Mushroom molds for concrete

morgandobesMay 26, 2009

Hi all;

I am looking for things that people have used for forms

for making mushrooms out of concrete.

I tried the search function,but its not working for me.



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Hi Lisa!
The cheapest and easiest way to go is a plastic bowl for the mushroom top, and the cups they use for pop at fast food places for the stems. Dollar stores carry a wide variety of cheap plastic bowls in different shapes and sizes, and they can be re-used. The paper cups are nice because you can easily peel the paper away after the cement has set-up. Have fun! Kathy

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Spray the plastic bowls with Pam cooking spray, or some folks use saran wrap instead. I saw one gal used BUBBLEWRAP and the mushroom top had the neatest design on it. I want to try that.

hugs, Karen

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The best ones I have seen made were in a sandbox. You can shape the sand for different sizes and shapes. The sand also leaves a little texture. I also saw some where they sprinkled some of the dried moss around the sand for another texture. The same person used concrete covered logs as stems.

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I have done a couple of different methods. The one I like the best is the plastic bowls and cups. I use vaseline in the bowls as a lubricant so that the cement releases easier. I tried the pam and saran wrap but like the vaseline better. It leaves a smooth texture on the final project, which is what I prefer, and unlike the pam it doesn't spoil in your molds and make them smelly or make them sticky. The easiest way to clean your molds out when you are finished is tp sprinkle a small handful of powdered laundry soap into them and rub it around. It easily removes the cement and vaseline. This is the same method I use with my stepping stone molds as well.

Hope this helps.


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This reminds me of the mushrooms I was going to make a couple years ago and when I went to get the wood out of the wood pile there was a rattlesnake sitting there so I changed my mind and then never finished my project! I need to do that!!!
The bowls/cups sound like a great idea!!!! Super easy too! I will try that also!!!

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Thanks everyone for the replies.
I am having problems getting my concrete too runny,
so it doesnt stay put where I place it on the mold.
It tends to slide to the bottom and rest on my work surface.Argh!! I was all set to gung ho on making and mosaicing mushooms!

Thanks again,

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I would put the cement inside the mold and then cut the bottom out of the cup and place it on top and fill it...then let it dry....but that is just me...

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tennesseetrash(7 east tenn)

Lisa, maybe this video will help. These two ladies make a small batch.

Karen, I love the bubblewrap idea, gonna have to remember that one! I bet it makes the most interesting texture .... ~tenderlee

Here is a link that might be useful: YouTube Making Cement Leaves Video

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kudzukween(8 MS)

I used styrofoam bowls, but didn't like the shape of the mushroom cap. So I went to Dollar General, and shopped around the bowls til I found nice round ones.3/$1.. Also, I've seen some use the custard bowls, like the pyrex ones? and those are so nice! especially those who uses plastic wrap inside (and yes, the bubble wrap,hehe)the custard cup to line it. as a matter of fact, Dollar General now SELLS ready-made mushrooms for $3, the stems are like plant stakes, the caps are exactly the size and shape of custard cups...I used styrofoam cups for stems, and made the stems first; after they dried I took them out, and started making the mushroom caps, set the dried stem into the wet cement in the cap. some use a piece of rebar in the stem, which is a great idea.

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Here's a photo of the bubblewrap mushrooms, in our stone album. These were done by souperwoman.

Smick, I didn't have any problem using Pam in my stepping stone plastic molds. After using, I wiped them thoroughly with dry paper towels to get all the residue off. Then just wash in warm, dish-soap water like with cook things. Thanks for that tip about dry laundry soap tho, great idea.

hugs, Karen

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The bubblewrap ones i did are my faves--but i have also used simple plastic wrap with a lot of success.

For the stems, I use toilet paper rolls. I line the bowl with the wrap, pour the concrete (i used grout) as deep as desired and let it start to set up. while its still soft but has a good "skin", i put the toilet paper roll in and pour more concrete/grout in the roll. After that, I put my stake down the middle of the roll (i use old butter knives to keep them in the ground). Let it dry most of the way and pull it out of the bowl/rip off the toilet paper roll.

Here's my yard art album. The white button mushrooms i made with a bowl lined in normal plastic wrap are on page 2.

Here is a link that might be useful: my indoor and yard art albums

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Love all the ideas for the molds for mushrooms.

I may be mentally challenged or something, but I cannot seem to get the concrete to stay put on the outside of the

Soo.....I have decided to try sand-casting them.
I pushed my three glass bowls into my container of wet
sand..and pushed in a bud vase halfway.
Going to try to create the 'stem' from the bud vase
in two pieces and morter them together.

I'm not going to put any plastic wrap on top of the
sand, I am going to see how the surface looks with the
sand embeded. Probably going to mosaic over the top anyway.


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wannadanc(z8 WA)

Lisa - I am guessing that you are putting the crete on the outside and having problems with slippage ........but if you will just fill the bowl with mix, and insert an already cured/formed base - you should find it much easier. On some of the large mushrooms, I will just make an impression where that stem will fit - but I don't have it in there while the mushroom is curing. That way - you can easily carry shroom to a new location. I also had problems with balancing some of the ones that were permanently attached.

I hope that makes sense.

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Oh, ok..well, I did the sandcasting yesterday, seems
to have turned out fairly well. My only complaint would be that some fairly large particles of sand stuck to the outside of the concrete..not sure how crazy I am about that.
I might try it with plastic wrap in the molds.
Thanks for the info, I might try the bowl idea too.
Have you ever tried a lightweight concrete mix?


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