly, I have used 2 year crowns for years with no problems. You still can't harvest the first year but they will kick into production well the following year. A bit more expensive true but I find it worth the cost.

The one important factor is to go with one of the all-male Jersey varieties.


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I see that the Jersey Asparagus Farms no longer ships crowns to California. (I've come across other suppliers who also don't ship to California). Can anyone recommend a good source of asparagus crowns for the CA buyer?


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carduus(5 - NE OH)

Thank you much for all your help! And the reason I wasn't going directly to Jersey was that my needs (about ten to twelve crowns) are below their minimum number you can buy.

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I just ordered some two year old crowns from They seemed like a good price. Ten crowns for $6. I ordered 30 crowns. We'll see what happens.

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I want to buy some 3 year old plants.........How?

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