Good garden markers needed soon

CorkelcolMay 7, 2013

Does anyone know where I can get good garden markers? The kind that don't fade. As our summer in South Texas nears, many of my spring perennials will go dormant and I need to mark those. I planted a Cala lily last year that I thought had just died and not realizing it I put a cement planter almost on top of it. Low and behold the girl is coming right back and right up the side of the planter! I don't want this to be an issue this year and need to mark many, many things but I need garden markers that are going to last a long time. Any crafty ideas are greatly welcomed!

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Experience from 40 years of gardening has taught me to make my own markers from pop and beer cans ad copper or galvanized heavy wire. Cut your cans into one inch wide tags or labels length wise after cutting the top and bottom off the cans. Bend one end of label over a half inch to make your label double on one end. Punch a hole in that double end and insert your stake using a double hook so label can't come off. Using a magazine or other pad engrave the plant name on the shining side of your label
and it will be there forever.

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Marlene Kindred

Hi there~

If you type "plant markers" into the search bar at the bottom of the GJ page, you'll get all sorts of posts on what our Garden junkers have done. My personal favorite is Jeannespines' markers made from old silverware. Check it out!

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

The flatware markers I learned from jeannespines work well in South Texas. Mine aren't as fancy, I select ones with large flat handles from the thrift store, sand lightly and use paint pens to write. Only the paint will stay put, sharpie type markers will fade.

I also use cut up mini blinds. I cut the metal ones into strips and write on with paint pens. I have found the plastic ones get too brittle in the sun and also the plastic is too porous so the words fade out too quickly.

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I made my own markers from ceramic clay. Glazed them a pale biege with black letters. Of course, they can be broken, but so far I've only lost one - dropped it on the tile floor. ;>(

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oldgraymare(4 WI)

I took some old spoons and flattened them somewhat then spray painted the spoon part and etched the plants name on it. You can get a cheap etcher for about 10 bucks. They are not really pretty but they work!! This one was out in a long snowy wisconsin winter and still looks okay!! I tried stamping some with metal stampers but I kept hitting my fingers with the hammer so I gave that idea up!!!! Good Luck!

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

I use old vinyl window blinds, cut to whatever length I want and write with a waterproof marker the name of the plant. They last for a really long time. You can get the blinds at yard sales, charity shops etc.

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Thanks for the ideas ya'll...they're great and they're making me think, think, think! I love this blog!. Spoons it is! I like the idea of spray painting the color of the flower on the spoon before etching it. Hopefull I can find the $10 etcher at Home Depot.

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I love gardening so much and make my plant markers myself. There are various designed plants and trees in my garden and have decorated its with durable and weatherproof plant markers. Each and every month i review my plants markers spoiling before changing it. Recently i found IdealGardenMarkers from where my grandpa has bought a durable and weatherproof plant markers to use in my garden.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX(8b)

These are my favorites, but you can find some great ideas by searching pinterest for garden markers diy

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden markers

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beesneeds(zone 6)

I recycle sour cream and cottage cheese containers and slice them up, or use plastic blinds.

I also use leftover stakes from solar lights- I use the tops/lights in recycled glass jars so I can hang them from my trees, and the stakes are great to use elsewhere.

For spots where I have planted bulbs, or have plants that have died back to the ground that I need to mark in a bed- I use recycled food cans. Like a big bean or tomato can or even soup cans. I pop these over the spot where the bulb or plant is, or depending on the bed, I will place them where there isn't anything and I want to mark where it's good to plant something there later.

I should note the reason why I don't use beer or pop cans is because I live in a state where the turn in on them is worth money, lol.

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PKponder TX(7b)

I've been using juice and snack can bottoms and tops. Just drill a small hole near the top and use a straightened wire clothes hanger with a curve in the 'neck' to form a lightweight shepherds hook. I've been using a paint pen for the lettering.
I found this on Pinterest too.

I'm going to do some spoons too, those are so cute!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX(8b)


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PKponder TX(7b)

That is so pretty!

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Ideal Garden Markers

Thanks Alecia, for giving this opportunity. It's a great pleasant for us. We are always here to serve these services.


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steiconi(12a-Big Island, HI)

I use soda cans cut in 1/2"-3/4" strips and "engraved" with ballpoint pen. I can get 8 to 12 out of a can worth 5 cents redemption, and can still recycle the top and bottom.

They can be stuck in the dirt or one end coiled around a branch. They've lasted well for me so far, but a friend says hers started to disintegrate after 8 or 10 years. But we have very acidic air and soil, lots of rain, and strong sun--those all deteriorate things quickly.

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