New Bowling Ball in Flamingo Garden

excessfroufrou(7)May 21, 2010

Here is the new BB I just finished. I found these butterflies at the one dollar store. They are sorta pink, it's hard to tell, so I put it in my flamino corner.


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VERY PRETTY!!! It's PERFECT there! Love the tall flamingoes! What kind of grass is that? A very nice setting! I want to be a flamingo and live there! Bear Hugs! Kirk

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Oh That is SO PRETTY!!! And LOVE your Flamingo garden...especially that big flamingo...ohhh awwww!!! Easy maintenance too that garden!!! I love how it sets off/showcases the garden art!!!

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Marlene Kindred

Looks wonderful! Love the butterflies!

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That's the perfect touch !!

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

I got some like that a couple years ago that were turquoise color, I haven't used them on anything yet. I like your ball, Love the flamingo garden! That's so cute. Do you know there's a rose called Flamingo Gardens Tea? 2 questions. What kind of edging is that and what is making that interesting shadow on the fence on the right side of the picture?

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I love the way your BB turned out, and the Flamingo Garden is delightful. Mine would be jealous if they saw this, LOL.

hugs, Karen

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That looks like the old fashioned cement edging that can be made into a circle.
Do you have a base for the bowling ball? I bought some of that type of glass pieces too recently at the $ store except they are greenish yellowish flowers.

Ya know when I was a kid, I used to not like the pink flamingo's in my mom's yard....thought they were I appreciate them as vintage kitsch - love them. Some are getting really faded. Ya know even in Big Lots they have a HIGH price tag on those flamigo's.

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Those butterflies are beautiful! Your choice of white for the background was a good one. I think the butterflies wouldn't show up as well on another background color. It looks great in your flamingo garden. I'm like socialliegal - I used to think the flamingoes were tacky but now I think they are sweet, especially a whole flock of them in the garden.

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Lovely!! I just bought some shell, heart,moon & star & starfish glass pieces at a 99 cent store run by Chinese family, sitting on floor in a box. At that price I got 3 bags & gave 1 to GF! They are amber, light turquoise, kind of carnival glass blueish & green. They are glass as 1 of them chipped off while I was looking at them for the colors. Your ball looks perfect in that grassy plant along with the grazing flamingos! Jan

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

What a perfect setting for flamingos!
I think dh threw mine away a few years ago tho he denies it, I can't find them.


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frou..your BB art looks great in the field of flamingos! Love the colors & the added butterflies...that grass field is perfect for the flock! TFS! Jeanne s.

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Thanks everybody. Kirkus, I bought that grass several years ago, not sure what kind, but is has a little pink strip in it and I think it may be related to bamboo because it spreads easily. g2g, the edgeing is just that pre-cast concrete scalloped stuff from the discount store. And that shadow is a bird feeder that I made from top of an old pole lantern light and a glass pot lid. Socal. The bb is sitting on a metal plant stand from the $ store. I remember, every summer I would help paint my grandmothers flamingos. They had so many coats of paint they looked like pink blobs. I've always reserved a spot in my backyard for at least a pair of them. A lot of people say they are tacky, but I prefer the term whimsical.

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Great BB! I love the pink butterflies! And adorable in your flamingo garden. All in all you get an A+ in MY book!

As for faded flamingos, you can always spray paint them with Krylon Fusion paint for plastic. I haven't noticed that it fades, so maybe you wouldn't need to repaint them yearly and turn them into "blobs" like excessfroufrou and her grandma did! (I'm LOLing imagining big pink blobs on top of spindly flamingo legs...LOL!)

I've got a flamingo story to share...We lived in a "fancy" neighborhood one time and a new family who owned the local biker bar moved in. They put up an entire flock of pink flamingos and some neighbors were so horrified they started a petition to force them to remove them. Now, these people could have bought and sold ALL of the rest of us 10 times over, but the snooty neighbors were simply "above" bikers in their minds.

When we refused to sign their silly petition, they got mad at us, too. Apparently they shared the petition with the owners of the flock who laughed it off. None of us realized how upset the anti-flamingo crowd was until one night somebody stold all the flamingos and CHOPPED THEM up into little pieces and threw them in the street in front of the house they came from. It could have gotten ugly, but the bikers were nice people who weren't looking for a fight. Nobody ever found out who actually "killed" the flamingos!

At Christmas that year, Hallmark came out with the cutest flamingo ornament. I bought one for each of the neighbors...including the very nice neighbors who owned the biker bar! And, we have had flamingos of one type or another in our yard ever since!

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Love the bowling ball!! What did you use to attach the stones/butterflies??

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loribee2(CA 9)

See, now this is what I'm talking about. You all really inspire the idea that we can do anything we want in our gardens. I think the idea of a flamingo garden is delightful! You're really pushing me to think outside the box. Love it!

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LOVE your bowling ball with butterflies. It's been a loong time since I have made one--but I am thinking--that's DANGEROUS!! I love it when I go bye a house that's been "flocked". ENJOY!! Jlily

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