People in the Northeast

marquest(z5 PA)October 30, 2011

Did you get your plants in before the snow storm?

I got all my houseplants in but many of my tropical plants are still out there. I thought I had at least 2 more weeks before the panic.

What is still out there......

6 Brugmansia trees

8 Canna Plants

2 Elephant Ears

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Hi Marquest!

And a Plumeria! lol

This has been a fun ride let me tell you. I lost my Brug and I have yet to pull in my Cana. The leaves have certainly died back to the ground with all this snow and hard freeze:-(

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I got all mine inside. We got 17 inches of snow - what a pain! Also, lost power for 10.5 hrs and everything in this house is electric. Now, how long until the snow on my skylights melts so I get some light back in here?

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Marquest...I don't live NE, but it's sure cold night, 32-34. Still have about 10 plants to go..

Are the plants you posted still outside? Take care of that beautiful Stromanth. It's way too pretty to freeze. your Plumeria outside? Wow. They totally cold-sensitive. A little cool freeze and they freeze..That's how I lost mine.

Elkay..although it's a little too early for 16", it is pretty. Hope you don't have any plants buried under that white powder???? Toni

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Elkay: My goodness, I thought I had it bad! That is much more than what I got and yet many trees are down! I pray the light comes in for you very soon.

Toni: No, my plumies are inside, but I still see one on Marquests porch! Ouch! What is going on with this world? Everything is crazy and that is not just the weather.

Marquest: I think it is time to dig up this bulb before bed time. It is suppose to be in the teens tonight, a stunning very early cold for us.

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marquest(z5 PA)

Yes Mike there are two Plummies out there. I am so angry, yes I said angry with them. I have done everything I read to make them bloom good soil, fert even spent more money than I usually spend for the right fert. I have had them since 2007. They are now 5' tall and NO blooms.

I only hang in this long because I remember the fragrance when I smelled them in Hawaii and wanted to have that fragrance on my patio. I think it is time to call uncle now and give up. It would be cheaper to get on the plane and go back to Hawaii I have enough frequent flyer miles to go for free. LOL

At this point I do not care if they freeze to death. Last year I put a glad bulb in the pot so I would have something blooming in the pots.

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Got all mine in except one Amorphophallus Konjac. Dug that out and cleaned it off today. Will bring it in later today to dry and store. All my temperate Carnivorous plants are in the fridge as well now.

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Marquest, do you fertilize your Plumes? I don't have any, 'last few froze outside before freezing temps hit, I decided, that's it for Plumes,' but they flowered.

One year they were planted directly in the ground..'in late spring/summer.

Do they get enough humidity in summer?

Tommy, I really know NOTHING about Carnivorous plants..why do they go in the fridge? And how long? Toni

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marquest(z5 PA)

Toni I have done everything imaginable, read, told what to do to get these darn things to bloom.

-Sun Full blazing sun Morning until 5 pm,
-Fertilizer that was recommended to push blooms.
-Kept them alive with lights one winter to see if they may need more growing time.
-Foliage Spray
-Fish Kelp

Nothing....The Plummies are about 5' now. It even branched and never gave me a flower.

I think they want Old Man Winter to have his way with them. LOL

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Marquest! Very very nice! How long do those flowers last? Mine are already starting to fall off now. You wait all year just to watch them bloom for a measly few
How did your selves come out by the way? Please, post your Sans on the thread that Norma started will you?
I have not heard from you for a while:-(
Oh if you only knew what I did with mine, the plumies that

Toni: Hello, hello, hello:-) Have a great night you all.


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Marquest, don't think it's cold they want. Mine froze at 40F degrees. Thankfully, each Plume was only 1.99. lol.
A guy in HI sold Plumes, of all colors, 1.99 for 4" potted Plumes. Wish he was still around. They were very healthy. The blame was on me, not the Plumes or seller.

Hmm, don't know much about Plumes, but that's ashame yours don't bloom. Their flowers are so pretty and fragrant.

Is it only one Plumeria that doesn't flower or do you have others?

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marquest(z5 PA)

A lady was getting a divorce and her Ex told her she had a week to get all the Plummies off the property. She gave away 200 plummies. I got 2 for postage. Postage was cheap back then. LOL

I wanted one so bad because when I was in Hawaii I remember the fragrance and thought it would add to my plan of a tropical patio. That has not worked out.

I brought them in and will give them one more year. After that I am finished. I am thinking of going with Jasmines I have two that I really enjoy the fragrance on the patio. Maybe I will try more of them.

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marquest(z5 PA)

Someone mentioned somewhere for a look of my entire patio. I cannot find the post but here you go.

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Marquest, WOW..That is some patio!

Your Cannas are breath-taking.

You have enough space for a small, tropical jungle.

I can't make out the other blooms.

Love your containers, too.

Beautiful, Toni

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Hello Toni! You are not kidding.

Marquest, how are you:-)?

I have a HUGE question for you.
Where in the world did you get pots like that?
You certainly have a gift of not only growing plants, but displaying them in such a way as breath taking.

I have a feeling that you have a job that makes you travel a lot or you just travel a lot for pleasure.
Beautiful to say the least!


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marquest(z5 PA)

Thank you Mike, Toni. My family knows how much I love my plants and pots. So for every holiday it is easy for them to buy me a pot.

Some my daughter found an artist in Mexico that she has ordered from so they are shipped from there. Also, she hunts around the city for different looking pots for me. She speaks seven languages and we have traveled to Mexico 3 times so she is familiar of my taste.

So the pots mean a lot to me because my baby brought them for me. The cheap ones I pick up at the thrift store. LOL

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Howdy Mike. Isn't Marquest's Patio lovely? So cozy, relaxing. A great place to sit, relax and smell the blossoms.

Marquest, your daughter is very, very thoughtful and intelligent, to boot.
7 languages. I always thought people who were bi-lingual had a lot going for them, but multi-lingual--she's a genius. :)

Funny about the thrift store..coming from someone who confessed sorting through trash cans, seeking plants, yet has pots so dear I'd be afraid touching Toni

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marquest(z5 PA)

I confess I am the cheap one in the family. LOL My daughter is the extravagant one and smart. Do you think she was switch at birth and there is some kid out there digging through trash and her family is spending money like there is no tomorrow. LOL

It was her major in college and to learn the language fluent she studied in the Country for 6-mo to 1 year. It cost me plenty but it was worth every penny.

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Good for you and your daughter Marquest.

Hope you are settling in now. With all that space, Have you considered a small greenhouse. A lot of plants like agave and cactus can survive out there. There was some post about getting the most of your greenhouse. Like Mike using a sola cover for a swimming pool. Buying a larger size might be able to heat with a small gas heater. If so I would make sure it is off and ventilated before you go inside.

Don't mean to be telling you what to do. That is what I would love to do myself someday.

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marquest(z5 PA)

Stush, yes I have so many plans with all the land and space. It was one of the reason I decided to look for more land. It was part of my retirement plan. I have been planning my life 1 then 2 then 3 sometimes plans do not work out but you have to at least try.

Now that I have the time I will do a lot more when I get my head set and feel good again.

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Please take care of yourself. After working all your life, now is the time to start to enjoy life. I will always keep you in my prayers for good health and find happiness. After all isn't that what life is all about.

I don't know what part of the state you live in. My guess is near the eastern part. I live by Pittsburgh area. I love to travel to Altoona. I love the RR museum and the 2 amusement parks they have. (for my 3 grandkids). We also travel to Rock Hill where they have that narrow gage train. Maybe we can meet sometime?

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Sheesh, between you Marquest, and Stush, you make yourselves sound so old, ancient! I didn't even know you had a kid that age Marquest. For some reason I have been thinking you were one of the younger ones on these forums

Ok ,seriously, you need to stop talking like you are old. All this retirement talk is making me age as I write

I LOVE your area Marquest and I wish you could have us all over for coffee someday:-00). I think it's great to be able to please you so easily with pots on special days. My Mom is hard to please, well not really. If I gave her 10 dollars and told her to spend that in the Dollar Store, it would make her day.
What I would do for as plot of land that allows ALL DAY full sun to shine on my plants. Yes, stush is right, a greenhouse sounds about right and a solar cover to save your electricity does wonders.

Hello Toni and Stush! Your plants are doing great Stush. i told you I would update you.
Stush, when the spring comes, please remind me to send you a beautiful jade cutting with great colors, ok?

Toni! Howdy. You're right, cozy enough for a hot chocolate or coffee to get to know Marquest even better:-)Have you ever seen her plants? each one has such grace, character, and beauty to them everytime she posts one here or there.


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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

My wife and I are planning a trip to Longwood Gardens. We plan to stay a few nights at a local hotel. Would be nice to meet there for a breakfast or something. Just in the dream stage now. I figure maybe in June.

And yes Mike I am old in body. My age is only 58 but working in a steel mill for 38 years took it's toll. My legs give out on me. Can't walk very well and then to top it off, my back went. I do feel better since retirement.

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Marquest, you and I most likely have different meanings of, 'I'm the cheap one.' LOL

Somehow, I missed your post about a husband giving his wife 1 week to move her Plumes out..What a wonderful man!
Apparently, she agreed? I feel sorry for the woman, and don't even know her. How awful!

Too funny about your real daughter, the bag lady..You took home the wrong

In what country did you daughter learn to speak, 7?? languages?

Hello Stush. I too wondered if Marquest was considering a gh. With all that land, she can get a huge gh with room to spare for perennials, bulbs, etc.

Hey Mike...Retirement If this continues, in a years time, we'll be discussing SS benefits in lieu of plants. lol.

I must have missed seeing Stush's plants. Hmm. Toni

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marquest(z5 PA)

Mike, Stush, Toni I would love sitting on the patio getting to know each and everyone of you. I would have the time of my life doing that. There is nothing more that make life living than friendship and sharing.

Mike I am old, old, but I have a little story for you. I went to a new doctor for my back he opened the door and went back out then came back and asked if I was (said my name) I said yes he said I thought I had the wrong room because I looked to young to be the right patient. He really made my day. LOL

I think I look young because of attitude, my daughter, healthy living and the number one thing my love of gardening outside and inside.

Toni my daughter has lived....Brazil, Germany, China, Mexico. Those were long time short 2 -3 months was Spain, and Africa.

Greenhouse....this has been something I have always wanted to do but did not have the time or the land before. Now that I have both time and land to put one up it is on my list of before I leave this earth projects.

There places on the land I had not even explored and last summer the dog took off running and I went to find her and discovered this on my land. LOL It is a huge fireplace 12 ft high x 4ft wide and it looked like they had a seating arrangement in the area. It is a 10 min walk from my house. 4 acres is a lot of land I have discovered.

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Marquest,, OMG, reminds me of, Blare Witch Project, lol.

Your daughter has been everywhere. I'm happy going to WI, lol.

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marquest(z5 PA)

I know, I know, Toni, scary. LOL

I am going to have so much fun exploring and fixing things up around here. The place had been empty for years because the couple had been put in a home and the kids had moved out of state.

The surveyor told me I have a coal house down there somewhere. More exploring to come.

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Loos like something out of a vampire movie or a time back into the Mid-evil ages!

Are you sure you are not on old land that was once ruled by teh knights and that is where they would stay to warm up?lol
It is sort of scary while at the same time, it has so much depth! I would love to spend time by the fire with you there!

Oh Marquest! you MUST build a greenhouse and possibly a pond with the sound or running water? Oh, I would be willing to help too.
Now I have added another project for you to add to your kick bucket list! I did last year and I will never regret it. I love it!

I must say that you are lucky to have a daughter with such a good head on her shoulders, but she is even more lucky to have a Mom like you.

I can't believe that you have that much land. What I would give to have room like that. Is it quiet in your yard? Can you hear bees coming from a mile away and the fluttering of Humming birds? Nice!
I get the feeling you are going to be spending lots of time at the plants stores for perrenials, annuals, and plants!

Stush! 58? That is young, but then again being exposed could take its toll. I hope and pray that you are around for many years to come to enjoy your nice plants, which by the way as Toni mentioned, I miss seeing:-)

Toni! Are you getting Senior Citizen discount yet?lol You are funny!

It was 63 yesterday everyone and the yet the ground hog ran when he saw his shadow. Bummer although I can handle a winter like this, you know, the one that hasn't come yet.

Marquest: If you know anywhere that might be selling unique pots, please share. Thanks


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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

I think you should have reconsidered that land purchase. I love visiting Fellows Gardens in Youngstown, Ohio. I saw several homes right next to the gardens. Now that is where I love to move to. Every day I could visit their gardens and just look and enjoy. Not having to lift a finger to do anything.

But wait a minuet. That's what keeps us going. Work we love to do. Weeding, planting, watering and planning more projects to do. If Mike comes over give him a nice spade shovel to start to did that pond out. Coffee or tea comes later.

I posted most of my plants on the Sansevieria forum. There is one probably on page 10 by now in the C & S forum.
I'll post one on my window table again.

Some of the hanging baskets;

And some I just got last week from a friend;

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marquest(z5 PA)

Stush, Beautiful plants there.

I do not understand why you said I should have reconsidered buying the property????? LOL

Mike do not have to build the pond the pond is here I just have to get it back up and running. The swimming pool and pool house was toast so I had that filled in and took down the pool house. There were trees growing out of the pool.

Mike,,,,,Yes very, very quite and private. It is like having my own little world. In suburbia I would go out with my tea in the morning and the neighbors would see me and come over and want to question me about all my flowers. When all I wanted to do was enjoy a quite cup of tea and enjoy the little time I had to be at home.

Most of the orchard area is still in tack I have been getting them sprayed and healthy again. I have 3 apple, cherry, peach, trees. The grape arbor needs help, and I picked up some strawberries. The blueberries, and blackberries have been cut back to get some control in that area.

I search all over for pots Mike I do not have a special place to get my pots. My daughter orders the artist pots from Mexico and we have a few local nurseries that always get in a few from out of the country specialty pots. They are expensive but my daughter appreciates the opportunity to have something available for my gifts. Have you checked your local nurseries?

If you have a local nursery maybe you can get them to start to order specialty pots. If they are willing I can email you the name of my nursery and maybe they can contact them and see who their vendor is for the pots. I think they are doing Mexico, and Spain. Mexican Terracotta seem to last real good in cold climates. They do not fall apart if you leave them outside if you cover them and keep them dry.

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Yes Stush, I whole heartedly agree that you have yourself some nice San's there. I guess you love them for sure.
I have a couple, but they take SOOOOOOOO long to grow. I sure love the colors though and love how they are not fussy where to be placed in the home except for wet and cold areas.

Too funny...I would actually help Marquest dig
If she offered me home made cake and tea, I am there!
I hear you are going to the flower show? I wish I could meet you there but I live at least 7 hours away:-(
I belong to a C$S group and we almost went there but couldn't come up with enough money for a bus. You will love it for sure!

Marquest! You sound so lucky to have a place like that. Is there any way you could take us for a tour sometime? I would love to see your yard all over. Now you will be at peace in the early a.m with that nice cup of tea, the whiffs of the flowers and the sweet sounds of birds to serenade you;-) Have you hung the bird feeds yet!?

You alreay have a pond? Wow, now that is the My fish is sill alive with the frogs thank God! I kept it thaw all winter. What kind of pond is it? Is it a built one or natural? Oh, you are so lucky to live there:-)

I wish someone in my life would get me pots for special days.. Anyone who knows me knows I have a passion for plants, watches, snow boards, cars and plants, and So it's not hard to find me a gift.

I shall have to see what our nursery can do. If they can't even sell rare plants, I can't imagine them selling different pots either:-(

You also have an orchard? Now that is pushing it. I have always wanted an orchard, especially one full of good apples and peaches.


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Marquest, exploring an old house sounds like fun. I'd love to go through each and every room...maybe you'll find a secret door that leads to a space filled w/antiques!!!
Nancy Drew hunts for the, 'spooky' coal room. :)

Hey and I have mutual feelings about old homes. Haunted or not. :)
Imagine the image...Sitting before a roaring fire, listening to the wind howl outdoors, sipping a cup of exotic herbal tea... WHILE holding a loaded, 'silver bullet' gun, cross, garlic, lol.

Nope, no senior citizen discounts, yet. Not looking foreward to the day, either, but when it comes I plan on taking advantage.

Hi Stush,

Your plants are lovely..Very nice Sans, variegated Crown of Thorns, Euphorbias, Syngoniums and Pothos.
Your Sans combo looks fantastic.

Your new Agave is one of the prettiest I've ever seen. Where did you find that gem? Love its leaf shape.

Sorry, don't know the last time I've been to the Sans Forum, but will take a peek.

Mike will come to our homes this spring, work on our gardens, build ponds, green houses, and orchards. Thanks Mike, lol, Toni

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Wow, I am so jelly faced. My dream is lived by Marquest. Now the reality, I'm in no shape to work or enjoy it. I have a small 1/3 acre of land and I can't even cut the grass anymore. One morning I spent 3 hours to get the lawnmower to start then too sore and tired to do anything with it. I think that's why I turned my attention to house plants now. Love for all.

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I like your little piece of Easter Island - it's delightful. Looks like a great place for Agave shindigera 'Party Time'.

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marquest(z5 PA)

Aww Stush, I understand now. I have someone doing the lawn. He fell and broke his leg and I did mow it once. It took me two days but I got it done. LOL If I have to I will do it again but I am not in a hurry to do it again. I am looking at getting a riding mower that might be fun.

Thank you Mike and Toni I am enjoying the exploration but I am sure it is not old enough to find any antiques. LOL

I enjoy rehabbing old houses, or houses that need a little TLC. It is a profitable endeavor in my area. So many people do not have vision and want to buy a perfect house. When they could pay a lot less and with a little work have a diamond in the rough. But that takes vision, energy and determination.

My motto "Life is what you make it to be"

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Jeff, LOL forgot the most important takes

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marquest(z5 PA)

Toni, money is the trivial part. LOL you can always make money. There will never be any more land made.

Jeff we were posing at the same time I guess....Thank you. I enjoy my little piece of happy land. I have been thinking of giving it a name. Agave shindigera might just be the name I could enjoy.

That has a nice ring... Party over at Agave shindigera

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Morning Marquest...

Money is trivial, if one has it. lol.

How did you get the little 'red pepper?' man to dance around?

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marquest(z5 PA)

Toni the red man is in my photobucket gif files. I think any gif you download will dance. I am going to try to download my property and see if I can get a tour of the property. So I can invite you, Mike and all my friends for a visit. Show you some more of my Blair Witch projects.

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Marquest, for some reason, my computer won't open gif files..Only PDF..

You know we were only 'funning' about Blair Witch Project, right? Toni

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marquest(z5 PA)

You know we were only 'funning' about Blair Witch Project, right? Toni

Yes I know Toni and it is hard to hurt my feelings. I am not your over sensitive type.

You know I make fun of myself. Being cheap, garbage picker etc. You cannot do any more to me than I can do to me. LOL I am not the one that is a Legend in my own mind. The name of my game is fun, happy plant growing kind of person.

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My bad, I didn't see your question. The carnivorous plants go in the fridge for dormancy. It gets too cold here for the to survive the freezes. At the end of this month I can take them out and wake them up finally! Venus flytraps and some Sarracenias. I also grow some tropical Sundews indoors.

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Marquest..despite your hard-a$$ tude, lol/JUST KIDDING---seriously, I don't like or want to hurt anyone's feelings.

Actually, you're lucky living on so much land. Very lucky. 4 acres to do what you please. A large gh and pond is

Speaking of garbage picker, lol. I once came across a forum here on GW, can't recall its name.

People discuss 'trash' they found at garage sales, flea markets, or around their homes, making it usuable. For instance, an old, dumpy wagon, painted then made into a really nice planter, etc. What some deem junk, others consider treasures.

Anyway, just wanted to say we were having fun, nothing personal, Marquest.

Tommy. So, that's the secret keeping carnivorous plants alive...I've had a few Venus Flytraps over the years, followed directions on containers..Instructions consist of, 'feed your traps w/ground beef or insects. Do not remove traps from container' Nothing about dormancy.

Carns are very interesting plants, but I kill them. lol. Obviously, caring and keeping Carns alive takes a lot more than placing in the fridge.

Do you have large Carns? If so, are they placed in the fridge?? I Googled Sarracenias, since I never heard of this type.

I had no idea carnvores were so colorful. Two I like are S. purpurea and S. wrigleyana.
Some images show Carns in flower..very nice flowers. Never saw one in bloom, even at our local conservatory.
Learn something new each day.
I'll have to Google Sundews. Toni

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marquest(z5 PA)

Toni you are probably talking about Garden Junk. If you want to have some fun that is the place to hang out. They are there for the fun of it all nobody looking to get their ego going so they can feel good, just down right fun, enjoyment.

It is the reason it is one of the most active forums. You have more than 4-5 people talking about the same thing and showing the same pics.

You could show them a piece of dust and everybody will be jumping up and down with joy telling you what you could do with it and congratulating you for finding that lucky piece of dust. If you see a idea you like you better save it because it will be on page 10 fast they have a lot of posters. Nothing is on the first page from 2009. LOL

I have to stop I sound like a Garden Junk commercial but they are such a joy.

Any how....Tommy where do you hangout? I think there is a forum for this type of plant. I will do some research and get into them. It looks so interesting and they are so colorful.

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Marquest, Garden Junk is probably the forum I once visited. Sounds like fun. Might find use for odds and ends in the garage and shed. lol.

Too funny about a piece of dust. Wonder what reaction to dryer lint?? lol.

I like positive people, Thanks, Toni

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marquest(z5 PA)

Don't laugh but there was one post that someone was making writing paper and animals out of dryer lint. That was what got me going there years ago.

She had people sending her their lent. I sent her envelopes of lint. Back then postage was cheap. It cost next to nothing to put some lint in an envelope. lol Now to mail some lent it would probably cost as much as buying a coat.

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Does belly button lint count? lol

Just stopping in to say hi to everyone. Been crazy busy but thinking of you all. Now it's time to go back and keep Fish Emulsion spraying all my plants! STINK! Whew, but my cat is loving it!


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Did you see the lint experiment after she finished whatever it was she made? lol.

Even though postage increased, sending lint has to less than 2.00..lolol..

Can you imagine the postal clerk asking, what's in the package or do you want it insured? OMG, how embarrassing!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

I couldn't stand not jumping in to see how all of you were doing!!! First of all is was so surprised at the lady who had to find homes for her mamy Plumeria,,OMG It a good thing that i didnt know anything about this lady or man for that matter,,, wonder what he had to sell! LOL...

Hope u dont mind me stopping buy to say hello to some of my friends as well as some of my new ones too! Hi Toni, Hi Mike Goodnorning to Marquest,,,i love those pics of the chimmneys..i wonder the ages of them? I find them very lovely and you could really have a beautiful area there in the back garden :The Secret Garden!!!) they are so facinating to me and i would love to know what the story is...could it have been a old cooking area away form the original house?

Hi Stush!!! Nice to see you .. Sounds like those years in the yard worked on your back and legs... I DH father worked for PPG in Ohio and they went so far undergound with all of these earth movers and such..his health was not that great either form that type of work..I hope you are feeling better now that your have retired!!!

I also picked up on the Plumeria!!! You guys are killing me!!! I am an addict to these babies and to hear that someone was making their wife give them away? REALLY?

OMG.... sound like you made a great deat... I love these babies. I will try and help you to get them to bloom if you want Marquest? Just let me know..i will be glad to help you!!!

Take care everyone,


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marquest(z5 PA)

Hi Laura..of course no one would not mine you stopping in. This thread has turned into the fun talk about anything. It is just getting us through the winter. lol

The woman was giving away her Plummies because they were getting a divorce and she was going to have to move to an apartment.

I will take you up on helping me to get them to bloom. I have tried everything everybody told me to do. But I am willing to take any help you can offer.

I think that I just do not have a long enough summer heat to accomplish the blooming task. I just remembered when I went to Hawaii it was the prettiest best smelling thing and I wanted to add that to my tropical patio set up.

Thanks for stopping by to talk to us.

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Hey Laura,...So happy you dropped by. How are you doing? I believe you mentioned feeling a 'tad' tired.

Marquest, have you ever seen Laura's Plumerias? OMG, they're beautiful. Can't recall which thread she posted pics, but it's here on House Plants...

Laura, perhaps you remember the thread?

Marquest, Laura and Plumeria Forum are going to advise me rooting a Plumeria 'cutting/cane,' lol Laura.
The cutting is sitting in the back room, in plastic.

Laura, will you be home for a rest, or in the air?

Marquest, when you started this thread, you mentioned Brugmansias..How are they over-wintered? Several years ago, I had a tree BRug..after finding out it was poisonous, I tossed it.
At the time I had no idea how many plants I had/ve that can kill a bird/dog. Birds usually stay in one room.
This spring, I want ONE Brug. Either double-flowered or if there's such a thing as fragrant Brug. Better yet, a frangrant, double flower, lol.

BTW, I scrolled up to check something out, and saw a pic of your Plumeria. It's doing

Laura, take care and don't be a stranger.

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marquest(z5 PA)

Toni the Plummie has been doing fine for about 6 years it just never bloomed. LOL That is not fine. I have been using it as a leafy 5' foot pole for Glads every year.

I have about 7 Brugmansia. They are all fragrant. I grow all mine in pots. I just bring the pots in every fall and they are kept in the Laundry room. I have been growing them for about 7 years. I do not know if they will survive this year because my Mom passed when I usually get them in and they were out longer than they should have been.

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You plants are absolutely BEAUTIFUL Marquest!!!!

Thank you:-) I am hoping you are well lately.

Hi Toni, Laura and Stush! I've been exhuasted lately:-)


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone!!!

Hi Mike!!

Hi Toni,

Always I am out flying as we speak..Stuck in Dulles due to snow and low visibilty. Thank goodness they have wifi in the airports!!! : ) Keeps me sane!! LOL..

I did have the "time" since im stuck... lol to go and find the thread. It was the thread that Mike posted about seeing our summer pictures. I hope this is the one your were talking about!

Hope all is well with you!!!


Sounds like you are doing the right thing with sun, fertilizer and soil...

These Plumeria have a mind of their own...I will help you in any way that i can!!! Don't give up on these beauties.. this last summer was the best year for inflo's (Inflorescense) blooms... They need to be tagged when we try to grow these babies, that you need patience to finally see the rewards of waiting and waiting... lol

Let me know what i can do for you and i will gladly help you. You know these are my babies and i have enough to keep my addiction active.

Hope all is well with you and thank you for the kind invitation to join in this discussion!!!

Your plants are beautiful!!!

Take care you guys!!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Please, lets see some of your summered plants here!!

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