socalliegalMay 8, 2010

Does any one here make Whirligigs. I have recently been re-fascinated with whirligigs. I had a really nice one that my mom bought for my dad a long time ago at a crafts fair and I recently put it back out in my mom's garden last year when she started to get a bit of Alz. I recently was messing with it and broke 3 propeller blades...arrrrrgh! I guess I will re-glue them with some epoxy. It was the design of the man cutting wood. I recently purchased the same design from an on line website....you would not believe how hard it is to find these old fashioned whirligigs for sale. There are only like about 4 that I found. And I mean the wood ones not the metal ones.

So has anyone here tinkered or made them for sale before. I have an idea in my head about how to make a simple one. Still working it out in my head, more the old fashioned early ones looked like with just two spinners one at each side.

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When my parents were alive, they spent a lot of time at their local Senior Center. The Center had LOTS of different craft classes and there was a group of older men who made whirligigs...my dad was one of them! You might contact or stop by your local Senior Center and see if they have a group like that there. They often sell their projects to earn money to make the next project or to donate to the Senior Center to buy new equipment for their classes.

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Contacting a senior center is an excelllent idea.

I tried "googling" and found several sites.

This one is a wood chopper.


Here is a link that might be useful: Wood Chopper Whirligig

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

A man I knew as "Uncle Tony" when I was growing up (but was really something like my grandpa's third cousin) made beautiful wooden toys and whirligigs that he sold in a roadside store on a tourist route. His workshop was in back of the store so he could make things all the time. He painted them all bright colors in a trailer that he had set up special for painting. I loved everything he made, and apparently other people did too since he was able to make a living at it. Though he had another job too, at least when he was younger.

Its almost a lost art. When ever I see people selling things like this in their yard, I stop and often buy.


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I forgot about these cute things! Every so often I see them at craft fairs. The site below has a number of kits you can buy with the precut wooden pieces and assembling materials. You can see pictures of all the different cute whirligigs too. I love the flying pig one!

Here is a link that might be useful: Whirligig Kits

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rusty, yep saw that webby as well, but it seems a little complicated.

concrete, yep totally a lost art, you don't see it around like you do about 10 - 15 years ago. We bought our original woodcutter from an older man at a City Park that had an Easter Crafts fair. Senior citizens seem to be fantastic at these, I wish I could find a local senior who makes them, but you just don't see it.

Yes I did see the webbies that sold kits. For right now I bought a woodcutter man from a webby just 39.00 including shiipping...should get it on Thursday. I am working on repairing my old one. I am also probably going to order one of these kits as well as the rustic one I have dreamed up in my head which will look like a lady cook with white apron spinning wooden spoons.

Wish me luck... ;-)

Thanks for all your comments!!!!

And if you know of a neighborhood man or lady that makes nice ones for sale still let me know. Maybe they can ship unsassembled and I can assemble.

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just joined this site, and notice people looking for whirligigs, I have been making whirligigs for serveral years and they are quite unique, nothing like you see on the net, they are made mostly of wood with a few metal fastners, painted with oil based paint. any body interested in seeing some photos just email me at cardbeam@dishmail.net and i would gladly send you some photos.

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chevy57red(3/4 MN)

There are several books available on eBay. Might want to check it out.

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I have also made them. they are lots of fun. I have a book on them for the old fashioned ones. If you want some help with them. leave me your email addy.

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Betsy Rheaume

I have an interest in them, too. However, I don't have the equipment to make them right now. And to complicate matters, I love the folk art whirligigs on the country living website. I don't know how to whittle either. Might be a project for the wintertime.

Here is a link that might be useful: Country Living Whirligigs

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These are really neat. I haven't seen one in person in a long time. I went to the Country Living Site posted and love this couple. Now nice to get into this with the person you love. So I had to search for them on web.

Here is a link that might be useful: Barbara and Ted

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Amazing that this was updated, I just arrived home from the festival held here every year. Check it out Shelburne Nova Scotia Whirligig Festival.

People from all over the world, Australia, Germany, USA, Canada, Ireland, England, etc. Everyone welcome

It is a 2-day event, our local community hall put on breakfast for 3 days, lobster supper, sold lobster burgers at the site for 2 days. There were sailboats in the harbour, tour boat making its rounds, beautiful weather. We even had a filmcrew from Paris doing a piece on lighthouses so they were at our hall, because we are a save the lighthouse community hall. Great weather and fun.
Come and visit. Tired from all the work, so nice to sit down.

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Hey! Here's what I did when one of my props broke. I went to a hobby shop in Reno and purchased a new prop used for model airplanes. It works great.

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Betsy Rheaume

I guess I couldn't wait until winter, had to go buy a scroll saw and try my hand at it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Car Whirligig

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