South Window Hanging Plants

jamiedolan(4/5)October 28, 2010


What hanging plants will be okay directly in front of my south window?

I have Pothos Phil, and Hoya to the side, but have about 3 spots that hang in direct light from the south window. I just put in new hooks and hung some Pothos up there, but I suspect they are going to get fried. I put a Hoya up also, not sure if it will tolerate it.



Here is a link that might be useful: Haning Plants

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I'm in Zone 5 in the mountains of PA and hang 2 epiphyllums (orchid cactus) in my south window. I also have hoya lacunosa in the same spot. I'm not sure about other hoyas...I have them all in the east. If this one gets a bit of sun here it blooms most of the year. No curtains, directly in front of the window, all have been very happy there for the last 2 or 3 years. I probably wouldn't grow any of them in a south window if I was in a warmer climate but they seem to really appreciate it here especially during fall, winter and spring.

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Is HOYA LACUNOSA a very common Hoya? I only find a couple o them on ebay, but it looks kind of like a Hoya I saw at Home Depot in a hanging basket. I read in a description that it does like some direct sun, and all the other Hoya's I have read about say indirect / filtered.

I don't know if I have ever seen a orchid cactus around here. I will have to look for it. Is it a plant you found retail?


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Yes, I found my lacunosa at either Lowes or Home Depot, found all of my hoyas there. They both actually carry quite a few varieties. pirate_girl has very generously made up a list of Exotic Angel Hoyas with corrected names. I have personally found it very helpful :)

People have been very helpful to me here if I've posted a picture of a hoya I'm not sure of and asked it to be identified.

I have epiphyllum oxypetalum which is also called night blooming orchid cactus. I found it at Lowes 2 or 3 years ago. I've seen a few there but rarely. There are also day blooming epiphyllum hybrids, which I have never found or even seen locally, ever, in what I think are thousands of colors and are gorgeous. I was considering getting cuttings myself and have been recommended (has a link to ebay store), and ebay in general. Lots of sellers are recommended and listed at which is a free forum you do have to join to read. I purchased epiphyllum hybrid seed off of ebay instead which I just planted and have a high germination rate - there will be a long wait for blooms with seed tho but I'm excited because who knows what I'll get! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: PG's List of EA Hoyas (with Corrected Names)

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Thank You.

I hope they get more in at HD or Lowes. Lowes currently has no Hoya and HD just has Ruby Sue.

I bet in the next couple weeks I will see more in the stores. I will look for the epiphyllum and read more about them on the sites you mentioned. Thanks.

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Ruby Sue is a lacunosa, just a specific variety. It has reddish colored leaves in bright light. Royal Flush is also a variety of lacunosa, similar to Ruby Sue but with speckled leaves. Lacunosas are generally easy to bloom, and the blooms smell good.

I actually have almost all my hoyas in my south window. Ceropegia woodii (rosary vine or string of hearts) is also quite happy in a south window; mine bloomed all the time when it was right up against the glass. My pothos is in my south window too, but off to the side. It's gotten huge there. I don't notice any burning, but it is sharing that window with a lot of other plants which are doing a bit of shading. I also have a sheer mesh curtain up, which blocks very little light but diffuses it somewhat. The only things I have burned at all in that window are a couple African violets, but most of the African violets have also been fine in that window, and bloom quite well.

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I put Rubra "Krimson Princess" right up by the south window for now, I will see how they do. Once I get ruby sue, I will put that by the window and move a "Krimson Princess" back a bit.
I've had some African Violets sitting in my south window recently, and they seem to do just fine, they dry out quickly though.



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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hey Jamie,

Pls. be careful putting a Hoya like Lacunosa directly up against the window, it may burn. I'm not sure they like direct sun (mine doesn't seem to).

Also, I sometimes buy plant at a Home Depot in NYC, who advised when asked, that they'll only buy Hoyas in early Springtime (around March here). The first one I found here was the Speckled Lacunosa which I had to leave behind due to a slight snow storm. Went back for it the following Monday, but unfortunately lost it anyway (due to their bizarre mixes).

Hi Angeleyed Cat,

Tho' it's been a couple of years since I did it, I'm pleased to hear you found my Corrected List of EA named Hoyas helpful, thanks for saying so. Folks were kind enough to add & update it as they found other EA Hoyas. Yea, I was initially trying to avoid buying duplicates myself, which is why I made the list. Glad to see it was worthwhile for others as well.

(PG) Karen

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Thanks Karen, I will watch them, and may move them and put one of my spider plants into a basket and put it in that window.


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