Wrought Iron headboard garden trellis? Need ideas!

mangomoonMay 31, 2008

I acquired this 1930's wrought iron headboard. The person that gave it to me told me that his mother brought it with them along with other furnishings when they moved to California. It was a minty green originally, but it is badly peeled. I wasn't sure at first whether to keep it or sell it. I tried selling it on Craigslist, but unless you have a Garden Junker's mind, you would be clueless as to what to do with it. It may not surprise anyone, that it got flagged 3 times, and I will never know why.

Ok, off my soapbox, I am ready to 'plant' it in the garden. I want to sink the legs in about 1 foot into the ground so it doesn't look like a headboard, which btw, it is a rare 3/4 size. Bigger than a twin, but not as wide as a full.

What would you do with it? Please give me ideas and share your photos.

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What happened? I uploaded the pic and no pic. Here goes:

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Clearly you aren't here, because in Atlanta this would have been sold in a heartbeat.

You moon garden, grow moonvine!
You could make yourself a garden bed of moon flowers. Beautiful shining whites like nicotiana, white cleome and the moonvine edged with white alyssum. Pretty!

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Boy that's a beauty. I replaced an old broken redwood trellis with this more modern headboard and the vine is starting to fill it in. It was painted green to help hide it after all it is the plant not the support I am after. In your case I think a more vivid color for your headboard and a vine that allows those great designs to peek through - maybe a clematis vine which would give you the benefit of a delightful flower as well.


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I have one similar to it and also have the footboard. I was hoping to actually make a garden bed. I plan on sinking it in the ground and then planting annuals in a pattern so it looks like a quilt.

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kudzukween(8 MS)

That's beautiful, you got lucky:) I'd probably make a bench out of it,but it will look great in a garden,too. I love yours,too, Robert.

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It's a lot like the one I have on my bed...

What would I do with it...I'd use it. In the house as a headboard of all things....hehe

Now THAT's an imagination....lol


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Hey...another thought...it would make a great back for a garden bench...

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LOVE it. You are so lucky to have that no matter if its inside or out. I agree with Robert about painting it a vivid color so the detail shows in the garden. The blue shade so many use for GJ, or that "watermelon" Krylon color both are wonderful outside.

I read Craigslist frequently and have seen folks comment about being flagged for no reason. I guess some people just find it fun to go on there and flag others. Sad.

hugs, Karen

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Bright199(foothills NC)

That's totally awsome!! I love it just the way it is. Would probably spray it with a clear sealer to keep it from rusting away totally and plant away. I love moon flowers that would be beautiful. Please show us another photo when you have it in place.

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kittyjhg(Zone 7)

My neighbor was throwing a headbord & footboard away last year so... I got it. It was missing the finials so I found some glass globs at a local nursery for $5 each. Couldn't decide on which color so I got 4 different ones. Siliconed them on and hobby made sides--thus evolved "My Flower Bed'. Really love it!
Jeanette from Mississippi
P.S. My Jethro Tull tickseed has taken over!

Here is a link that might be useful: My Flower Bed

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Ok, I have decided not to take the iron headboard with me. I would like to trade it to any other junker in Southern, coastal CA. I am between San Luis Obispo and Ventura area. If there are any garden junkers there, please contact me.

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I saw a cute one in a magazine the other day. Someone used treated wood to make a box and attached it to an iron headboard and footboard. Planted it with all kinds of flowers. It was really cute. I have a head and foot board and I am thinking of doing mine that way. Probably plant vines around the headboard too.

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textilejo(5b Nova Scotia)

Here are a couple of mine:

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Cinder_Ella(z7 PNW)

Must get some of my iron head/foot boards in use. LOL, the favorite one I've seen is somebody made the "bed" into a "waterbed" and had a pond with fountain and water plants between the head and foot.

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That's an awesome looking headboard Mangomoon!! I absolutely love it. Yes put it in your gardens, it's going to look fantastic. Personally, I love the old country vintage look and wouldn't paint it. There are quite a few gardening mags out now that show pics of headboards in gardens and they look soooooooooo pretty. Check some of the mags out for ideas and flower designs. Sure hope you'll post pics of it when you have "planted" it in the ground and then "planted" your flowers.

To keep it steady in the ground, either use concrete or when digging your hole and filling it back up, really pack the dirt and it should do alright. I just saw my neighbor's buddy who does fencing, just dig a few holes here and there along the fence on both sides between our yards (a huge stockade fence) and then he just really packed in more "good" dirt in the holes and that fence stood right up. I was pretty amazed how that's all he did and it fixed the leaning over problem.

Have fun doing your garden project - remember, share, share, share those pics.


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TextileJo, did you attach the flowerboxes to the one bedframe? And if so, how did you attach them?

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textilejo(5b Nova Scotia)

sweetkountry, I drilled holes in the back of the drawers and then used wire to attach them to the frame. The drawers were from old night stands and they only lasted one season so this year I gave the frame a new look:-)

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That is a beauty!!! I would leave as is and use as a flower bed in the garden. But then I love rust(-:

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