Sansevieria/Snake Plant-- New Leaf or Baby?

rachelthepoet(7)October 23, 2012

Hello all! I've had my eye on a snake plant for a while, but I finally found one yesterday that fit my price (only $2.75)/size/quality criteria.

It is rootbound and super soaked (thanks to Wallyworld), but I will wait a week before dealing with that.

What I am most interested in is the little friend off to the side. Is this going to be a new leaf or a baby plant? If it is a baby plant, how long can I/should I wait before dividing?

Thanks in advance! I'm excited about my new acquisition, so any other info you want to share is welcome!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

It's a pup, a baby new plant. Congrats!!!

Here's one forming on a leaf in water.

Here is a link that might be useful: tons of pics in the Sans forum

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i agree, its a pup.
You are risking a root rot w/ such soggy peaty soil especially this time of the year. sans do not tolerate it. I always repot as soon as it gets home into fast draining soil. Shultz orchid mix + perlite 50/50 work wonders on all my sans


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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Nice sans , with pup!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Hey I didn't even notice what you said about being soggy. I would immediately untangle and trim the roots well (but not the rhizome connecting mama to baby) and repot. That should inspire it to make more pups too. About the only thing that can kill a sans is soggy and/or dense soil with no air pockets.

In the background in the pic below, you can see one filling a 5-gallon bucket. More than half of the growth is from this year.

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I normally let plants adjust for a week to their new home before repotting--- so I'm glad you guys warned me that might be putting my new plant in danger!

I'm repotting right now into a 6 inch pot so I don't have to trim the roots and there's a little extra room for the new pup.

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6in regular pot maybe too big, but I like 6in clay orchid pot, its shallow and have extra slits to drain excess water, breathable. Pls don't use any Miracle Grow soil, it contains peat which is no-no for Sans. If you want more info we have Sansevieria Forum


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Inna: I'll definitely be checking out the Sansevieria forum.

I am using a 5-1-1 for all of my houseplants right now, so I'll try this out with my sans and I can adjust it later if I need to. It's super fast-draining and all of my other plants are loving it.

I had a surprise when I pulled my plant out.... 3 PUPS!

I'm not worried about the pot being too big now that I know how many babies will be filling it up soon!

Thanks again!

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Looks great! Personally I prefer clay pots,cause glazed ones stay wet longer. You have to be careful and check the soil before watering. Sans like to be dried out. they like warm environment, so if its going to be cool in your house dont water too often maybe every 2-3 wks.


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I have my Sans in glazed ceramic pots but like Inna mentioned with watering with those, I'm really careful how I water. What works for me is sticking a toothpick in the soil. If you pull it out and you see any soil stuck to the toothpick, it's still moist. Kind of like cooking brownies!

Also, at what point the soil sticks to the toothpick is an indicator as to how far down the pot moisture is still present. That works for me, I usually wait until I don't see any soil appear on the stick (or in the case of one of my Sans whose pot is too deep to go all the way to the bottom of the pot with the toothpick, I just go as far as I can if if I even see a small glimpse of soil on the tip, I wait another week... you might have to wait longer than a week, it all depends on how deep your pot is... for me it's waiting another week because my pot is only about 5 inches deep) before watering again.

Others may suggest methods of watering that works for them, perhaps they will be better or easier for you to do, but this works for me.


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Woo Hoo! Four plant for less than $3? Awesome! I always look for the pots with multiple plants in them.

As everyone else said, just be careful with the water. I maybe water mine a total of 3 times between October and March. I like your new soil; it looks to be very fast draining, so I don't think you'll be having any problems.


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

You're right about it outgrowing its' pot soon. That was my point about the 5-gallon bucket. Sans have a valid reputation as a slow-growing low-light plant because they can tolerate it if they aren't soggy. BUT they really want to be in the sun where they can and will grow FAST. Once my plants come inside, there's much less sun and it's much cooler, and I treat then like cactus, with only occasional small sips of water. They sit on the carpet with no drain hole, if that gives you an idea of how dry. But while outside, they get watered about every-other day.

You're right, those roots didn't need trimmed, very healthy looking with good structure. Good call.

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Purple: When I was showing off my repot yesterday, I told my DH about your 5 gallon buckets and he didn't believe me! I am so excited about the growth possibilities of my new sans--especially now that we know that I actually am going to have 4 plants!

I'm glad the roots looked okay--they looked much scarier coming out of the top and bottom of the little store pot, but definitely not rootbound like I was expecting.

Thanks to everyone for chiming in and warning me about watering! I'm sure I'll be doing more research on watering stuff over in the Sans forum. I'm pretty cautious in general about watering, but I definitely have to be extra cautious since we want these pups to grow!!

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