African Violets and Goldfish plants

LaneyBugg7(4)October 4, 2013

Hi I have never taken care of any plants before but i started feeling like my apartment really needed some! So i bought 2 african violets and 1 goldfish plant since they are safe for cats :) I do not know anything about plants and the internet always has contradicting advice, so any plant care advice for these plants would be great! One thing I am curious about is that my african violets and goldfish plant came in 4" pots, should i repot them to bigger ones right away or do it wait?

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Pop out each plant gently and see if the roots are crowded. Very likely that they will be. If they are, generally repotting is a good idea. Although now that we are going into the winter and plants slow down their growth, it s not the best time to do that, as they may have a hard time recovering. As a compromise, you can put a root-bound plant into a 5' or 6' pot (no bigger) and simply fill the sides with new potting mix. Then in the spring or summer, you can do a full repot, with teasing and pruning the roots.

African violets like special self-watering pots. If you get them into those, they'll be happier.

Good luck with your new plants!

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Laney...There's an AV and Gesneriad forum here on GW.

I agree with Greentoe about holding off repotting.

Actually, AV's prefer being a little root-bound..Tight roots promotes flowers.

AV's need bright light, especially during winter. All but a north window is sufficient.
Especially since you're in MN.

They like humidity..soil needs to dry a little between waterings, otherwise they rot.

I water my violets by adding water in the saucer.. When they're fertilized, it's done via soil.
Saucers are deep..this way water doesn't over-flow.

Hope this helped..Toni

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