using terra cotta tile question

topsiebeezelbub(z7 Al)May 6, 2011

My son put in a new floor with 4" terra cotta tiles and dumped the leftovers on my potting table. "Here Mom, I thought you could do something with these". Some are new and some are the old ones with cement and gook on the back. I thought I could build a mold and put 12 them face down and pour concrete over the backs, but I am afraid they will shift around and not look even. I don't want to use those plastic tile spacers cos they would stick in the concrete and look funny. Do you think pressing them into wet sand would hold them? Any suggestions on what else could be done with them?

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I would put the tiles in some sand and then pour the concrete over them. That way they would stay in place. I have seen some cool pavers made with terra cotta pieces along with stones, glass and shells. A mold was created with wood (screwed together so it could be taken apart easily) and the pieces were put in the bottom and the concrete poured on top of them. In one magazine, they had a "mat" that looked like a patchwork quilt with pavers decorated like that. Below is a picture of what I'm kind of talking about. This was taken at Grandview, the farmer who lived there created all kinds of mosaic sculptures and even mosaiced the outside walls of the house. This is a "mat" in front of the front door. It looks like it is made with stones and glass cut you could do something similar with some of your broken up tiles.

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