totem glue question

oldcrafty(8)May 17, 2011

I made a totem last week and let cure for several days. When I picked it up, very carefully, and was deliverying it to an aunt, the base, or bottom piece, came off, as if it never had glue on it! That made me wonder if I am using the correct GE Silicone! Am including pic. Also bought a Locktite glue. Haven't used it as yet, was wondering if anyone else has tried it and had any success.

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I used GE silicone 11 I believe,, and also used the Walmart brand with no issues.

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Marlene Kindred

I use GE Silicone II as says glass on the label as well.

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Is the tube as pictured the same as you all use?

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Can't read it all in your pic...I use the long tube of it w/the gun thingy...Silicone II for Doors & Windows. Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

I've never used Locktite, but the tube looks a little different than what I use. I actually use the tube and a caulking gun, but it is GE Silicone II, but it says glass on the label as well...same colors on the tube though. I wish they would quit changing the tube colors and labeling....too confusing. My DH even brought home a tube a couple of weeks ago that said it was clear, but after I squirted a big glob on a ceramic chicken, I realized it was WHITE...mislabeled. Aaack!

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I use GE II for windows and doors (clear) and in the caulking gun. However I let it cure for 2 weeks before doing any drastic moving with it. The outside edge will seem dry before that, but the inside might not be dry.
Also, the last one that I bought said 'new and improved'. I wonder how that will affect it.
I got a white tube that way marlene, but I was doing some white milk glass things and used it on them.....

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carolb_w_fl(zone 9/10)

FWIW, aren't the clear glues all white before they dry?

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I have always used the silicone for windows and doors, just like the tube in the photo. I've had a failure once in a while, but the success rate is close to 100%. I'm not sure what happened with your item. Is the tube outdated? When it came apart did the adhesive feel like it had cured or was it still slightly 'sticky'? Usually if I have a failure I can figure out why, but once in awhile there seems to be no reason for it.

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I checked and the tube is not outdated, although I may have applied too much as I did have it on pretty thick and I suppose it would have taken longer to cure as thick as it was. And yes it was still kinda tacky feeling. Thanks for all your feed backs. I especially was curious if I was purchasing the correct tube. I seem to be able to handle and control the tubes better than the big ones with the guns.

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I always make sure to support my totems at the bottom when I pick them up as they can be heavy. I also never turn them horizontally without support, since that puts too much torque on the pieces. When I first made totems I tried various glues. Some would only last for 1 season as they would get brittle. I have used the GE silicone, but what I prefer is aquarium sealant. I have never had that seal fail on a totem.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Beautiful totems Rafur.
Old crafty, I think you have the right thing. They changed the look of the silicone tube. I believe that yours has a roman numeral 2 (II) after the word silicone in the gold band at the top. Mine does.
Sorry that the base came off. It isn't really a glue so its important to support the piece. And its true that sometimes it fails here and there.

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Rafur, your totems are soooooo pretty and such lovely gardens. I will have to look into that aquarium sealant, it certainly makes sense, waterproof and has to withstand lots of pressure from the water.

Thanks to everyone for you feed back

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