Why are my spider plants sending out so many roots??

americangolden(ZONE 5B)October 26, 2012

I noticed this morning that after bringing my spider plant in from outside all summer that the spider babies are sending out tons of white roots. Just curious why this is happening now, and didn't take place outside? Lastly, will the roots die or fall off if I dont do anything?

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americangolden(ZONE 5B)

Close up 1

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americangolden(ZONE 5B)

Close up 2

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The roots appearing on the babies are normal. Sort of an insurance in case they get broken off, they'd land somewhere and already have a root system to just jump up and go (at least that's my guess... but I do know the roots are normal). Nothing to worry about, they will always have the roots, you don't need to remove them or anything, they'll stay plump and happy. Makes it easy if you ever do decide to pot one though.


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AG...Gorgeous Chlorophytum/Spider.

Your off-shoots want to cling to something..Soil..

My Spider babies root, but can't recall roots as white as yours. Your Spider is a happy plant..Toni

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wow-- mine did the same thing! started shoots all over the place when I brought her in! I heard on here from someone I can't remember who now, said that Fall was when they go into growth mode? So maybe that's it.

I can't tell you about the roots falling/dying off, mine never did, just got bigger on the mother plant til I potted them, so IDK what will happen if just left,(was a "had to" situation) but this time I am going to find out! I don't need any new Spider plants! plus, I would love to see it with a lot of babies just hanging.

My Bonnie Spider is larger than yours, and the new shoots are not nearly as long, (maybe because it is a different kind of Spider? maybe?) But it is very intresting to see other types of the same "family" of plants~~ I think anyway.

Yours is very nice looking btw~ :)Love all the little babies she has!

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americangolden(ZONE 5B)

Thanks everyone for the quick replies and information. This helps me out, glad to know that the roots will stay if I decide to make another plant.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Wow, another all green chloro, not seen one over here!

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nightbloomincereus 7A noVA(7a Northern VA)

Looks prety normal. Happy propagation. :-)

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

greenlarry, I have an all green spider plant but I don't know the original source. I just liberated a baby from an ailing one at work. The leaves are less stumpy and more arching than the one in the OP's photo. I also have the reverse one with green centre and white edges which was another liberated baby, this time from a B & B in Devon.

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