My TC and Easter Cactus are already buddy! How about yours? Pic

meyermike_1micha(5)October 9, 2011


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Mike, how nice!!! Maybe you have Halloween

Seriously, your TC/EC are doing great. What color will flowers be? Toni

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Hi Toni! So nice to see you:-)))))))))

They are believe or not the hard to get YELLOW! They blossomed last year a pinkish orangey color because I left them to be exposed to cold temps.
This year I left them in that greenhouse to stay in warm temps to get them to bloom their true color, yellow.
I figured if I payed quite a bit for them, I might as well force them yellow.

Thanks Toni! Yours will be in bloom soon enough I am sure of it:-)


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Mike, great seeing you, too. You rarely come to HousePlant Forum these days. We miss you... :)

I'm curious to see if your TC blooms a true yellow since you've kept it warmer.

Mike, I'm ashamed to admit it, but I haven't been taking care of TC's, etc, this summer. I placed several atop Hibiscus Tree soil, and left them. They didn't even get a dose of fertilizer... Not once...

To top it off, some time in the past I potted several TC's together in a shallow, 12" diameter container. Instead of placing the pot up high, it went on a metal shelf. Well, once again, our friendly squirrels got hold of the pot, ate most of the foliage.
I have a yellow, but lost labels so don't know which is which..The only way will be if and when the remainders bloom.
I also have five or six cuttings bought on Ebay in 2009. They've never been outside. They're supposed to be elegant

Watching a show on CNBC about 2012...should we be spending money on plants? lol. Toni

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AsarumGreenPanda(z6 MA)

Mike, they look great! I adore these plants; they cure my "winter is coming" blues. I'll be interested to hear what happens to the bloom color on yours now that you're growing them warmer.

I grow everything on the cold side. (Can't help it -- drafty windows.) I have two yellow TCs: a NOID that looks like Gold Charm, and Xmas Flame. Xmas Flame is very temp sensitive --its blooms are often more apricot than yellow. The Gold Charm type plant seems to bloom yellow -- no pink -- no matter what. (Watch: it will be all pink this year, just because I said that. :) )

Here are some of mine, also budding up:
From October 10, 2011 From October 10, 2011


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Toni! Aw, thank you! I guess the more the merrier here!

You under estimate yourself. They probably look wonderful. Lol..Squirrels? I had no idea they liked these! You know, your squirrels certainly are
You must somehow in some way be making them very tasty..
By the way, I am treating myself to many more delightful plants lately, just like
Let us know what colors you get. I am worst than you. I take no notes at all and have none of mine labeled. I just know they are suppose to be a beautiful yellow.

Amanda: Oh, I can't wait for your surprise It is kind of fun when our plants surprise with the unknown, well, of course if it is good. Please come back and share when you find out:-)
You have some lovely plants there. I love the buds and shiny leaves.
Thanks for your comments too.
Last year when I kept them on the cold side, they flowered a color that really disappointed me but not many that saw them!


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Mike, ahem, remember your squirrel episode? lol.

Those nutty, furry rodens like CC/TC/EC and Avocados. One year I placed a beautiful, started from pit, 'cado out back.
You know pits are toxic, right? Anyway, I went outside to water. The darn squirrel dragged my 'cado from the picnic table, several feet away, ate all the foliage and gnawed on the pit. I was ready to buy a BB gun, lol..j/k. But, I was angry!!
They've killed several CC/TC over the years, especially since they're one of first plants to go outdoors.

Squrrels are Strong, too. Today, we watched a squirrel lift, hold and carry a large dog bone, which is heavy, up the tree. Then nibbled it. Strange

Amanda, your CC/TC look nice and healthy, too. Their little buds are peeking out of the tips.
Gold Charm. That's one I haven't seen sold a long time. It used to be common at Home Depot, but for some reason they mainly sell pinks. Oh well. Toni

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paul_(z5 MI)

Toni, the squirrel gnawing on the bone is actually not as unusual as you might think. Rodents often gnaw on them in the wild. Not only is it a hard substance to help keep their incisors properly worn down (it is actually possible for the teeth to get too long -- even to the point of the animal no longer being able to eat) as well as a source of calcium (particularly important for females).

I'm down to one run-of-the-mill NOID TC. I can't even remember what color its blooms are. Had a pot with various cuttings with different colored flowers but rot took it. Quite a bummer that.

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For 8 or 9 years I would set my two CCs on my covered patio during the summer months and they thrived. Last year I noticed that something, I assumed, a squirrel had started gnawing on them. They were very systematic. First they would eat the 'leaves', then they gnawed off the stalks at the base and laid them, like logs, very evenly on the side of the pots. When I next checked the 'logs' were gone.

I could have saved the plants, I suppose, but I was so intrigued by the way the culprits went about their work, that I could not interrupt them. As my CC's were not very beautiful, I figured those little guys needed them more than I did!

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Paul, guess it's not that unusual, 'even though the squirrels never bothered my dogs bones in the past, not that I witnessed.' What's strange is this little furry, (how much does a squirrel weigh?) rodent carried a 9", heavy bone around and up the tree.

Our dog is a Mastiff, so you can imagine how big the bone is/was. I let Mr or Mrs squirrel keep it. lol.

Maxmom, giving your CC to the squirrels was nice. lol. Are they still alive? The CC, not the squirrels?

Wonder why squirrels like certain plants? Especially CC/TC.
These little guys and gals are destructive. They ate most of the fruit from my Citrus trees. Especially Kumquats. I watched as one stretched to reach a fruit off the top of the tree.
And we feed them daily, you'd think they'd be full, lol.
Oh well, soon all plants will be inside. Toni

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paul_(z5 MI)

"What's strange is this little furry, (how much does a squirrel weigh?) rodent carried a 9", heavy bone around and up the tree."

I can relate somewhat. A long time ago, my folks tried to grow a few sunflowers. Never did get to see any nice blooming flower head. As soon as the flower heads really began to open, one of the "treerats" would scale the plant, nip off the flowering head, and go bounding across the lawn with it. Was both aggrevating and amusing to see one of the varmits bounding across the yard with a flower as big as its head (and frequently considerably bigger)

Too bad you don't have a pic of the treerat carrying off the bone or sitting there gnawing on it.

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marquest(z5 PA)

You made me look closer and one is budding. You also made me count how many I have. I have 7 different colors and 1 surviving Easter Cactus, Some critter ate my plants. I think it is the deer.

This one is budding..

This is what is left of the purple leaf that I have been watching to see if the leaves continue to stay purp;e. It is in total shade so it is not sun burn.

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My goodness, where was I when you all posted this?lol

Well, I happen to have squirrels that like to jump on my head and fly with the wind! Just ask Toni!

By the way, Toni, you might think that feeding the critters of should I say oversized furry rats will leave your plants alone if you feed them, but actually, it is quite the opposite! You are encouraging them to come to your home for a party, all of them all over your neighborhood and after the main course meal, your plants are dessert! I would put an end to feeding them at once and let them find someone else's. Look up, maybe one will jump on your

Paul, just maybe squirrels are eating them. I never heard of deer doing that. If so, oh boy!


Marquest! What is going on? I had no idea you had so many beautiful plants and many that I have. Did you grow your CC in FULL sun? I ask because the leaves are so nice and red. I love them. Wait, that plant just above was grown in shade? Are those leaves red like that by nature? If so, I need to trade something with you for some cuttings. I LOVE it for color alone. I can't wait to see the color of your flowers:-)


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Paul, the idea is to trick those furry rodents. When I sowed Sunflower seeds directly in the ground, the squirrels found and ate them. I then started sowing seeds indoors. When planting season arrived, the sunflower plant was large enough Mr Squirrel didn't bother them.
Also, I used to grow dwarf Sunflowers. The last 5 or so years, instead of dwarves I used Giant Sunflowers. Believe me, the squirrels didn't eat the seeds, but the birds Mostly Golden Finch, which doesn't bother me. Gotta love Golden Finch.
At least the squirrels didn't climb or knock down these tall giants.
Don't know if this is myth or not, but the story goes, if Daffs and Marigold are planted in the garden, squirrels stay away. I've planted both Daffs and Marigolds in front, and, 'cross my fingers,' they haven't bothered with plants/bulbs growing in front.
It's the back yard they hunt. lol.

Paul, wait...did 'your' squirrels remove the entire Sunflower top???? My God, really?

My camera wasn't working when Mr/Mrs Squirrel pulled that stunt. I'm using a different camera until I get new batteries.

Marquest, WOW, I agree with Mike. Your TC are so nice and it the sun? Cold? Or are they naturally red?

I don't think it's deer either..If deer got your TC, the entire plant would be history. lol. Even though squirrels sometimes do the the whole plant down to the soil, and sometimes roots, too.

Mike, while bringing plants in, 'what is this week 3?', I discovered my TC have little buds..but the leaves look awful. My fault, I admit it! Should have added this confession on Marquest's other thread. lol

Mike, squirrels were eating my plants way before I ever thought about feeding them. I 'assumed' feeding them squirrel food would keep them away from plants..but they're greedy little rodents..Some squirrels are preggers, and others are storing nuts away for winter. It's a lose-lose situation.

I will admit, since I've been feeding them they don't go after my plants as often as they did, but they still cause damage. Eat fruits off citrus!!!! Ohh, feel like shooting them. lol, j/k.

No, thank you..don't want no squirrels fallin' on my head. lol. I'd panic if a rabid-Cujo-rodent jumped on me. lol

My son feeds squirrels from his hand. I get so darned nervous..When I walk outside, one or two, or maybe the same squirrel, runs up to me begging. lol. I stand still, but then feel sorry for them, end up going back in the house, getting peanuts and tossing, not hand-feeding..The one acts like he's never eaten before..Okay, so I'm a softie. lol.

Mike, I agree, Marquests TC and EC are lovely. Toni

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marquest(z5 PA)

Yes Mike, Toni the leaves are naturally red I had it in total dark shade. If I give it a little light the leaves were dark maroon last winter just getting light in a window. As you can see something had a good time eating it because the pot was full.

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Marquest, where did you find this type?

My TC/EC red in sun, but revert to green in winter. To be honest, I didn't think twice about yours being red until Mike commented. Then to find out they stay red!

So, do you prefer to grow this type in shade or sun? Red or maroon?
At least your cuttings are healthy..Those the squirrels got look like they've been run over by a semi. lol.

Try rooting them. You never know.

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marquest(z5 PA)

Toni the one with the buds was in the sun. That one turns green in the winter.

The chewed up one that has the maroon leaves was in dark shade. I thought I had burned it last year and that was why the leaves were maroon but when it continued to grow maroon regardless of where I had it I started to notice it was a maroon leaf TC. I know I have a pic of it blooming somewhere. If I find it I have to post the pic.

I got all my TC at the grocery store. I pick one up every year. I now have 7 of them. The Easter Cactus I picked up at Lowes.

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Marquest: Did you even see what I had to say:-)?


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marquest(z5 PA)

Yep Mike you will get a email.

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Marquest..Do you still have the pots the TC and EC were potted in? If so, can you give me the SKU or long number?
Or, by chance, did you happen to read the label where they were grown? Toni

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marquest(z5 PA)

LOL @Toni, it is obvious you are not at my level. I am in the dumpster, Lowes, Home Depot grocery store. Me..Chicken, You Lobster. I am sorry, I am laughing at myself and not at you. It is another one of my confessions.

The plants at the grocery store......they put these things in pretty color paper and there is absolutely nothing on the pots. The only way you have a hint of the flower color is if you happen to catch them with a bloom. You are lucky if they place a sign over them saying what kind of plant is in the pretty color paper.

The one thing that is alway big is the price. LOL

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Lol..You are not kidding!

I just love it when you pick up a plant to see what type it is and all you see is a label that says" Tropical"....lololol

Enjoy your day and stay out of dumpsters both you and


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AsarumGreenPanda(z6 MA)

This was a nice surprise: I noticed the first, tiny bud on one of my (true) CCs this morning. It's really ahead of schedule, but that's okay; I'm happy to see buds whenever it feels like producing them.

I also noticed that my small starter plant of 'Lady Linda' has *something* starting to grow at the end of one phylloclade. It's too soon to tell, but the *something* looks more like a bud than a leaf. That would be exciting. I've never seen this hybrid's blooms in person but they're supposed to be spectacular. The plant is new to me this year and I thought it had missed its bloom period (earlier than many TCs, I believe, because of its S. orssichiana heritage) while rooting -- but maybe not.

CC -- one tiny bud so far:
From Houseplants, fall 2011


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Hi all....I posted pictures over on the c&s forum...
I seen this thread so I thought I would post here too....
red, pink, yellow, white, and the little one is purple I am told but no flowers taken today...enjoy....linda

. .

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Amanda and Linda....Just amazing colors and quite early I must say.

I didn't know that Thanksgiving was already

Thank you so much. As soon as mine flower I will share also:-)


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Hey Amanda!

I was thinking. Maybe the reason whey your CC are blooming already is because they are trying to keep up with the early decorations and Christmas songs being played at the Malls right

Hey. Lowes has a huge display of Halloween stuff along side of Christmas stuff already, and the Christmas tunes are already going. Maybe they are feeling rushed?

We could always say that out almost orange looking flowers are Halloween Cactus.


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AsarumGreenPanda(z6 MA)

Linda, I love the way you've displayed your TCs -- like a fountain of beautiful colors.

Mike, I think you might be on to something with the mall/Lowes idea. It just goes to show how much more there is to know about our plants. For all I know, my CC has a secret life (or a past life) as a mall rat. There's a florist's stand at the food court of a mall near me, and I can just see my CC hangin at the food court, checking out the florist's place for the latest trends. No wonder it's budding now. :) But what's inspiring your EC?

All this makes me wonder why Hollywood hasn't created a blockbuster about plants in a mall that "come to life" after hours. They wander around the mall, having adventures, going over to the food court for a micronutrient supplement...

Anyway! When my plants bloom I'll post something with a little more substance. :)


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Great pictures, everyone! Mike, congrats on the buds!!!

My plant plus the TC cuttings I got from Toni are budding up as well! I noticed more buds forming today on my large TC (red).

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Mike, I'm not the dumpster type..that is, unless, plants at a plant store, are being tossed in a dumpster. lol
In autumn, people toss out good plants and pots. I won't go through their trash, but if they're left beside the cans, w/o pests, or pots are in good condition, I'll bring them home, clean w/Pine Sol.

Mike, after getting 'most' plants inside, 'still have 20 or to go,' I feel like renting a dumpster, tossing all, then starting over. lol.

Know what, Mike! There is NO room for ONE more plant..:)

Amanda, very pretty the markings. Yep, I see the little buds from CC peaking out..

Emerald...A beautiful collection. I like the stand, too.
What color flower is the third pic, to the left?
Your blooms are quite large. Beautiful.
BTW, love your Grand-father Clock..Wow..

Mike, too funny. While viewing Emerald's post, 'Halloween Cactus,' came to mind. It'd make sense. lol

Brad..Wow, that was fast! They have buds already? What did you do? lol. Toni

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Hi and thank you for the nice comments...hopefulauthor the plant you asked about is yellow.....and yes the flowers are bigger then last year....
My old fashion CC is not budding yet..I still have that one outside in the garage in the cold...
thanks again for looking and the nice comments....linda

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Brad!!! What's up! It is so good to see you:-) Thank you:-)

Toni: Oh yes there I thought I saw an inch of space between your window and the Now you only have about 13 left now?lol
You can do it and by the time they all come in, you will be putting them back out
I wish I could of afforded to put heat into my greenhouse to keep it going all winter:-((

I wonder if a clear heavy duty tarp would insulate from winter? I wonder?

Linda: That is a beautiful way to display your flowers! Wow. I love them all. I have to bring mine in tomorrow to show them off to my company coming the weekend!
How are the jades by the way? I would love to see a recent picture here of the jade from the momma one?:-)

Amanda: No kidding! lol. They should have a Halloween


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Hi Toni!

lol Well they're still outside and I have been watering them with rainwater. Thanks to Mike's first picture, I think I've been able to ID the one type of cutting you sent me: Easter Cactus! :)

Hi Mike!

You're welcome!!! It's good to see you too! Oh, I've been better but I hope you and the rest of your plants are doing well!!! Besides my holiday cacti (and some newly aquired cacti and succulents as well), my hoyas are doing great! I just got a huge KQ (one of your favorites if I remember correctly) at Lowe's last Thursday with two peduncles! No buds yet, but hopefully in the spring! I'll have my winter sowing to keep me busy in the coming months so gardening's a year round job for me lol.

Happy blooms to all! ;)

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Linda, is your CC getting any light in the garage? I don't know anything about 'antique' CC, lol. Do they bloom around Christmas or before?
Has it flowered in the past? If so, do you recall the month?

Mike, yep, there are a few inches of space left, lol..But, as I've been saying: When I buy plants, for some strange reason, I tend to forget they grow. lol.
Those little plants bought in the past are no longer in 3--4" containers. Oh No, Siree!
Even though I tend to under-pot, when roots grow, it's either prune them or repot in a larger container.
The little plants that once fit on a window sill are now taking floor space. lol.

I now understand why some stick to mini-AV's..

Mike, is Tangerine CC close enough to orange as a Halloween Cactus?

Brad..yes, one cutting is an Easter Cactus. Sorry I didn't label, but when I send cuttings, 'which isn't often,' I get so darned nervous. For one, because I don't want plants sitting packaged longer than need be, I wrap right before going to the PO. Sure enough our PO cut hours, 'which I didn't know,' so I grabbed whatever, cleaned in soapy water, let air dry, then packaged.

Think you can ID the TC, right? The others are Epi's. I had a few other Epi's I planned on sending, 'one w/velvety foliage,' but didn't have time. So sorry. Toni

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Hi all...
Hi Hopefulauthor...mine cc cactus gets some light in the garage and I also take it outside on nice sunny days with little plant is getting very large...I have had it for about 4 years and friend gave it to me..and it has bloomed more and more every is a picture of it last year it started blooming on Nov.5 and this picture was taken on thanksgiving.....

I will try and post a new picture from this year, but it hasn't started to bud yet....hope this helps you....thanks for asking and looking.....linda

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Wow...Linda! That CC is to die for. Actually all of your TC's are very nice as well...Now I regret my decision about your Christmas Cactus,lol...

Hi Mike, Toni and everyone else! Thanks for sharing your pictures! You guys have some really amazing collection of TC's you guys have. Just Beautiful!!


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Hi Toni,

No worries about the labeling and the other cuttings! I do remember you telling me which ones were which and yep I knew which were epis and TC! Those are easy to pick out in a crowd lol! I'll post pictures when the TC are in bloom :).

Linda, that is one stunning CC! That's one plant I'm hoping on getting in the future!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Hi all....look at my thanksgiving cactus now.???? are they booming so much that they are dying??? they are shriveling up...bummer...they're in a filtered south window and not wet, I'd say moist to dry..this is where I always keep them..not sure whats happening hope they don't die....

and this one really looks bad...

and this is my old fashion today and you can't see it in the pictue yet but it has just started to bud..and can you tell how much fuller and bigger it has gotten over the summer staying outside on the north side of the house
its in a 12 inch pot and its heavy...

thanks for looking....linda

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Linda, the blooms look wonderful!

I'm not sure what's up with your shriveling TC....
have you checked the roots for signs of rot? I'd propagate some of those tips
that already have roots growing from their nodes. Are you using a gritty type mix?
I find that bark (or nearly pure bark) is great for these.


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WEll, I have the feeling that when an E-bayer says they are selling you 'yellow' flowering TC, they are way off the mark. I let these bud in very warm conditions as suggested by the seller, and they still have a touch of pink.
I still like the flowers though.:-)

Linda, very very nice! I can only imagine the roots not happy on the ones you are concerned about. I would check them and make sure you are using a mix that stay nice and moist but not wet with lots of porous space.

They are just beautiful and thank you!

Hey Josh and Pug:-)

Hi Brad! Good to see you again and thanks. I shall have to post some Hoya for you soon.:-)

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Good morning, Mike!
I'm glad you weathered the storm well.
Your latest white bloom pics are fantastic.


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marquest(z5 PA)

Mike that is pretty. You are right it is definitely not yellow. There is not even a hint of yellow but it is a pretty flower.

Linda, I agree with the others it looks like you do not have any roots so the leaves cannot take up any moisture. It looks like your roots are dead either from over water or under water. Either way looks like the roots are gone.

What you can do now is get a squirt bottle and squirt them and the roots you see on them will will take up the moisture and the leaves will pump up. That will give you time to root some leaves it will also help to start out with good plump leaves.

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marquest(z5 PA)

Mike I found the pic from last year with the purple leaf one that bloomed. Thought you all might like to see what it looks like.

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paul_(z5 MI)

Here's my NOID. Not really happy with the way the color turned out in the pics. The flowers are really more reddish orange than pinkish red. Ah well.....

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Great pictures, everyone!

My big red TC got some strong light too over the spring/summer and it has some purple on the leaves.

Mike, looking forward to those hoya pictures!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Wow, everyone's Holiday Cactus are doing beautifully.

A question. When should CC/TC/EC be fertilized? During bud and flowering?

I've read, they should be fertilized throughout summer, during bud and flowering, but after flowers fade they need a 4-6-week rest period. Is this fact or fiction?

Linda, yours is either the first or second largest CC I've seen. Including pics of peoples CC/TC on Flickr and sites.

Those on the stand are amazing. Blooms are huge.
The CC/TC, 'still can't tell the difference between the two,' flower is a beautiful color.

Its leaves are red, perhaps it got sunburned?? It's not bad though..Obviously foliage is strong.

Would you happen to know if it's a Thor? If so, IMO, they're fussier than other Holiday Cactus. Just my opinion.

Linda, your 'Antique Cactus,' is going to be a sight when buds open. You must post.

Mike, how tall is your CC? It looks very tall??? Pretty flower color. WAs it supposed to be yellow?
Does anyone have a true yellow or white Holiday Cactus??

Marquest, that is one gorgoues HC. So much red. Mike and I have the same taste in plants..
Is it as red this year?

Paul, don't CC is so very pretty. In this pic it looks Salmon with red edging.

You people are BAD influences! lol. Now I feel like running out and looking for rare color flower, Holiday Cacti.

Moreso, a variegated 'leaf' HC. If the leaves remained variegated.
I think a variegated leaf Holiday Cactus needs different care than green..wonder if if it's sun, humidity, soil or temperature.

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paul_(z5 MI)

I wouldn't worry about the purple blush on your cactus, Linda. It just means that the plant was at the upper end of its light intensity tolerance. That's not a bad thing. If it had actually burned you'd have browned out/scorched marks. You might want to check the roots and media.

Toni: "The CC/TC, 'still can't tell the difference between the two,' flower is a beautiful color."

Ah yes, the "joy" of common names!

Here ya go, Toni ... hope the info at this link makes sense.

Here is a link that might be useful: TC vs CC vs EC -- will the madness never end?!

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Well, my alleged 'yellow' TC's buds opened.
Is there a true yellow? Most seem to have a pink hue. What's with that?

Two pics of Yellow Thankgiving Cactus.

My TC looks orange w/some yellow. Last winter, the same TC had pink, not Toni

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Toni, although it definitely doesn't look yellow to me either, it is a BEAUTIFUL color nonetheless!! It looks closer to orange to me also which I also love! Weird, how the color changes in different years. Must have something to do with the temps when in bud stage?

I had a nice true yellow bloom for me last year...and that TC is close to opening now. I will post it here once it opens and we'll see what color it ends up this year,lol...

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Pug, it is weird. Temps were all over the place this past summer and fall.
Since TC's 'and a few other plants' are left outside until first frost, 'plus all the rain we had,' maybe that's the reason the color changed???

Like you said about yellow TC's..if they grow in warmer temps they should be a truer yellow. If grown in cold temps, well, who knows what color they'll be??? lol

To be honest, although I'd love a true yellow TC, I'm happy they bloomed.

Remember I ordered cuttings a year or two back?
They still haven't bloomed.

Do you or anyone here know the length of time it takes TC to bloom from cuttings? Toni

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I must say that Pug has the most yellowish TC I have ever seen and she is doing a darn good job at growing that one! Do you water it often Pug and what is it planted in that it can stand the rains of Florida!?

Hey Toni: Yours looks like it is ORANGE and that in itself is very unusual. I just love it and I thing you have a beauty their. Great job!

Paul: The madness will never You should of seen me trying to scope out unusual CC and or TC 's all They only had the regular as

Hey Brad! Still working on the Hoya pics. I will get the posted soon, I hope!

Toni: It's not that tall. But the more warmth they get, the more yellow they get. Heat makes them yellow.
By the way, why do they say WHITE CC when I always see a hint if pink in them? lol I have yet to see a PURE white flowering one.

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I love these plants, they're so beautiful and unique looking. I'm a new house plant lover/collector (I've only been collecting for the past 2-3 months and already have about 50 house plants lol). I bought a small one to see if I can even keep it alive before buying more/bigger CC. I would love to collect every color!!! Mine is already blooming, so I guess I must be doing something right. I've been taking care to water it right, give it plenty of light and not moving it, as I heard that can make the blooms drop....I haven't repotted it yet, it's still in it's original pot it came in sitting in a nicer pot. But seeing all these pics of everyone's CC makes me wanna go out and buy more CC, especially the white one. I have an addiction problem to house plants, there should be a warning!!! lol.

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Howdy All,

Mike. The tag is still insert in the soil. It even says YELLOW. lol. Most of my TC tags fell to the ground when outside, but yellow and white were in a different location.

Why do I say white? That's the color TC and CC's are labeled. I don't know if there's a true white or yellow, without a hint of a second color, but somewhere, some time, some lucky soul had a true yellow and/or white TC/CC. :) Toni

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks Mike! I thought yours that you posted on the C&S forum looks like a true yellow as well.

Mine finally opened yesterday...

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Congrats on all the blooms everyone! For those of you wondering about a true white TC, I just got this one and the first two blooms turned out to be more pink than these guys (you can see the pink ones in the second picture). Last is my big red TC that I got from the same store as the pink and white TC two years ago. Oh and Toni, I still have buds on some of those cuttings you sent me :).

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Have a safe and wonderful day!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Nancy, Wow, your TC blooms really are YELLOW!!!!! Great job!

When you have time, please explain how you performed this miracle.. :)

Brad, that's great. Have any buds opened yet? I'm interested in learning their colors. lol.
Remember me telling you the tags fell from the TC's? When mine opened, I was just as surprised as you are/will be. lol.

Anyone know if dead-heading TC/CC/EC will promote more buds? Toni

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Hi Toni,

No buds on the cuttings have opened yet but they are going to bloom sometime :). I cannot wait to see the colors!

Hi Mike! I saw your Hoya pictures on your other thread. They're gorgeous! All of your plants are!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Your cactus is soooo yellow. Mine as well started a pale yellow ,I have it hanging in a southern window.maybe it got too cool for it since the blooms are pink at the throat and pale yellow on the ends.It is pretty .wish I could post a picture,I am on a iPad and have no idea how.
Be Thankful everyone.

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Brad...did the cuttings have buds when I sent them? I don't recall seeing any, but I was so nervous trying to select decent cuttings, my mind was

Last night I had to go to the store to buy sweet potatoes. We're having Thanksgiving dinner at my sisters; I'm in charge of Yams/Sweet Potatoes..Whatever the difference is.

Anyway, before coming home, I decided to stop at four stores in seach of a variegated TC/CC. lol.
Usually, TC's are availabe before Thanksgiving, but turns out, 3 out of 4 stores haven't ordered them yet.
Only Jewel's, our grocery store had a few, all the same color, and no variegated.

I spoke to one manager, (hardware store) asking if they ever have variegated TC's. She never heard of variegated, but suggested I phone the woman in charge of ordering, Friday.
I don't expect a variegated to suddenly appear, but one never knows. It's worth a try.

Cream and white are very pretty, but yellow and green are the best.. Toni

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I don't think they did have buds on them when you sent them to me. The Easter Cactus cuttings don't have buds on them nor do the other kinds of cacti (but they don't flower at this time of year anyway). The one I know is going to bloom and it looks like it's going to be the hot pink/magenta color. We'll see though when the time comes.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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