My new Purchase!

grandmathymeMay 1, 2010

I think I might have forgotten to actually hit the box to post my message, so I hope this isn't a duplicate!

I've been drooling over this man's work for several years and yesterday I just HAD TO BUY this angel I fell in love with! (He calls her a fairy, but I have an angel garden, so have done a verbal species reassignment and in MY garden, she's an angel!)

Her body is an old propane tank and her wings are horseshoes! Isn't she beautiful!!!

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That is awesome! I agree, she looks more like an angel. Kind of the Xena warrior type of angel. She will make a great guardian for your garden. Very, very cool. I love it!

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sorie6(6b ok.)

WOW she is awesome!! YOu did good!!

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I love that! What is the artists name?

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Looks like an angel to me with "good Luck" horse shoes in her wings!! Great addition to your garden!! Jan

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Did you buy her in person? Can't imagine shipping this "angel!" ...well, she does have great wings! Did she fly to your gardens? LOL! Is this pic in artist's garden or yours? Great find! TFS! Jeanne S.

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marleneann(Buderim, Australia.)

Very creative!

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WOW!!! AWESOME!!!! Green with envy over here!!!!lol!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Incredible. I've never seen any thing like her. Great purchase. Enjoy! (How did you transport her?)

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Marlene Kindred

She is just wonderful! Love her dress and wings....and she looks pretty big too! She looks awesome in your garden!

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I LOVE IT !!! It's just so creative ...

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That is what I call real garden art. She is wonderful! And looks perfect in your garden. When I see things like this, I feel that I am totally lacking as a garden artist. She sure is inspiring.

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Yes, I bought her in person. The artist is a man in his 80's who calls himself The Old Geezer. He has another fairy and this BIG dog with HUGE teeth and an old loooooooong saw blade out in front of his yard that has "Welcome to Geezerville" written on it...and he lives on a busy street with lots of traffic...just up the street from our own trawberrygoat! His display draws you in to see what else he has lurking around his yard. He's maybe 15 minutes from my house.

He's a delightful man who has a very humorous view of his art work and quite a creative mind. I took some pics while I was at his place, and will try and post some of them later today.

Yes, she's quite heavy. She's maybe nearly 4 1/2 feet tall to the tip of her wings. He has 18" of rebar sticking out of the bottom of her feet that you stick into the ground to hold her upright. I hauled her home in my van and hubby and grandson put her in place for me.

He says he has shipped a couple pieces, but he's a frugal man and hates to see people spend that much money just for shipping, so he kind of discourages shipping the bigger pieces.

Yes, the pic is in my garden...though I'm trying to figure out how to hide my electrical post (which is in the lower left hand corner of the pic) because it definitely detracts from my angel. I LOVE where she's located in my garden, so I'll be glad to find a way to camouflage that post.

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Love her! I couldn't have passed her up either! Carol

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you were in the neighborhood, while I had taken off in an entirely different direction.
instead of heading toward the airport, I went north and for whatever I got done, I never did have a chance to sit here for a while.
I sure do like that piece of iron art...
that's ingenious and you're lucky to have gotten a chance to buy it.
I've been in the yard in the past but never to really stroll around. it was way before 'garden junk' got into my head.

yesterday, my special guy and I made two round trips to my mom's house, a 45 minute drive north.
the place is sold, or at least in the final stages of paper signing..(one brother is taking care of it, so I am on the "need to know" list, which he figures I don't need to know, at this time)..but I had the go ahead to get whatever I wanted from the place.
the first trip this weekend was a piggy back washer dryer and a chrome book shelf that matches the two I already have, for porcelain things to be set in.
the second trip was the fun one...GARDEN JUNK..
she had a flair for the woods but over time, so much of it has broken down into more earthy crumbles.
I did get a few boulders, special rocks, planters, starts of shrubs, an iron plant stand my dad in law had made years ago...moss covered pieces, a garland that was over the front door and the only thing I didn't get, cuz of no ladder was a rooster weather vane.
I'm still going to try to get that, if I ever do find out who it is that bought the place.
I took lots of pictures, so I can say good-bye to her little lake front bungalow.
the charm has long since been destroyed, when the woods across the lake and across from her place has since been clear cut.
soooo heartbreaking to see.
she would be so dreadfully unhappy to see it but as it is, she's not aware of much of anything.
the stroke has robbed her of all of her wit and fun ideas.
I feel it's more or less my legacy, to find and carry on the things that bring happiness to a yard.
even if I have to go through rough times to get to that point.
there's a very weathered green house she had my brother build for her, when she first moved to the's made of 5 old window doors and one solid door, that never did work well for actually growing anything. at the time, it was too dark where it's located. now, there's more light and I'm hoping the new owner will have no use for the doors.
at least, I can only hope so.

the place has been vacant for quite a while and vandalized more than twice.

she used to walk down to the lake, gathering wild grasses and put them in vases..have little bits and pieces from the woods around..moss on branches, propped over the fireplace, pebbles on a saucer, with twigs and a tiny ceramic frog..
hand thrown, fired and glazed pottery in the garden window.
...very ethereal surroundings
jewelry necklaces, draped over the corners of framed pictures on the wall..and always fresh coffee and toast to be offered.
the rooms would smell of lavender and cloves, from the oil she mixed for the porcelain painting.

she would have loved that iron angel you found for your yard..and it would have made her miss Paul, the love of her life, who died years before her, leaving her only with his memory. She would design iron planters and wall hangings and he would disappear into his shop and weld them for her...
so Sarah, what you found is more than simple iron art. you found something to cherish. More or less like a guardian angel, to look after you, your family and over your home and yard.

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g'thyme...that angel is AWESOME in your gardens! Your gardens are also very unique! I love the fencing & looks so interesting around your new angel. Don't know what you can do about the electric post...if it doesn't hurt to cover it, maybe an old oval metal barrell could be put over the top of it...rusty, compliment your angel! (with the ends cut out)

I'm glad you splurged on yourself with this wonderful Geezer find! LOL! TFS! Jeanne S.

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whaaaaa want to see this one too :-(

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Strawberry goat-what a nice rememberance of your mother. My heart aches for your loss-even tho she is still here. A lovely woman I'd liked to have known her. lucky YOU!

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