Phyllis the arrowhead is up to no good again

tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)October 3, 2012

So this morning I am checking the plants for watering since it has been about 3 days since the repot in the 5:1:1.

The arrowhead has 3 leaves yellowing and one on the way. All these leaves are on the bottom of the plants. There are only about 11 leaves right now on the plant. I dont get it. It has new growth and whats looks like a new stemy thing coming from the one leaf. She has been my problem child ever since I obtained these plants.

What should I think? What should I do? I gave her some water today...

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Take a deep breath & put yourself on plant time. Plants do things in their own way at THEIR chosen speed, so it's better to accept the fact that plant time is different than people time to help avoid the frustration that accompanies our viewing them as indolent. ;-) Too, after you have a few repots under your belt, you'll come to know what to expect. There is a recovery period after repotting. How long it lasts depends on the plant type, the plant's state of vitality, how extensive the root work is, when you repot, and the conditions you supply after repotting. During the recovery, it's not unusual for the plant to pout a little. Repotting when the plant is most actively growing (early summer) reduces the plant's notable response to the repot & helps smooth out the bumps.

Trust that a good soil, favorable light, and a nutritional supplementation program that is well-tested is going to yield positive results, even if not today. The plant will come around and make you glad for your efforts, it just takes a little time.

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

I know. I just dont get why these leaves keep yellowing. I had sparatic yellowing leaves before I changed the soil. This time I have 4 at once, so she is freaking me out.

Also, I tried to read and re-read several of your threads on fertilization and woah. This is ALL too technical and I am not at all interested in getting THAT deep into plant care. All that information will make me not interested in this anymore. I am confident I am understanding the soil and how bagged soil is no good and so and so forth. All I want now is to feed them what they need on whatever schedule they want or need. How can I do this, simply. ;)

I just want to be your basic house plant grower with alot of good knowledge on how I can help them get to their best potential.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Being a "basic house plant grower with a lot of good knowledge" requires that you acquire that knowledge somewhere along the way. Gaining it by experience is not even a reasonably good way to get to that goal efficiently. The best way is normally studying or research, but for you, asking very specific questions of those people whose answers you trust might be more comfortable. The problem with that is, 10 different opinions at this point aren't going to help you much. You can determine what you think is your best way to learn - maybe a little of each?

No one can give you anything other than a SWAG about how you should go about fertilizing unless they know the soil you're using and your watering habits. Those 2 factors have the greatest impact on how often and at what strength you can/should fertilize. If you only want to know WHAT to do for now, without really understanding the WHY of it, I can help with that after we figure out how you're watering and exactly what you did at repot time. What say ye?

BTW s/a = smart Alec or another common phrase very similar. ;-)


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Tiff, not ALL bagged potting mixes are terrible.

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