Gone but not forgotten

marquest(z5 PA)October 16, 2011

This is Toni and Mike fault. I was looking for the purple leaf TC in bloom and saw the pics of plants I have killed. LOL So How about a go down memory lane post. Can you give me some pics of Gone but not forgotten plants. If you do not have a pic tell me about it and how do you think you killed it or was it a mystery death.

This may help some people that think they cannot grow plants and everybody that grow plants never kill a plant. Lets be their support group, and let them know they are not alone.

Fushia lived 2 years....Flowered every Fall Winter then just dried up and died. Cause of death no water in the heat of the summer.

All I remember is her name was Dottie something. Every winter she would die and then the next summer she would come back this year Nothing! Cause of death under watered.

I only have one of these begonias left. They lived 5 years. This year only one survived my neglect.

Last but not least. This is a combo of houseplants that I put together every year. I have killed everyone in the combo and had to buy some after one year some after 2 years. Caladiums (sp)? are usually easy for me but this white one seems to not come back.

Cause of death unknown.

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I'm just a straight-up cold killer. A veritable plant assassin. With a high recidivism rate.

Jasmine: uncountable numbers over the years
Cause: underwatering, cold.

Ivy: a few
Cause: who the heck knows - it can't be killed outdoors!?

Jade: 1 very special plant from my Mom, that she'd had since before I was born (20+ years at the time).
Cause: overwatering

Hoya, contorted: another old plant from my Mom
Cause: mealy

Cyclamen: Many, although the most recent one is currently re-blooming - a coup!
Cause: underwatering probably.

Palms: a few
Cause: spider mites? cold? underwatering? Probably all 3.

Rex Begonias: I know I am in good company here.
Cause: what won't kill them?! They should come with a warning tag. Or a background check.

Citrus: a twin grapefruit that grew for 10 years from a seed sprouting in my breakfast - it really was a twin! 2 primary roots & 2 cotyledons from the same seed - it was the weirdest thing.
Cause: cold & underwatering

Avocados: many; they never thrived for long. The most current & longest surviving (2 yrs!) may not have survived a repot this summer - the soft growing tip & every leaf dried up, so I cut them off. The trunk is still green, but nothing else is happening...

Oxsalis: Adding to the guilt is the fact was a gift from someone who had loved it for a long time
Cause: underwatering
Recidivism: I found some randomly growing in the veg plots this summer & potted it up for inside...

All the plants that came in the basket arrangements I received when my husband died: African violets, kalanchoe, little palms, ivy... you know the types of plants... And all the plants that came in the basket arrangements a friend received when her father died & I adopted & promised to give a good life to.
Cause: probably cold, underwatering.

Wow, I think I may need a cocktail to drown my past regrets & it's not even 9 am!!
What I should really be doing is writing my paper on PNW temperate forest canopy composition... the guilt just doesn't stop does it?


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Marquest: Your "Dottie" plant is a Calathea. They wouldn't survive underwatering as they really like to be kept evenly moist.

As to what plants I've killed over the years, the better question probably should be "what plants HAVEN'T I killed over the years?" There have been too many to count. What I usually do is that if I've bought something just to see and it doesn't do well or I don't particularly like it, I write that plant off and just forget about it. However, if it's something I really, REALLY love and want to grow, I'm a bear for punishment. I've been known to buy the same plant over and over, till I get it right (or die trying). Currently, that project is stephanotis. I've killed three of them. Trying one more time. I have the plant in 5:1:1 mix and am basically treating it like a succulent. So far, so good, but I have the whole rest of the fall and winter to kill it, so ask me again in spring. ;)

I'm also been trying to figure out Al's gritty mix and have not been having too good a time of it. Nearly everything I've put into gritty has either done poorly or immediately threw up its hands and died. Obviously, it's not the mix; it's me. But I'm having the devil of a time trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Maybe I'm just plain dense? Well, that's the winter project for this year anyway.


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Oh Marquest, now you are really pushing it.lol

Hum, let me think.

I have killed a Hoya that was over 20 years old because no one wanted it and it was too big for my house! I threw it into the trash but did carry on its legacy by rooting some clippings.

I left my palm tree outside last fall by accident because I had so many to bring in that I forgot about it until I shoveled it in the first snow storm.

I accidently left my plant room door open and, well let's just say I have a very inquisitive cat that likes to play with things! I lost a few plants that day.

I did spray an oily pesticide all over one of my jades a while back and burnt the heck out of it.

I did underwater one of my favorite gardenias last fall and lost that too.

I have had a raccoon carry of my Camelia plant to repot it into the doorway of his entrance! It actually grew huge until a squashed it.

I did leave one of plumeria on the roof top last fall just for it to be carried off by a huge gust of wind into my neighbors yard to be broken in two.

I grew the biggest grapefruits one year when a thunderstorm rolled in and knocked the whole plant over forcing all but one to roll down the street and get squashed by cars. I saw them rolling down the street.

I once tried to grow a very expensive clivia seedling on a heating matt in my cellar when I totally forgot about it for weeks! It burnt to a crisp.

Ok, that's it for now.

Mike:-( :-)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Oh wow, I could write a whole book to answer this question, but for now, I'll just say that the more expensive a plant is, the shorter its' expected life span. And plants that I had to drive 2+ hours to get are definitely doomed.

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