Is it time Thanksgiving Cactus get short days?

birdsnbloomsOctober 16, 2013


Normally, my Thanksgiving Cactus are kept outdoors until frost or first sign of buds.

This year, all but two TC's remained indoors. Reason, 'ANTS.'

Which month should TC's start short days...withhold fertilizer, etc???

So far, no buds on any TC's which is strange. Normally, 'when outdoors,' buds are forming by this time.
This year, there aren't any buds on TC's kept inside or out.
What's happening?

Two/Three months ago, a couple TC's had buds..those kept inside. That's never happened before.

Then again, all TC's are usually summered outdoors.

Thanks, Toni

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi Toni, Long time no hear...SO good to see you :o)

I'm going to come back to this thread, I have several TC's and mine has NO buds yet either...but I've been a lot warmer than you so I probably won't see any buds for another 4-6 weeks?

BTW, would you mind checking out my "house plant ID" thread"...I received a potted house plant from a friend and I have NO idea what it is, she wasn't sure either...Thanks!! I haven't been on this forum in a while, I'm glad I stopped by,lol...

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I'm with Nancy on that too..Good to see you my friend!!

Mine are all budding
Do you think they loved the ants so much they decide to flower for them while they hung around? hahah..

I will post you a few of mine if you would like..The ones outside and inside are all budding up....Maybe you got a lot more sunnier days than I did..Strange..Then amny of my perennials bloomed late too..

So happy to see you!


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Mine has started budding as well. I keep it in my bedroom right under my southern exposure window all year round. I normally don't turn any lights on besides a small lamp on the wall several feet from the plant and it has a red bulb in it. So the plant mostly got light from when the sun was up. It's gotten more buds this year than last.

Good luck with yours!

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CactusBoss(Zone 5a)

I do nothing for mine and they're budding like crazy. Mine's done this for 3 years

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Back when I used to have lots of these plants, they flowered like crazy for me, right on time every year. I grew them inside year round, never providing them with short days or special lighting.

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Thanks for the replies.

To those who are lucky enough getting TC's blooming withot short days or first frost, Congrats.
I never had such luck.

Nancy, so good to see you? Wondered where you've been hiding...some members just disappear. lol.

Remember the variegated TC I found 2-yrs ago? I went to Ted's, 'local green house,' last Feb, to see if they had more, thinking about you all the time.
No such luck. The owner said they had no TC's, but an employee brought me out back where two shelves filled with TC were sitting..6" pots, 2.00 ea, no variegated.
What a disappointment!

Nancy, what and where is your house plant ID? lol. Where do I look? Is it a photo site?

Anyway, happy you're back, and hope you're here to stay.

Hey know I'm always glad to see you, too. :)

So, your TC's are blooming indoors? Any light hitting them at night?

Sure, love to see your photos..Please post.

Mike, ants like ALL plants. Think they lay eggs in soil..This year, like last, I placed ant baits on tables plants summered outdoors sit. And vinger-ized, 'my word,' ALL plants..again, like last year.
Know what? Vineger-ized plants didn't have many plants in 2013.

Hey Will...So your TC's never seen the outside?

Your TC is beautiful. So large and filled with deep green foliage. Beautiful!!!

CB. You're one of the lucky TC gardener's too. I don't understand why my TC's won't bloom when kept inside.
I pray they bloom by the holidays.

Rhizo...Another lucky gardener.
Did your TC's get any night light? Did you halt watering/fertilizer before they bloomed?

Thanks for the replies...

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks for checking on that variegated TC Toni, I knew you didn't forget :o)

Someone ID my houseplant already...I just checked and I see you found it!

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jujujojo_gw(6b 7a)

I checked mine. Yes, they are setting buds already.

It is like how Gardenia set buds at this time in the South. Check your ourdoor Gardenia if you do not believe me.

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jujujojo_gw(6b 7a)

I have a question. I have a florist Azalea, from last year, outdoors in zone 6b now. It also appears to be setting buds. Should they set buds at this time? If I have to bring it in after frost, how can I keep the buds coming?

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Nancy, nope I didn't forget. Ask me what I did yesterday, and it takes 10-minutes to remember, but when it involves plants and promises, that's another thing. lol

BTW, this summer I placed in outside..forget I took it
It lost all variegation. Think it does better in the window.

As many said, they get their TC's to bloom without short days or cold spells.

Yes, my Gardenia is budding and has a couple blooms.
It didn't bloom in summer which is a first. Think it's the crazy weather.

Do you have a cool room? If so, your Azalea buds won't drop. Also, once buds open, a chilly room keeps them alive much longer..Some as long as 6-7 months.

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jujujojo_gw(6b 7a)

Posted by hopefulauthor z5IL ( on Thu, Oct 17, 13 at 19:04

Thank you so much. My Azalea only shows small buds on 50% of the branches that I expect to bloom. So, the process is not complete. When placed in cool room, what is the light requirement? I might have to buy special light bulbs.

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