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lonegreywolf20October 10, 2010

About a month and a half ago when I was purchasing my Pygmy Date Palm from a local tree nursery I had asked if I could talk a small clipping from a beautiful Pothos in their office. I was given permission to do so, so I took about 7 inches w/ 2 leaves and one that was still curled up and looking like it was ready to open up.

That same day I put it into a small pot of general purpose Earthgro potting soil. I have watered every other day or so as the soil dries out. The soil seems to dry out pretty quickly in our apartment.

Over the past few weeks the only thing that it has done is to curl up the two leaves and the the completely curled up one is still curled up. It really doesn't look all that great.

Is there anything I can to help it along? Is it doing ok considering me clipping it and then planting it?

I can also tell you that it wasn't this droopy when I planted it.

Here are some pictures for reference:

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Did the cutting of Epipremnum aureum have roots growing from the nodes? If not, or if not well formed, take it out of the soil and put it in a glass of clean water until you can see well formed roots. Make sure the nodes are in the water.

We have a specimen that is almost 16 feet tall in our atrium and we have to constantly cut the runners off that form into the adjacent pond and throw them away.


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