How to make rusty?

dixiesmom(Austin,TX z8a)May 4, 2007

Other than painting something to look like it's rusty, anyone know a method to actually make metal rust faster? I read somewhere to soak stuff in vinegar, but that didn't work. Asked someone in the paint dept at Lowes and they looked at me like I'd lost my mind. They said to use paint stripper, to strip off any coating, maybe that would work. I know it probably depends on the type of metal, stainless steal prob won't rust at all. But what about something like galvanized buckets? Any ideas out there?

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I think it has to have some iron in it to rust. I know things rust faster with salt, have you tried regular salt water?
Hope you'll post whatever works. I'm interested too. ~Anj

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Galvanized doesn't rust well, but you can turn it rust colored, by using nails, screw, nuts and bolts that rust. Put them in the pail with saltwater, vinegar etc, and let them set. Be sure to keep the item full of water. To do the outside you would have to have a larger container, and set the galvanized item in it, also with the rusty nails etc. Does that make sense? I know what I am talking about but doyou-LOL

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I use a "Rusting Solution" on my jingle bells. One bottle of drug store peroxide, 1/4 C. of Vinegar, 2 Tablespoons of salt. Soak in OPEN plastic or glass container outside of your house until desired color is achieved. I think it stinks. Spray with matte finish. While wet toss with pumpkin pie spice. Let dry completely and then brush excess off with soft brush. Since the ingredients are inexpensive I toss whatever is leftover.

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DixiesMom - I sent you a private email (it might be in your spam folder).


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PH4567 - do you use your rust method for galvanized metal/tin (I have jingle bells that have the gold protective finish on them that I want to rust) or are the bells you are using ready to rust?


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Sal - The bells I usually do are silver in color, not sure what they are made of. I would guess it would would with the gold ones. It might just take more time because it would have to eat through the gold finish first. I will try some tonight after supper. Let you know...

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Thanks for getting back to me PH - I would think the silver ones are just like the gold ones, a silver finish so they don't rust. I'll try the gold ones myself today. Heck, can't hurt to try, right.


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whskyfan(Z9 Central Ca.)

Ammonium Sulphate fertilizer will rust just about anything.

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This is what I found...Gold ones and silver ones rust about the same. The green and red ones took forever to rust and I still don't really like the way they look.
Sal - How did your experiment work out? Did it rust them like you wanted? Hope I helped.

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galcho(z8 Northwest)

What is "Spray with matte finish"?

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Just use rust colored spray paint - instant rust!


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Galcho, I think she means that after you have the item as rusty as you want it, spray it with a clear spray paint, and while it is still wet sprinkle it with the pumpkin pie spice....or you can just sprinkle it with cinnamon.. to get the rusty look.
To me the rust colored spray paint that I have, is to much like 'terra cotta', but by adding cinnamon to it, it would be more 'rusty'.

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Yeah, nonacook said exactly what I meant :)

Galcho, there is high gloss clear, semi gloss clear and matte clear spray finish. I just like the matte because it keeps the rust from rubbing off and isn't shiny.

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I've had great luck using very heavily salted water. I just use a spray bottle and leave the item out in the sun. I spray it several times until it achieves the look I want.

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