Where do SPIDERS go?

birdsnbloomsOctober 27, 2012

This question is very important...well, to me. :)

When plants are brought indoors in autumn, or when temps are above 50F, every so often a spider or insect will hide between foliage, usually weaving a web as an indication of their presence.

I notice, plants hauled indoors after being outside in temps 40F or lower, are w/o insects..Or are they?

Where do spiders go when temps drop? Do they dig and hide under soil or exit a plant and go elsewhere?

What about house plant insects? If an indoor plant had mites, mealy or scale when brought outside in spring, then left out in the cold, will they die?


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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Well as an arachnophile its a topic that interests me. I wonder where they go too. I know a lot of house spiders, when evicted (never killed please!) they find their way back in, usually up a draon pipe or air vent.

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Larry, but do spiders that make a home on a plant/s in summer, move on or hide inside soil??

I don't care where they go as long as they don't hitch-hike inside my plants.

It's ironic spiders make webs during summer, they either hide or find a different place to reside during winter.

Especially large, black, thick-legged/bodies types.

Are you asking me not to kill spiders? lol.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Spiders dont live in soil. Some make webs underground in burrows but most spiders you would find indoors, in england at least, are teresstrial, webbing above ground, in buildings, trees, sheds etc.

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Larry, that's good to know. I only hope US spiders feel the same, stay above soil, in view, where I can see them..lol.

When webs are on a plant, I reach for an 18" stake, attempt pushing the webs out..if a spider happens to nest between leaves, I'll toss it out w/the stick..lol..

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Last I heard Toni.. up the waterspout. :-)


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Hey Charlie..long time no see..

but down came the rain and washed the spider OUT! Hopefully, far out! lol

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

If you are submerging your pots, any spiders in there would come out or drown.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Hopefully come out!

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Spiders are good to have around the place, helps keep everything in balance. A lot of them winter over in egg form, the adults die. Their life cycle is very short by our standards. Even here many tend to disappear during the dry (winter) season. The majority of insects are geared to wet season conditions, so that's when spiders have best 'supplies' of food.

I have a large orb spider in my garden during the wet season. Sometimes called bird eating spiders because their webs are strong enough to catch small birds. The strong webs are good in a way. Now and again you walk into them and have your face in the web with an almost hand sized spider perched over your nose. If you just back off the the web is strong enough that it doesn't break up. It just comes away without leaving anything on your face. Better than those small flimsy ones that break up all over you, and are difficult to get all the sticky bits off.

I like them. Go the spiders!

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

Thanks larry and tropicbreeze for standin up for the spiders!

I bring in with the plants on purpose, the mantids too!

If you cant cope you better stay off my porch, i dont warn people tho, its too much fun

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I don't mind the spiders in our apartment, although once they get "too big," they go back outside (I don't kill them!). I have a couple outdoors that I leave alone too (when I sweep), one makes it's web with part of my potted hosta.


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Well my area has alot of Hobo spiders (bites are just like recluse, but we dont have recluses in our area, so the hobo is our recluse), ALOT of yellow sack spiders (that have really nasty bites also) and black widows (we know they have nasty bites), and those three are the ones I will get rid of, I have no mercy for them. Usually I will catch the black widow in a jar and relocate it to the huge empty field next to my place since they're not aggressive spiders. Actually I never find widows inside but they do nest around my plant's pots outside so I have to be careful when moving the pots.

But the hobo spider, which can get way too big for comfort, I'll poison the heck out of (I'll find some really big ones in and around my plants outside in the summer). I have to worry about their bites cause I have kids and small dogs and I dont want them getting bit. Also yellow sack spiders, which are everywhere inside, I'll vacume them up. I've heard that they can give some nasty bites also (the kind that eat away at the skin and leave big nasty sores).

But alot of times I find very, very, itty bitty spiders in my plants, I'll leave them alone for the time being. But those are really the only ones I've found so far.

I dont hate spiders, I think they're awesome creatures keeping the insect population under control (I even really like the ones that are very unique looking, like some of the orb spiders), but I just dont want them in my home where I risk having them bite me or my loved ones. So it's a love-hate relationship between me and spiders lol.


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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

I know a guy has black widows as "pets" in his house. No tank, just a piece of driftwood glued to the wall.

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Morning All,

OMG...after reading everyone's posts, I now have goose bumps. Great way to start the day.

You gals/guys are putting me on, right??? Your responses are Halloween-prank-posts...lol

Spiders in a home? Plants? PETS?????

Purple..yep, my plants are submerged and spiders climb up..once I see a creepy-crawler it's either washed down the drain or thick-legged/body types are crunched w/the fly swatter..Thick-bodied spiders won't fit between the metal piece in the drain. They're the worse!

Large pots are too big for our sink, so they're not submerged. However, before bringing them indoors, I run a hose/flush the soil.

Grabme...I have no problems w/Mantids, but thanks for the SPIDER warning..Guess I'll never drop by your house to check out your plants. I'd rather deal with a Guard Dog...lol

FPT..You're in z6, and have quite a few poisonous spiders..I don't know much about spiders, only that I detest and fear them. lol. Never heard of types you mentioned..Hobo Spiders? Yellow Sack?

In IL, we have Black Widows and Recluse.
I've only seen a BW once, when I worked at a plant store..She/he/it weaved a web on the side of the building.

I believe there 'was' a Recluse living in our house, behind the stove, where the gas pipe enters the wall. At least I think it was a Recluse, definately shaped like one. I can't spray w/chemicals because we have birds, so I Vinegar'd it to death. The last time I saw a Recluse.

A good friend went camping in SW IL, ended up getting bit by a Recluse. The sore was awful! At first, it looked like someone placed the tip of a lit cigar on her leg. The sore spread..it took 5 different antibiotics before healing.

Tropic...I don't mind spiders OUTSIDE, won't go out of my way to kill them...but I certainly don't want them in our home. Crawling on us while sleeping. Or awake.

Spiders trap then devour ladybugs, crickets, and other insects I like. You mention a bird eating spider. I LOVE birds, couldn't stand the sight of a spider eating a bird... That spider would be history..Gross.

Go the Spiders..yes, I agree...go far away..lol

Larry, doesn't your friend fear he'll get bit by a black widow??? I thought they were extremely poisonous???
Even if they're not, I can't see keeping a spider as a pet. I'll stick w/dogs, cats, and birds..lol.

Rubber spiders as Halloween decorations are fine, but that's where I draw the line. lol. Toni

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

yea, i dont buy the whole spiders are so bad in the house, for several reasons, tho i do toss em on the back porch when i find em.

i was in so cal for a short while, if we saw a spider, it was a black widow. i counted 30 in the garage one day. Guess what, no one there even payed attention, i asked locals they all said they wont bug except for the few who didnt realize they were widows, some of them freaked out. Ive never encountered a hobo spider before, i feel like there some hype there tho, in europe where they are native, bites are rare and never necrotic, in the US some people dispute this.

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Grabme, I found one 'web' site, pun intended w/photos, descriptions and general info of various spiders.

The only spider mentioned as agressive is Recluse. Most likely, the majority do not bite unless provoked.

I guess when people are around insects, wild-life, etc, 'something we're not used to seeing,' they're less fearful and ignore whatever.
Like you said, you counted 30 BW's, while locals ignored them. lol.
I'd run out of that garage so fast, the locals would have assumed I vanished. lol.

Grabme..bites and poison aren't the only problem, not even the number one reason I dislike spiders.

I believe most people have some type of phobia..it could be simple, something most would laugh at, or so serious to the point of a major anxiety attack.

When I bring plants inside, my heart starts racing, sensing I'm going to come across a spider or earwig..EW's are pretty disgusting, too.

I envy you all who don't fear spiders/bugs. Seriously. Especially since I have plants that are summered outdoors.
It's inevitable some type of bug/spider will be carried inside, near my body while carrying plants..uggg! if the 'thing' crawled on me...my plants would go flying everywhichway. lol.

So, yes, I admit I am Arachnophobic. Starting from child-hood to adult.
Thanks to my mother..if the tiniest moth go in the house, it didn't last long. All bugs were instantly killed..not to mention hysterics.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Tonight, yes widows are dangerous, but its his life! Crazy if you ask me- tho theyre nowhere near as bad as a recluse spider.
And its venomous not poisonous...

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I think most of them in this area die over the winter but their egg cases survive and hatch in the spring. I don't mind spiders in the house as long as they aren't visible when we have company. lol I don't kill spiders and actually welcome them, especially in the greenhouse and garage where I over winter plants. They cut down on the number of unwanted pests. The only spider I would kill if I came across it is the Brown Recluse.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Thumbs up for Karyn. Or as facebook would say, Like! I3

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I have a pretty well established population (2-3 dozen at least) of Orb Weavers in my plant room. My roommates don't understand why I let them stay, but I see them more as a blessing than a curse. For one thing, they're not bothering anybody! They just hang out in the windowsills, in corners by the ceiling and often in the foliage of the plants on the highest shelves. Also, since they've settled in here I have had ZERO issues with fungus gnats, which were a huge nuisance before the spiders came along. Also, I find their webs quite beautiful! :)

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Hobo spiders have two different types of bites, wet and dry bits. Wet bites are when they inject venom, which they rarely use when biting humans and dry bites when they inject nothing, just pinch you...but in the rare cases that they do give a wet bite, they look just like the recluse spider bites, which are really nasty and can take up to a year to heal if you get bitten on a fatty part of your body (thigh, stomach).

And hobo spiders can get HUGE!! especially the females (the males have things on their feelers that look like boxing gloves and are lighter in color, while the females dont have these 'boxing gloves' and are very dark and much bigger, but I have seen some big males also), and they're very aggressive!!! I've had them jump on me and once even had one get on it's back legs looking like it was getting ready to fight me lol.

This last summer I had one very big hobo spider in between my flower pots and back wall outside that just wouldn't die...I sprayed the heck out of it with spider poison and I went back outside 5 hours later and it was still moving..

BUT...I have once read that most people that think they've got bitten by a spider like the recluse and hobo are actually just suffering from MRSA infections (something like 90% of people), cause they look EXACTLY alike..so unless the person actually sees the spider bite them, the chances of having an actual spider bite is very rare.

Also, just to creep everyone out, heres a story that happened not too long ago that a friend told me that happened to her....one neight she was sitting in the livingroom with her 1 year old daughter that was asleep in her arms, and she looked down at her daughter and saw a HUGE black spider crawl out of her daughter's mouth....she said it took her a moment to react, but them she started screaming and freaked her daughter out trying to get it off of her daughter's face.....uhgg...makes me never wanna sleep again...


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I can't stand spiders. It doesn't bother me if they're outside, but they better stay away from me indoors. :) Every so often I'll see a spider in the house - and if it stays to a room/corner I don't go - it can stay there - but if it goes near my closet (don't like thought of spiders in my clothes) ... - or anywhere where it's over-head - i'll kill it.

Never learned any of their names, other than daddy longlegs and black widow. all these other critters y'all mentioned... I'm gonna have to look em up to know if I've seen them before.

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Larry, widows are dangrous tonight? Not tomorrow? lol
Thanks for the correction..but all the same,....if they bite and someone gets extremely sick or dies, they're poisonous, however I realize venemous is the correct term.

Karen, lol..rid the spiders when company comes for a visit..Don't blame you..unless you want them to think you're related to the Munsters..lol.
Spiders can move in the garage..I rarely go out there..

GTF..."They're not bothering anybody." They're bothering me, :)
A spider dare not near my indoor plants.. I spray vinegar regularly..Vinegar kills spiders..No gnats on my plants..
Gnats attack when soil is kept too wet. Thankfully, my plants never have gnats.

FPT. I Googled Hobo Spiders..They ARE gross. Most are brown, but there's a black and red Hobo too..at least one pic looks red.

Wet or dry bites, I don't want either. lol. Heck, I can do w/o ever 'seeing' a spider.

Are Hobo's known to eat plant bugs? Or just people. lol.

FPT, what a creepy story..A spider crawling on a baby!!! In her mouth yet!
As fearful as I am of spiders, if something like that happened to my child, I'd have to knock it off his/her skin with my bare hand. No time to look for a swatter or glove. Well, swatting a child isn't a good idea anyway. :)

FPT, I don't know what MRSA is??? What does it mean?

While we sleep, any insect/spider can crawl on our bodies. I sometimes wake w/bites...haven't the faintest idea what bit me.

There was a myth? Earwigs crawled inside people's ears when asleep, enter the brain until a person went insane, but they now say it's an untruth.

Well, some people like blue, others red..it's a matter of opinion. Toni

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Any spider questions are welcome at www.gardenofireland.com where my son Sam is a bit of an expert. I'm so lucky, he checks everything for me and doesn't mind bringing even the monstrous ones outside.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Toni....if you tell me that you even SORT OF believe that silly crap about the earwig, I'll lose all of my hope for you, lol!

And because I know that you're kidding, I'll give you a little Halloween present....this video isn't the full episode as it appeared...but it captures the meaningful moments. Watch it until the end.

Here is a link that might be useful: Happy Halloween!!

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Hi Marguerite...thanks for the link. I'll have to check it out.
Marg, your son is a hero..lol

Rhizo, NO, I don't believe the story about earwigs..lol..If I did, I'd wear ear plugs to bed..:)

I'll watch the video then report back..

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Rhizo..good old Night Gallery. One of my favorite shows..

Love the ending. 'females lay eggs.' Oh Lord! I guess the conclusion would be worse than being burned to the stake, a rack, etc, if you think about it.

I didn't know YT showed TV shows.

Rhizo, when we lived in Chicago, I never heard of an earwig. It was only after moving to xxxx, an article was written in the neighborhood paper, about earwigs entering the ear canel, then munching on grey matter.

The following week, an exterminator posted an article to dispute the first writer's myth.

Wonder why they're called earwigs..Did people once believe the tale? Usually there's a reason insects/plants, etc have a non-scientific/common name.

Thanks for the video..

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MRSA stands for 'methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus' and it causes these really nasty sores on the skin that looks alot like recluse/hobo spider bites. My daughter once got a strain of MRSA and it spreads really fast and took a long time to heal with antibiotics. The doctor thinks she got it from scratching with her fingernails that somehow got exposed to MRSA....it's scary...

another reason to always wash our hands, like life isnt scary enough already with spiders lol.


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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Well its reckoned that on average we swallow 100 spiders in our lifetime...

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

I love spiders. One year I bring my oleander inside and it had a lawn snake

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Morning and HAPPY HALLOWEEN...

FPT, I'm sorry about your daughter. Hope she's okay now.

Do the doctor's know how she got MRSA in the first place? If it wasn't a spider bite, but due to scratching, how was she exposed to the virus/bacteria?

I hear you..life is scary enough now. Spiders, disasters, war, canes...maybe not in that order. :)

Larry, I've heard people eat 'x' amount of insects/spiders in a lifetime while asleep...from now I'm taping my mouch closed before dreamland. lol

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Teen, sorry, didn't see your response.

Is a lawn snake the same as a garter snake?
If so, I'd prefer the snake to a spider. lol

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

This is a creepy, halloween'ish thread, no doubt.

I used to have nightmares about spiders when I was a kid but have at least gotten to where they don't freak me out outside. And some kinds that just like to spin a web and sit in one spot forever, I don't mind them in the corners of the house. Or the rare daddy longlegs. Black, roaming spiders seriously freak me out though!!! Last time I saw one in here I screamed so loud my throat hurt for days after. It was ON my arm, old nightmare coming true!

Last night I did get out the vacuum. This spider that I've been watching had an egg sack above the kitchen sink and it hatched. Gotta draw the line at hundreds of babies taking up residence in here. Goodbye, Charlotte, and all of the kids! I know where that spider went.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

You guys are cracking me up! The swallowing spiders myth is a persistant one....I 've heard that we eat 30 a year. One version mentions pounds in a lifetime instead of numbers. It's still a myth.

Did you hear that some spiders can deposit their eggs under your skin? The spot will look like a big blister but when it opens, a huge number of baby spiders come running out all over the place.

There's a poisonous spider from South America or maybe India (I forget which) that can only be found hiding under toilet seats. They were accidentally imported into this country on an airliner. Several passengers and the pilot were bitten before the spider was found. Commonly called the butt spider, its numbers are increasing throughout the country. Honest!

Speaking of eating spiders....if you breathe a gravid female into your lungs, the spider finds it a perfect incubation site. After hatching, the spiderlings are expelled by sneezing or coughing. Honest.

We'll talk about cockroaches another time.....talk about creeeeeepy stories!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Are those stats for people living in hammocks in the jungle, snoring with the nasty breath of their unbrushed teeth attracting bugs to their opened mouths? Of course they are. To think anything else would mean the end of sleep for me, and some other people reading this... off to buy a bulk pack of those dust-block face masks anyway... I'd rather talk about roaches (and not euphemise them with the ridiculous paletto bug moniker.)

Dead animal pic
and description below,
not a spider,
but it's halloween,
time to be creepy
although I didn't
kill this animal,
just happened to
come across it,
so don't look or read
the rest of this post if
that will bother you.

Gee, did I mention I saw a bunch of buzzards eating a dead boar, butt-end first? Seems as good of a place as any to bring it up, and I did warn the sensitive not to get involved to this point. It was a creepy sight and reminder of why we bury dead people and critters we loved. When I got close, the buzzards took off. I knew there were wild boars in the area, but this unfortunate guy is the 1st one I've seen.

End of what I have to say, for the only visually squeamish, pic right below.

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Don't forget Eagles lifting and devouring the largest man, and man-eating plants..lol

When I was a kid we had a book about myths. One picture was an eagle carrying a man away.

Another was a 'giant' cactus, 'not a Carnivorous plant,' holding a man..something you'd see on the 3-Stooges. lol

A third pic was a warewolf/wolf man where it originated.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

No those stats are about you and I, not jungle jonnys. And tho it may be a myth it does happen! We all have swallowed something we shouldnt while asleep...how would you know?

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You can get MRSA like we do with other viruses and colds, just from touhing stuff that was exposed to it and not wasing your hands and touching/scratching ourselves. This happened to my daughter about 4-5 years ago, and she healed from it, with no permanent scars. They also say that 1 in 3 people that have surgery in the hospital will get MRSA cause not EVERY little spot in the hospital that we touch gets cleaned...

Also this eating spiders and things is reminding me of that sitcom 'Raising Hope' where the girlfriend sleeps with panty hose over her head cause of spiders...this thread is making me wanna get my pantyhose out tonight lol.


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Purple..a Prophetic dream..or nightmare..
Besides screaming, what did you do after finding THAT spider on your arm? Oh Lord!

Rhizo..wonderful, childrens' bedtime stories, dinner-time tales, hauling plants inside or receiving in the mail.

Spiders released from our pores. Wasn't there a Thriller or One Step Beyond episode about spiders pouring out of a man's body? Oh wait, I remember where I saw it. Ever read the novel, The Religion, or movie made from The Religion called The Believers? About Santeria....

How about alligators crawing up toilets? Supposed to have happened in FL...lol.

FPT. I'm surprised we're not warned about contracting MRSA before surgery..scare the heck out of patients..lol

I'm happy to hear your daughter's scars healed w/o plastic surgery, and no ill-effects afterwards.

What are early MRSA symptoms? Is it similar to bed sores?

Except for a few who don't mind eating bugs/spiders, I think many are ready to get out the pantyhose. lol.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

What did I do!? Obviously I kept screaming and didn't stop until my big strong guy smashed it, as quickly as he could while laughing his butt off! Then I flopped around the room, spinning, hopping, flicking myself all over, shaking my hair, making sure there weren't any more on me, going, "Ewwww Ewww Ewww Ewww Ewwww!" until I tripped over my own feet and fell on the couch. Probably looked like an epileptic break-dancer having a seizure on bad acid. He tells it better, but that's what happened.

Right up there with the time I was cleaning a friend's house, luckily out on a dirt road, and went outside for some fresh air. Standing there, admiring the beauty of the day, felt something on my leg. Standing on ants! I started shrieking, kicking, stomping, trying to tear off my pants before I realized the shoes gotta go first. Just as I kicked my right shoe off, my friend came out to see why I was screaming and it hit him in the head. Kicking off a shoe while your pants are half-down can knock you over, which it did, so as the shoe is hitting him, I'm falling over, writhing and rolling on the ground like a giant caterpillar, trying to get away from my ant-covered pants and their nest. Rubbing his head, he just said, baby I knew you'd go nuts wanting me but had hoped it would be inside. I'm too old for this natural thing. Very funny because he's almost as old as my Dad, and knows that's not gonna ever happen!

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All this talk about eating spiders is making me feel hungry. I might just go check in the fridge. Better still, I'll check behind the fridge.

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In other words you were twisting, contorting, Boogaloo'ing to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?

I feel itch thinking about your experience. Ever walk in a webb? I have. Guess you and I have done the same dance.

Tropic, oh yuck. There goes my appitite. lol

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

I don't think this spider was going anywhere. Saw it yesterday. Pretty sure it's a banded garden spider.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Nice Argiope there!

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Never saw a spider like that before! Wow. Spectacular.

Toni, I hate to say this, but one almost crawled into my ear last night while I was laying down. Is that why you hate spiders, or was it that movie that made them seem almost like human?


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This is one of my favourites, took the photo in my garden the other day.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Tropic, is that one of the crab spiders? His head is to the left?

That banded one I posted yesterday was BIG. The kind you'd not want to step on in the house 'cuz it would make a huge splat mess. Abdomen about the size of a quarter. I didn't spot it until I was finished picking all of the ripe seeds off of that cosmos plant. I could have accidentally touched it, kind of amazing that I didn't. I would still be screaming!

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Wow, you gals and guys in warm climates have some colorful spiders!

Purple, although I'd faint if your spider crawled on me, it is very pretty. :)

Hey Mike!!! No, I hated spiders before spider movies were invented..lol..

I am afraid of a spider, but this guy has been roaming around our back yard the last 2-3 weeks..
At first I was a little fearful, but last night I decided to walk out the door and take pics..5' distance.

He's the largest possum I'd ever seen..the pic doesn't do justice..I think he's, at the minimum, 20-25 pounds..his head is massive. Thick tail, 'for a possum.'
Many here might think, a damn rodent, but he's special..Last night he had casserole and moist dog food for dinner.. lol

Mike, should I pet him???

Tropic, looks more like a crab, but as Purple asked, is he/she/it a Crab Spider???

Purple and Tropic..how large are they? They look big..too big for comfort. Maybe I'm better off staying in IL..lol.

Why are IL spiders so drab? They remind me of downtown Chicago.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Toni, you need to stop feeding the possum. It isn't special....and feeding it does it no favors at all. Possums aren't rodents, but they can become true pests in the urban environment. Once wild animals get used to being fed by humans, they will demand it.

You might not like that behavior and your neighbors sure won't.

About the spiders....you have a lot more of these big, colorful species than you think. Most of those gorgeous, fat argiopes are alive and well in your part of the country. Including that Banded Garden Spider that purple showed us. Is this good news or bad news?

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Rhizo, normally I'd agree, but this guy is huge and has the face of a Panda Bear..lol. He's alone..no family..boo hoo. :)
Possum and raccoons used to knock down trash cans, 'entire town, not only our house,' until the village ordered sturdier cans.

'X' isn't a large city like Chicago..we have deer, fox, raccoons, coyotes, and other wildlife those in a large city rarely if ever sees.

Sorry, I thought possums were rodents..will have to research what they are.

Most neighbors would panic if they saw me feeding a possum lol. We also feed birds and squirrels..
I realize it's wrong feeding Mr. Possum or My Olympia, but I feel sorry for the poor creature.
BTW, feeding squirrels is dh's idea..they're destructive..knock down plants, eat citrus fruit and used to dig bulbs until I added Daffs..

Rhizo..a spider is a spider. A facade of myriad colors but still a spider. lol. Although I admit they're prettier than thick-legged-body, black spiders we see.

Dh and I used to go camping, and hiked in 'forbidden' areas..We've seen weird bugs, but never colorful spiders. If a spider was found in our house, I'd prefer seeing the fancier types, but again, a spider is a spider. :)

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Toni, possums are marsupials , like kangaroo and wombat. Not related just biologically similar.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Lol.......similar in that rodents and marcupials are mammals and have four legs. They could both be categorized as vermin....something capable of causing harm or spreading disease.

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I hadn't checked this thread in a while. This isn't about a spider but Rhizo mentioned something about a spider depositing eggs under the skin. I don't know about a spider but beware of certain flies in tropical areas. I was in Central America and had a strange persistant sore on the top of my foot when I returned home. I finally asked my neighbor who is a dermatologist to take a look. It was a maggot!!! Some type of fly (bot fly?) depositied an egg in my foot. Talk about gross!!!!!!!

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The spider is a Rainbow Spiny Orb Weaver, Gasteracantha westringi, but I collectively refer to all of those as Jewel Spiders. I don't know of any of our spiders being called "Crab Spiders".

About the possums, the correct name for the American ones is Opossum, the Australian ones (and New Guinean ones) are Possums. They're both marsupials, but completely unrelated. When South America got a land bridge across to North America the Opossums moved up northwards. The Australian ones evolved separately.

There's a lot of possum species here. Some species are called Cuscus, others Gliders (because they glide between trees), and there's tiny ones called Pygmy Possums. Something like 70 species all up.

This is one of the local ones that live on my place, Northern Brushtail Possum, Trichosurus arnhemensis.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

I think a lot of spiders are called crab spiders, just a body shape, not a particular type. If the pics come up the same way every time, check out "page 3, 2nd row, left end. Looks like "your" spider described as rainbow crab. As far as spiders go, it's really a good-looking one. Outside.

And what a cute little critter. Probably not as cuddly as it looks...

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Purple, crab spiders are members of one spider family, Thomisidae.
(just like all cacti are in the cactaceae family- its a genetic distinction )

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Larry...thanks. I wouldn't mind a kanagroo in my yard, hopping around with a little one in its pouch..lol.

I never heard of a wombat, so I Googled. They're so cute. Awww..Australia has beautiful wildlife.

Rhizo. I agree about possums, but if you saw this guy, you'd know what I mean. He's the largest possum, ever seen in IL..he should be in the Guinness Book...lol.

If a rat that size, or any size was lurking in our yard, I'd buy a trap/s. Heck, even when mice happen by. They ARE disgusting.
We get mice since we're near Des Plaines River and a creek. I can't hire an exterminator because of the birds, but do place poisons in and outdoors..Shed, garage.

Rhizo, when you think about it, most, if not all wildlife carry disease. Including birds. Niles Virus, etc.

Karen...I believe Rhizo was kidding about the spider, but that's awful about a maggot/fly in your foot! What happened? Did it get infected? How was the problem resolved? Oh Lord, that's awful.
Glad we don't travel..:)

Tropic..Oh...I thought possum and opposum were the same animal, just spelled different...Very interesting.

So, when possums crossed the South American bridge, made it to North America, did they breed with opossums?
If they mated, does that mean they're not a pure 'breed?.?

Oh look at that little guys face? He's adorable. :)
He's so cute..Rather see him/her than a spider. lol.

BTW, maybe you can answer something I've been wondering since Panda (nick-name) opossum's been showing up nightly, between 9:30-10:30 p.m.
Where do opossum sleep and what do they do during daylight?

I've heard of Gliders, but assumed they were like chipmunks...but glided away from people or something that startled them. What do they eat?

Purple..I've heard of crab spiders, but never personally saw a spider that resembed a crab..

Our planet has so many different types of wildlife.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Toni, are you sure? Did you look at the link? They're just spiders that have extra-large front legs, as far as I can tell.

Larry, that makes sense. There's a small chartreuse kind I see in this yard a lot. Really cool.

This isn't the same one, but this discussion reminded me of this pic.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

tropic, I've always called those neat spiny spiders 'jewel box spiders'. Lo and behold...a quick google turned up a page of the things! The term 'spiny bellied orb weaver' seems to be the more accepted name. They are fascinating, aren't they?

Toni, possum is just another name for Opossum. In other parts of the world, there are many other kinds of marsupials...we're stuck with this one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jewel Box Spiders

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Purple, is your PS indoors along with the spider???

BTW, your PS leaves are beautiful..no imperfections. Except for that green thing on the leaf..lol..j/k...

Am I sure I've never seen a crab spider?

Most spiders here are either black or brown..Every so often, during summer, I'll see miniscule, about 1/32" 'if that' red spiders..I often wonder if they are mites, but they're a little larger than spider mites.

I've never seen a red spider in a web. They usually crawl on plants, or wooden tables, fences.

It's been years since I've seen a Daddy-Long-Leg, but there is a spider that hangs around wood..they're referred to as Wood Spiders..they're either beige or light brown.

No, fancy-colored spiders here, at least none I've seen.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Rhizo, as you probably know, the yellow ones live here, no doubt a fascinating critter. I thought that was his back ("spiny bellied"?) Are "spiny" spiders a type, like the crabs?

Not a spider I would smush even inside. Guess he just doesn't seem intimidating, and I know how easy it is to move one by grabbing their web with a stick.

(Now she'll tell us this one lays eggs in people's hair or cat's behinds or something REALLY gross... ;)

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Toni it wasn't really infected. It was just something feeding on my foot! My friend took one look and knowing that I'd recently been in C. A. knew exactly what it was. He just kind of squeezed and it popped out. I almost fainted and I'm not squeamish.

I have a pair of Australian opossums called sugar gliders. They are absolutely adorable. They look very similar to a flying squirrel.

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toni,i'm gonna guess that your black spider would look a little bit like this guy(even though he's an east african variety). read the article too,i think you will find it fascinating.


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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Possums and opossums remain seperate. Wild animals will not naturally interbreed, theyre biologically programmed to only seek out their own kind. Its us who get in the way and create Ligers and such.

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Guess I should have said possum, not opossum. Ya' learn something new every day : )

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Purple, Lol.
Maybe he's not intimidating, but you lift him by the web with a stick..lol

No hand to tissue contact...eeeewwwwkkk

Karyn...That's gross..the doc couldn't remove it, or was he afraid? lol.
Sounds like an episode in a horror/Sci-Fi movie.
Seriously speaking, I'm glad it didn't get infected, but you were probably a nervous wreck.

Karyn, your Sugar Glider IS adorable. Oh, so cute. I've never seen a flying squirrel, but will take your word.
Also, Google.
Can you hold SG's? What do they eat? I want one..lol.

Asleep..the link isn't clickable, so I'll have to copy and paste after finishing this post.

Larry...do you think opposums vs possum can tell the difference? Are they not structured the same, anatomy-wise?

For example..when we drive down south in IL, there's mostly silver squirrels running around..Here, there's always been brown squirrels.
This past summer, the silver squrrel made it to our hood. :)
The last month or so, we've been seeing baby silver squirrels, our regular brown squirrels and silver mixed w/brown squirrels. Babies.
I wondered if a brown and silver squirrel mated..There are several bi-colored squrrels running around.

Karen, I'm certain Tropic is correct about the spelling, possum vs opossum, but I've seen the word used interchangeably. Books written by American authors, spelling opossum/possum either way..Story taking place in USA.

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Toni he just squeezed the maggot right out. It didn't phase him in the least, me on the other hand............

Sugar gliders eat mainly fruit and bugs but I also make a mix out of HB eggs, juice, wheat germ, yogurt and baby cereal that they enjoy. I also mix their vitamins into it. I usually carry them around in my pocket or their pouch. They are very sweet and not at all aggressive. They need companionship and unless you want to spend most of the day with one you should always have 2 or more. I have a pair of sisters. I didn't want any baby gliders. I already have enough problems with my chinchillas breeding. I have to make sure that I don't take my male and female chins out to play at the same time. Those suckers are quick!

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Rhizo...sorry, didn't see your post.

Jewel Box spiders are so colorful, but I honestly never saw a 'variegated,' arachnid in IL.

I was born and raised in Chicago..Every so often, while playing, friends and I would come across unusual insects/spiders.

Stick bugs, Leaf bugs, 'each shaped like a single stick or leaf. Both had two legs.'

A strange, 'thick-bodied worm? w/two eyes,' crawling up a brick building.' Tomato Bugs, 'green, thick-bodies coiled around tomato plants.' A Giant bumblebee, 'had to be 7".'

Another time a friend and I were playing in a vacant lot. '
Amongst a number of upright rocks, one rock resembled a cove. In the center of the cove stood a black spider larger than my hand. Heck, 2-3 times bigger than a Tarantula.

At the time, the only birds were sparrows and Pigeons. Never saw a Blue Jay or Cardinal. Remember, this is back when I was a kid, raised in a large city. Squirrels were all brown.

Only after moving here, did we see rarer, 'rarer than Chicago,' wildlife.

Except for the time I was pregnant w/Michael..someone kept a pet opossum in their appartment. While taking out the trash, the opossum and I were eye to eye. I ran in the house..lol

Asleep. There's jumping spiders in IL, too, but they're smaller, 'or look smaller,' than those on the link you posted. It's been years since seeing a jumping ppider.

The spiders that bother me most are black w/thick legs and thicker bodies..Including legs, they near the size of a half dollar. Each leg is a little about 1/2 inch.
When squashed, their bodies make a noise like that of a waterbug. Oh, I feel sick. lol.

Karyn..It's a good thing your friend knew what to do in your sitution..not many would.

AWW...your SG's..Carry them around..Guess they need a lot of attention..too bad there's only 24 hours in a day..
Birds are always on my shoulders, while Coco is at my feet. lol..Birds and Coco want their heads rubbed.

I see why two gliders are necessary. They too need constant attention..

Food.. lol. I whip a big batch of beans, 'I believe 16 types,' various veggies, rice, spaghetti, and potatoes. Birds eat a little every day.
At night, they get scrambled egg with sweet potato, corn, peas and fruit placed on bread.

Then there's seed, millet, grains and treat sticks.

Then there's Coco. lol

Although I love my pets, I'm tired of cooking..they eat better than we do..lol.
More pets equal more work..lol..

Though, your gliders are so cute. I'd like to give each a kiss, right, smack on their mouth..:)

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Toni, guess I should have explained it better. Opossums were on South America, but no Possums. When the "land bridge" formed connecting north and south America the Opossums moved across, and that's why you have them there now. But this happened millions of years ago. Australia only ever had a land bridge across to New Guinea, that's why we share a lot of animal species with them.

Kangaroos are cute in their own way, but I have dozens of them on my place and they can be quite destructive. They have no garden sense, never keep to pathways, and insist on testing everything for edibility. They jump over quite high fences and will break through pig wire mesh.

And Wombats are biological bulldozers. They will plough through any fencing, farmers curse them. They're about the size of medium pigs and live in large burrows. They go into burrows as a defence. If a predator sticks its head in, the wombat will exert it's force upwards trapping the predator by the head against the top of the burrow and crush its skull. They are tremendously strong. Believe me, spiders are easier to deal with.

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Your sugarglider is sooo cute. I had a friend when I was a teenager that had one but I never saw it cause it's cage was always covered, I guess they only play at night. And I LOVE chinchillas, I'm defiently gonna get one when my guinea pigs pass over (Which I hope is not for a very long time). I use to have degus, which I miss them SOO much, they where as cute and fun as chinchillas and sugar gliders. But one of my kid's idiot friends gave them some poisonious flower and they where dead before I had a chance to get them to a vet...I cried for weeks...

Their's a creek close to my place, but my friend's retirement apartment is right next to it and she always takes treats out to the animals that live in there (koi, ducks, and muskrats) and it's fun to watch the muskrat eat. He will examin and will throw food that he doesnt like, it's so cute. And it's always the same one, my friend even named it but I forgot what it was.

IT's hard not to feed wild animals. especially when they're so cute.


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FPT I rarely see degus for sale. They are cute and remind me of a giant gerbil. I had guinea pigs when I was a kid. A sugar glider's life span is about twice as long as a guinea pig. They can live up to 15 years and chinchillas up to 20. My two older kids will be in college and out of the house long before these animals die and I seriously doubt they'll be taking them with them. When I tell my youngest child that he will have to take care of them when his siblings move out he tells me that they aren't his pets. I really can't argue with that. They were here before he was. A friend of mine raises hedgehogs. They are super cute but I need another pet like I need a hole in the head. As it is I have to yell at the kids to change cages which drives me nuts. The gliders are nocturnal. They stay in their pouch all day but go crazy at night. My gliders love when I move some of the big plants inside over the winter. They'll jump from one to another and they can glide quite a distance. The animals are another reason that I don't use any chemicals on my plants. I'm pretty sure they eat any bugs they find on them, including spiders. So Toni to answer the question "Where do spiders go?" They become sugar glider food!

Toni my neighbor is a dermatologist so I would hope he would have recognized the problem with my foot. It's evidently not that uncommon in tropical areas.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

DH said this nasty spider was GOING for a ride in the back of the work truck until it was spotted, photographed, and smushed.

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Morning All,

Asleep...I copied and pasted your link. There's a pic of a black spider, but the page won't scroll down. Is there only one spider photo?
It's hard to tell looking at the spider on the page..however, it's ugly as sin. lol

Tropic, oh a 'Natural' bridge.. I see.

Then there are poachers..wonder if a poacher would bother snuggling possum to US? You think?

Tropic, ones weed is another's Orchid.
Kangaroos have no garden sense...lolol. Too funny.
I doubt any form of wildlife does..lol.

Can you imagine one squirrel saying to another squirrel, 'Oops..we'd better be careful crossing Toni's garden..we wouldn't want to knock a plant down.' Or, 'squirrel one telling squirrel two..'it's not right to eat Toni's citrus fruits.' lol.
Wildlife just 'ain't' garden friendly..no manners whatsoever.. :)

Australia has beautiful wildlife..plants, too.

I once watched a documentary on birds in Australia. One part showed a farmer shooting Cockatiels. I have four..:)

I understand tiels munch on farmers' seed, but hey, they're hungry....Intelligent locating a food source to survive in the first place.
I guess, people come first, even though animals inhabited earth before man.

Do people in Australia keep Cockatiels as pets or are they considered pests by all?

I'd still like to see a kangaroo. Mama and baby.
Do 'roos fear humans? Do they run/hop away from people?

Wombats..Tropic, if you were a Wombat, wouldn't you do anything possible to survive? Even if it meant trapping a predator? :)

FPT...I have to Google pics of the wildlife you gals/guys are discussing.
They're all so cute. Adorable.
Do you know which plant your child's friend gave to a Degus? Terribly sad.

Actually, we saw Sugar Gliders once at a family owned pet store..they were for sale. We considered getting one, but we had a house filled w/pets...at the time:
English Mastiff.. Sam
Fish Tanks..several for breeding and two for show.
Injured hamster dh found in the woods...Stewart Little
various reptiles/frogs..'sons.'

And plants!! :)

Two children..son and dh. lol

Karen...now that you've informed me about glider meals, maybe I will adopt one or ten. lol.

I imagine there's tons of problems in tropical places.

Anyone know if the Amazon rainforest was thoroughly explored? Disease lingers, bacteria grows in 500% humid conditions. Imagine the SPIDERS!!! And other insects.

Any problems with your foot since? Hope not..

Purple!!!!! My Lord. That's one of the ugliest spiders I'd ever seen..If it landed on me I'd have a heart attack...Seriously..not kidding.

Do you know its type? Is it poisonous?

Wonder if female, has eggs w/her thick, round belly..
Yuck, long, 'grabbing' legs..disgusting.
She/he and others like it can stay in AL...lol.
Squished..one less to worry over.

Well, glad I started this thread. I've learned a LOT, thanks to all here.
Saw beautiful and gross pictures, wildlife I've never heard of let alone have seen.

Tropic, you're a very intelligent man. Thanks for teaching and posting pics in this thread and others..Toni

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Purple's spider looks like a black widow to me, just judging by the picture. If it is a BW, it's a female. Males are very small. And they don't carry their egg sac around with them, but create little, round sacs made of spider silk that they attach to their messy looking,

They're all over our garage.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Yes, that's what DH said it was and that's why it caught his attention. He wouldn't take a pic of just any ol' spider. I don't doubt him at all.

Toni, black widows are indigenous to the whole country, AFAIK.

Rhizo, you could use that for security. Warning, this dwelling is protected by poisonous spiders. You'll never have a break-in, or visitors...

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Rhizo..you, Larry and Tropic know your spiders.

Purple. I know now BW's are amongst us, but had no idea they were in IL before spotting one when I worked at the plant store.
Another employee said he'd see them, 'Chicago,' while trimming front bushes.

Has anyone ever heard of Banana Spiders?

This happened years ago. My grand-mother boughta bunch of bananas. She said, the peel wasn't smooth. When she or my grand-father removed the peel, a dead Banana Spider was inside.

From then on, whenever I unpeeled a banana, I check/ed for spiders.
Don't know if it's true, but Banana Spiders are supposed to be poisonous, too.

Oh, DH was in VN. He said, bananas grew so fast, you could sit back and watch them grow.

A group of men were selected to chop down 'x' amount of banana trees. Several men refused, fearing a Banana Spider would bite them.
Tough, army men. lol Actually, I don't blame them..the bugs in Nam, spiders or not, is something I can live w/o.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Anyone want to see pics of my tarantulas?

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

I would Larry!!!

Love this thread.. makes me wonder what i am going to dream about tonight!! LMAO!!

Lets see those pretty little Tarantulas... : )


Karyn.. love your pics.. so sweet!! Hope you are staying warm!!

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well...there was only one pic as an example of a jumping spider but the article that goes with it was fascinating

here's most of it

offers great potential to eliminate the malaria causing female mosquito Anopheles gambiae. This mosquito is the preferred prey of this jumping spider species. It is believed that this spider prefers the Anopheles mosquito because of the liking for human blood. The spider, of course, does not go for the human blood directly, instead, prefers to get it through the mosquito. This is also the first instance where a predator chooses a prey based on what it has eaten.

Anopheles is the main carrier of malaria in Africa and the spider uses its keen eyesight and sense of smell to locate the Anopheles. In laboratory experiments, the spider was presented with three choices- the female Anopheles which had fed on human blood, the female Anopheles which had not fed on human blood and the male Anopheles which, of course, never feed on human blood. The spider invariably chose the female Anopheles which had fed on human blood.

and get this..they actually sniff US out!

When the spider was presented with a set of socks- one which had been worn by a human being and one, which was clean and fresh. The spider was invariably attracted by the dirty sock. It is believed that the spider uses this technique to locate the Anopheles which is also attracted by the human smell. This spider is considered to be a bright prospect in the fight against malaria.

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apparently i botched that LOL

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Larry I'd love to see them. Some are just gorgeous, especially the Haplopelma lividum.

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Larry...I too would like to see your Spider pics..as long as it's not in person..lol.

Asleep. What did you botch?

I haven't seen Jumping Spiders since childhood. In Chicago.. Are they extinct in some states?

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just thought i had cleaned the copying and pasting up a little more than i actually had.

no matter i suppose i imagine the gist of it is there(assuming anyone even reads it lol).

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Attached is a picture of a large orb weaver quite common to warmer parts of the SE. They would construct huge, strong webs from tree trunk to tree trunk....or post to post on your porch. When I say huge........I mean HUGE. The spider is enormous, as well, but I have to say that they are very well behaved, as they stay IN their webs and don't roam around freely. They are commonly called ' Banana Spiders', but they would be more correctly called the Golden Silk Spider.

Purple has probably seen them down where she lives. I used to some across them frequently in SC, but I live too far north for them, now.

Toni...open the attached link with caution.

Here is a link that might be useful: Golden Silk Spider

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Rhizo..I swear, you're funny..Toni open w/caution..lolol

For some reason when I clicked the link it wouldn't open. So, I Googled Golden Silk Spider.

Although, some are colorful, even pretty, I'd pass out. Looking at the pics gives me chills.

Check these two out. I think one is the dead spider my grand-parents found in a banana.

BTW, anyone know where bananas are shipped from and to US?

Here is a link that might be useful: RE: Where do SPIDERS go?

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lohttp://www.shadygrovetrainingcenter.com/wildlife/bannana_spider_photo_gallery.html, gonna try again..lolol


For some reason, when I copy and paste in the URL, it comes up Where do spiders go?

Google banana spider..click on Wiki. Then click on Argiope and Brazillian Wandering Spider.

Way too many spiders.

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I have no idea what they fed my degus, I just found some stem pieces in their cage (and this was before I got into plants), and I figured that is what happened since they love to eat flowers. I use to grow dandelions (so they wouldnt have chemicals on it) and feed it to them when the flowers where still yellow. So I think my kid's friend thought that they must love ALL flowers...if I had know I would of told the not to feed the degus any plants or food (Degus are known to get diabetic VERY easily, so they have a VERY strict diet)...I miss them so much, my three little sisters: Priscilla, Aster, and Shorty (Shorty was missing half of her tail so I got her for free)...if I ever find them for sale again, I defiently will buy them again.


Degus are not actually rodents, they're in the same family as kanagroos, I guess they may resemble gerbels some, but way cuter and WAY smarter.

Do you have any warnings about chinchillas for me? are males or females better/friendlier? stinky? (I know male guinea pigs are more stinky then females, but males are more cuddly). Are they known to bite?


Here's a pic of my degus before they died, who loved to sleep squished together in their 'small' food bowl (they are social animals, and they recommend always having two or more or they get depressed)-

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Saw this giant guy yesterday. Don't think it's the same as the last one I posted but similar.

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My male and female chinchillas are equally friendly. They need quite a bit of handling to become "tame". They aren't aggressive but can run and jump like an olympian. The handling makes it so you can sit and cuddle them without them taking off. I'd start with a baby. They are well developed at birth, like guinea pigs, but do nurse and aren't weaned until about 12 weeks. Here's a pair of 2 day old chins. There's usually 2 in a litter but I have had 3. It can be a problem because the females only have 2 teats and one baby usually ends up needing supplemental feedings.

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Ah, spiders... a most unholy subject, if you're anything like me! I hate spiders! I despise them! I don't like how they look, how they feel when they crawl on me, how fast they can run, the places they can hide, or the fact that some can be very dangerous... if they bite you!

With that said, I usually scream first, then ask my husband to remove the spider from indoors, and place it in the garden somewhere... where I know it can be of benefit.

Here in Central Illinois, we have all manner of spiders... big ones, small ones, fuzzy ones, ugly ones, colorful ones, and a couple that can be dangerous if they bite humans. Some people call them fiddler spiders, but I believe the more proper term is brown recluse. There is also another, more aggressive spider called the hobo spider. This one is also dangerous if it bites. Both of these spider types can cause massive and ugly damage to tissue, some requiring skin grafts or amputations, depending upon severity and other factors.

I make it a habit to wear gloves and shoes whenever out in the yard, or working in the gardens. I never reach into dark spaces without gloves on. I make it habit to shake out any clothing or shoes that have been put away and not worn for quite some time.

Unless you already live in an area known for venomous creatures, like scorpions and rattle snakes and the like, you wouldn't necessarily make a concerted effort to delve into any information on this sort of thing... but it's a handy thing to know. The Midwest is generally not known for poisonous creatures... but we do have two very nasty spiders that have taken up residence, and we, as gardeners, should be aware of them, and the dangers they present.

And as our earth warms and climates change, which they are, such creatures will begin moving into otherwise uninhabited areas.

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Morning Everyone,

Asleep...did you post a spider link?

FPT...The boy was trying to be helpful, and thought feeding your degus amusing..with no intention of hurting them.
In the future, tell the boy, 'HANDS OFF MY PETS AND PLANTS.'

Aww, they're so cute..they look like bunny rabbits. I would like to cuddle a degus. I'm sorry you lost your little ones, FPT.

They're known to be diabetic...It must take a lot of research feeding them the proper foods. Especially plants.

Do they eat the entire Dandelion or parts? Interesting.

Purple..Colorful, but still frightening. Too close to the building..what if it goes inside your house? Time for hubby's shoe. Or brick..whichever is larger.

Karen..your Chinchillas are also adorable..AWW..Do you keep them on your lap while watching tv?

2 teats? I feel bad if there happens to be three or more babies.

Jodik..I'm with you.

Don't forget we also have Black Widows. Poisonous or not, I wouldn't want one on or even near me.

I've never seen a Hobo...don't think so anyway..There's a good number of spiders in IL,..All I can ID is Daddy-long-legs, and I don't want them nearby, no matter how innocent they're said to be.

Although, not related, centipeded/milipedes terrify me, too..their 5" plus bodies with a zillion long legs..Oh God in heaven..whey do they exist?

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

OK guys, here's one of them. This is technically my daughter's Chile rose tarantula she named Pip

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

And heres a Mexican White Knee called Eagle

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Lets try Pip again...

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Purple, that's the pretty Argiope aurantia, called the black and yellow garden spider (among other common names) . She is another of the spiders that create large, elaborate webs in which to nab flying insects.

It's always female spiders that make the webs and work hard for their keep. The males of orb weavers are very small, usually hanging around the perimeters of the web...well out of the way of the female. Sounds like they've got the right idea, huh?

That's one of the most common of all spiders. And, Toni, they are not remotely interested in entering our homes.

Jodik, I can't find any reputable resource that verifies the presence of hobo spiders in the mid west. Brown recluse.....yes. Hobo? I'm not so sure about that one.

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OMG, Larry...Eagle and Pip live in your house? Are they caged and do you let them walk around? Lift them, cuddle?

I can't make out what Eagle is or looks like..what are those white thingys? lol.

Years ago, I watched a documetary about Tarantulas. The narrator said tarantulas were venomous so poisonous fluid is removed before being sold as pets. Is this true?
Are your de-venomed..my own word. :)

Rhizo, lol, 'sounds like they have the right idea.' lol

Rhizo, please explain your theory to the spiders that move in my house. Tell them they should be outdoors, not in the stairway entering the basement. lol.

My spiders are dumb..they must not have read 'Spiders for Dummies.'

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

If there are spiders in the house, there must be a food source. That's what I'd investigate.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Toni, those white things are its knees- it gives it its common name, Mexican White Knee . And yes they are in tanks, in our bedroom so the cats dont harass them. I have handled them , so has my young daughter, but I dont like to handle them- its not good for them
As for devenoming, you can milk them for venom but not completely devenom them, and I wouldnt dream of doing so- they wouldnt be able to kill their prey!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Larry, those spiders are awesome. Even I have chills all over! Tell me, I can't tell if Pip is coming or going; where's the front of him?

Toni, some species of spiders are happy to come in for the winter. I find them in my home once in awhile. I think that they are looking for an improved environment, escaping from the cold or excess heat.

Once we resealed our doors and put in a new storm door, the spider traffic almost ceased entirely. They come inside because they CAN.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Rhizo, lol Pip's butt is top left. She had just molted so was all bunched up.
Heres a shot Katie took:

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I hadn't heard the name Degus before so I checked, they are a rodent.

Octodon degus
Class: Mammalia - mammals
Order: Rodentia - rodents
Family: Octodontidae - degus, rock rats, and viscacha rats
Genus: Octodon

Toni, parrots generally do a lot of damage to crops (and to buildings). But I've never heard of Cockatiels being a problem. The Sulphur-crested White Cockatoos occur in flocks of thousands down south and when they descend on fields of crops they do destroy a lot. It's illegal to kill them, but it does happen. In the tropics they never get around in large numbers, usually not even a dozen together. But they do get into my Mangoes, along with the Red-winged Parrots, Northern Rosellas and Collared Lorikeets. I also get the Red-tailed Black Cockatoos and Galahs, but they seem to only ever eat seeds and not fruit.

Larry, you may have heard about the new Tarantula species (Selenotholus sp) they found in Arnhem Land, they're going to try and breed and sell them. This is an article about it you might find interesting:

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Hmm, wheres Arnhem Land? To be honest Id rather they stayed in the wild, too many wild caught specimens sold as pets these days, I dont agree with that, and once mine are gone I wont be getting any more!

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Purple, what could the food source be? Spiders are mainly on the stairway and basement where it's pretty dark..no food lying around.

Larry..I assumed as much, but didn't know spiders had knees.

Why is handling not good for them? Handling wouldn't be good for me, but don't know about spiders.
Of course, handling wouldn't be good for a spider if it was on me. lol.

So, how do devenomized spiders eat? Do all have to catch prey in order to eat?

Rhizo. I guess..they seem to hang around more during winter. During summer they live in mY PLANTS!

When you said, 'because they can,' it reminded me of the old joke, 'why do dogs lick their, xxxxx? Because they can. lol.

Lord, Larry..you spider is big and hairy. Since he/she contains some venom, the few times you or your daughter lift him/her, are you not afraid he/she will bite?
Do you think he/she recognizes you and your daughter?

Tropic...I should have bought the darn DVD when PBS had it on sale.
I taped it on a VHS tape, but the qualitity was poor. Don't know it I kept it, but I'll check around to get the name.
A well-done documentary.

Yeah, poor Cockatiels..

In the documentary, people in Australia kept Cockatoos as pets..Very intelligent 'toos. One woman taught her 'too to play ball..very touching.

One part was terribly sad..They showed a mental institution for emotionally ill birds. Birds that had been caged most of their lives. Left in a basement all alone. These birds made the same movements repeatedly, and most were bare..no feathers..they chewed feathers out of boredom. I feel like crying thinking about it.

Why the hell do people buy pets then ignore them??

Wow, Australia sure has beautiful birds. I can only dream of Cockatoos, Red-Wing Parrots, Rosellas, and Lorikeets flying around...
I thought Lorikeets only fed on flowers?? Nectar? How destructive can they be?
How do birds destroy buildings? lol. I can see why they bother crops..FOOD. Survival.

I thought Black 'toos were a hybrid? Maybe we're talking different birds.

I've never heard of Galahs..have to look it up. Thanks.

Larry, I know what you mean..some wildlife needs to be free instead of confined to a cage/home..the great outdoors, flying/walking/hopping around.
Too many people adopt pets, than either get bored and neglect or toss them outside..in places they cannot exist.
Sometimes sell them.

Macaws are a bird 'most; people shouldn't have. Blue & Golds, Hyacinths. Most people assume they're going to breed these birds, make a huge profit, but have problems finding homes for the babies.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Spiders aren't looking for "food laying around " but for prey. If spiders are able to get inside, so are the crawly things they eat.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Ya, in a basement there could be centipedes, pill bugs, silverfish, other moisture-loving crawly things. Those are the things I used to see most often though, in basement up north.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Toni, spiders, particularly tarantulas, have very poor eyesight. They cant see us, are unaware we are here! They hunt their prey by detecting movement, thus they can only eat live prey. Including carelessly placed fingers, lol

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Toni, parrots are social birds, they need company. People will do as a substitute for normal company, but they need a lot of attention. Out in the wild they groom one another and play around like cats and dogs, rolling around on the ground or hanging under branches. Left alone would be a traumatic experience for them. Some friends left a Galah (a type of Cockatoo) for me to look after while they were away. Name was Chico. He was upset about being left behind and sulked and became 'bitey'. Knowing the personalities of parrots I went off to work in the garden and left him on his own. Within about 10 minutes he was calling out to me. So I took him out of his cage and he followed me around the garden while I worked. Lesson learned, he couldn't stand the solitude in unfamiliar surroundings and had to back down. I also fed my friends' dogs at their place so I'd put Chico on the backrest of the car seat and drove there. He'd wander around at his home while I fed the dogs and then would come back to my place without any protest.

There are about 4 species of Black Cockatoo, Red-tailed, White-tailed, Yellow-tailed, and Glossy Black. Lorikeets like the nectar in flowers but also sweet fruit. Cockatoos will eat seed, fruit and also chew into wood to get grubs. This is where they chew into exposed wood in houses and when hundreds of them are doing it the damage can be quite extensive.

Larry, Arnhem Land is in the Northern Territory. These were in a small area of extremely dense population (for Tarantulas) and the worry was that they'd be collected out of existence. So that's where they thought that by breeding them and making them readily available, there wouldn't be any incentive for poachers.

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Larry they are beautiful. Can you handle them or are the hairs too irritating? I've heard that some have hairs that dislodge very easily and others not so much.

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I use to have an Giant African millipede, male, had 124 legs, about 6-7 inches long...he was so awesome...millipedes don't bite or sting but they can excrete some weird orange poison out of pores on their sides...but my millipede never did this to me but I could see his pores. I really miss him also...I had pics somewhere but I cant find them anywhere, I think it's on my older computer.

The only thing weird and creepy about the millipede I had was that they have mites living on them..and you can see them running around their bodies...I guess the mites keep the millipede's legs clean and in return the millipede gave them transportation lol.

If I ever find another one, I will buy it!


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Rhizo..Wonder what type of insects, basement spiders happen to find?
The washer and dryer are in the basement. I never see bugs walking/flying around.
I should get the hose, and spray the entire basement. lol.

Purple..every so often, I see either milipedes or centipedes. Can't remember which is which..The larger types. 4-plus inches with a trillion legs..Yuck.
Can an average spider eat a 'pede?

Larry..I didn't know spiders had poor eyesight. Since sensing is the case, no wonder they run...While tending to the garden, spiders hide behind plants..When pulling weeds close to the house, there's always a spider or two living within the weeds. Before I start plucking, 'gloved hands,' the spider runs for his/her life.

Including carelessly placed fingers..lol..
Main reason I wear thick garden gloves..lol

Tropic. Yep, I know the routine. We've had birds a long time.
Ironically we adopted a Lory and named him Chico..Funny.
When we took him in, we had no idea he needed nectar instead of seed.
Chico was an older bird, very unfriendly..After a few months, not to mention cost of food, (near 100.00 for 2-months supply) we had to bring him back.
You would think the seller would inform the buyer of small details like feeding requirements!

BTW, we had a Catalina Macaw a little over 21-yrs. Surgically sexed male, but we named him Zelda..
We adopted Zelda when he was a baby. He was fantastic, got a LOT of attention.
When he turned 18 or so, he turned violent. Against me of all people. I fed, played and trained him. He too went for car rides and walks.
He stopped eating so we took him to an avian vet.
The vet explained he was attempting to bond with me, believed he owned me, very jealous, which was the reason he attacked.

He'd grow angry when I neared our son.

Zelda had a cage and large stand. He figured out how to unlock his cage at night.
He'd walk upstairs to the bedroom, then attack me while I was asleep.
Each day I'd wake with blood...either my foot or hands. One time while holding him, he grabbed my face, wouldn't let go. I spun around so he'd release me, but he wouldn't.
I finally had to knock him off...gently, but firm enough he let go.
At 21-yrs, it got to the point his attacks were a daily thing. I couldn't walk across the room w/o him being a bully.
An elderly man who loved Zelda ended up adopting him. I cried for months..why would a bird I raised turn against me? All types of thoughts went through my mind.
A second macaw was out of the question. He ate the healthiest foods, plenty of love and attention.

I agreed to give Zelda to this man when he bit the area between my toes. To this day, my toes are split..looks like a V..Guess he broke something that never set back.

Did you clip your Chico's wings?

I agree, birds do not enjoy being left alone..they need companionship, be it another bird or person. Once they bond with a human, you're theirs for life.

Do you have birds now? Or is looking out the window, viewing 'toos, 'keets and 'tiels flying by enough? ")

FPT..never heard anyone keeping a super-duper 'pede as a pet..lol.

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Personally, I can't even imagine having a spider as a pet! I can't even imagine keeping snakes or other odd creatures... but then, I'm a dog lover. :-)

My little creatures... my Olde Bulldogges, Rosie, Maia, and Huck... are enough for me! We keep a breeding pair in the kennel, though we've retired from the field... and a companion female in the house. Those three are enough for me. :-)

When the kids were young, they kept all manner of small reptiles, larger snakes, and other assorted critters as pets... I was a lot younger then, and I could deal with the occasional escapee! Not now! No way!

Spiders are useful critters, to be sure... as long as they stay outside in the gardens, I'm happy!

I know some folks like the more unusual pets... and I say, more power to ya! As lovely as they may be... they still make my skin crawl. :-)

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I thought I should announce that I've figured out where spiders are going right now:

My home!!

I keep findng way too many spiders in my home this past week. I'm pretty sure that they probably came in with the plants, even though I sprayed the plants really good..and these are biting spiders (hobo and yellow-sack)...I'm worried about my children and/or dogs or me getting bitten.

I wish I could bug bomb but that's a very bad idea (no way I could fit all my plants and guinea pig cage in my minivan lol. Plus I've heard that bug bombs for spiders are a very bad idea, I guess they bring in bigger spiders).

It's gotten so bad, that my daughter makes me shake out her bed sheets and blankets every night before bed (sometimes in the middle of the night if she wakes up), and do ceiling checks for hanging spiders...I keep finding like 3-5 spiders a day, I usually find that many in a month...I keep the vacume cleaner ready to suck them up with the hose and I spray poison in the vacume, it works good enough for now...maybe I should start charging them rent...


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Jodik..how are you?

BTW, I'm with you.

More power to those who keep spiders and other crawly creatures as pets.

Just the thought of it gives me goose bumps.

I won't allow snakes in the house either. My son wanted a snake..I said, if you get a snake, you and the snake are out!'
Bad enough he has a massive Iguana that loves nibbling plants, sneaks in my bedroom, climbs up to the window.
It's okay during summer when plants are outside, but windows/shelves are filled w/plants..Iggy made two messes since plants were brought indoors.

I love moving shelves filled w/plants, adding extra mediums that fell on carpet, sills, walls and bed. NOT!

BTW, I'm not afraid of Iggy, 'iguana.' Creepy-crawlers are another story.

FPT. lol. Charge rent.

That's the reason I first hose outside, then after bringing plants inside, rehose in sink..'small to medium size plants.'
Large plants won't fit in the sink, so they only get a very thorough hosing.
Even after hosing, some spiders hide between leaves..especially compact leaves.

Your poor daughter..I don't blame her for checking bed clothing and ceilings.

3-5 spiders per day is a LOT! Is there a certain room/area they congregate?

Purple and Rhizo said, spiders are seeking prey..do you find smaller insects indoors, too?

FPT..don't use poisons/bombs..Unless you, your family and pets have a place to stay a week or two. Same w/exterminating.

I normally do not spray..'worried about birds.'
Two rooms away from birds area, I once sprayed a wall where spiders lingered. What a mistake! An hour or so after spraying, it seemed every spider in IL joined the club..I'd never seen anything like it.
I wonder if poison 'scent?' attracks spiders. I felt I was in a horror movie.

Chemicals/poisons are not good to breath. Even if you wear a mask, chemicals can absorb through pores.
As much as I detest spiders, I don't like spraying. Raid/Black Flag, etc.

However, the safest spray is plain, old, vinegar. Vinegar is non-toxic and does the job. Kills ants, too.

Nowadays I buy 4-5 gallons a year. Not for salads..lol.

Although I don't recommend doing this..a month before hauling plants indoors, I watered each and every plant with vinegar and water.

Don't know if it worked, but this year, I only found a few spiders living between leaves..'after hosing.'

Before bombing your home, try vinegar..Toni

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Vinegar is widely (but incorrectly IMO, but that's a tangent) used as weed killer. I wouldn't put it on my plants.

FPT, are you able (temperature-wise) to take plants outside and submerge the soil in a tub of water? I know you have quite a few of them, and you're up there in the cold... and it sounds like they've already escaped the pots. Next year, you may want to try it. Spiders can't hold their breath. They will drown or come out. I don't know your spiders, but it may help you to fight them if you know thy enemy better. I'd be fighting back too! Good luck!!

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Toni, I was only looking after Chico. He was actually a rescued bird. Probably a car accident, he was found with a badly broken wing. When taken in to the vet they said the wing was beyond repair and that'd he'd never be able to fly again. That friend of mine does wildlife rescue, so she took him in permanently. Usually when rescued animals are healed they're released back to the wild. Not practical for Chico.

Many birds are just gregarious, but parrots particularly are actually social and need company rather than numbers around them.

As a kid I often got into trouble for keeping snakes in the house. My parents agreed to keeping them outside, but now and then one of mine would get out of my room and knock things over. I'd get this bellowing call, "You've got another snake in the house!" I don't know, some people are just so unreasonable, LOL.

Speaking about millipedes, this is one I found in Papua New Guinea a couple of years ago. I also found an all black one a little larger.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Toni, you cant devenom a spider, it would be unable to eat and then die! You can milk them for venom tho.
And handling isnt good for them because the heat of our hand is like a furnace to them, plus if they fall they can easily be injured and die. A tarantula is a relatively heavy spider and its butt end is attached to its head end by a very thin membrane which can break easily. Also if they get on the floor they cant walk on carpet because of the tiny hooks in their feet which are like velcro.

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Purple. Some people add vinegar religiously, vow it does wonders for their green plants, others rather not take a chance.

I usually add vinegar in soil for acidic-loving plants..Gardenia, ferns, etc.
This summer, before hauling plants in, I vinegar'd every plant in hopes ants would die.

It's frustrating watching ants walk out of soil no matter how much soaking and dipping is done.

The vinegar was added about a month back..so far, no harm done.

Tropic. It's nice of your friends to adopt Chico. I'm certain they'll be one, happy family.

Poor Chico..broken wing..They couldn't add a splint? sp.
Or some device Chico couldn't tear off.
How's he doing now?

I temporarily forgot your location, thinking, Chico would never make it outside.. In IL!!

Even in a tropical climate, he wouldn't have a chance since he can no longer fly..How sad.

The strange thing is Zelda wasn't gregarious. He was a ham, entertained us and strangers..IMO, he was a bit passive..that is until he reached sexual maturity, starting ripping paper to build a nest..and guess who he chose as a mate..lol.

Some people are so unreasonable..ROFL.

What type of snakes did you bring home? URG!
As a lenient parent, I allowed Michael, 'son' to bring home different pets, but snakes was a no-no.

One time he brought home a water turtle..they bite. We kept the turtle, but after Michael got bored, 'which irked me, spending so much for live food, plus care,' we brought Mr. Turtle back to the lagoon he was found.

Tropic, although the millipede is colorful, HOW IN THE WORLD ARE YOU TOUCHING IT? LOL..Oh God...
Did you lift the black larger millipede, too?

Do centipedes have longer legs? About 10000000 inches long?

Larry..how is a spider milked? I'm sure it's not like milking a cow.. Unless it has teats..lol.

Seriously, how is it done?

I never noticed a membrane between head and butt. Many moons ago, a pet store in Chicago sold tarantulas..each was in individual glass bulbs.
Of what I remember, it looked like a regular spider, only fuzzy and a LOT larger.
Of course, I looked at it one millisecond, so maybe I missed what you're describing.

To be honest, I don't like seeing bugs, fish, etc, 'Bettas' in tiny homes. Nowhere to move..I think it's inhumane.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Toni, im not sure how its done but treatment centres have anti venom on hold in case of an envenomation (someone gets bit)
And the membrane is called the pedicel, all spiders posess it.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Toni, im not sure how its done but treatment centres have anti venom on hold in case of an envenomation (someone gets bit)
And the membrane is called the pedicel, all spiders posess it.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Toni, im not sure how its done but treatment centres have anti venom on hold in case of an envenomation (someone gets bit)
And the membrane is called the pedicel, all spiders posess it.

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Is that an echo I 'hear'?? :)

I wonder if these centers are in places tarantulas don't inhabit.
For instance, if there's any tarantulas here, it's somebody's pet; they don't roam around IL.

As for the Recluse Spider, I doubt they have an anti-venom. Docs prescribe antibiotics, but there are people who have to take more than one type before it kills the infection.

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Actually, I learned that spiders enter our homes for a few reasons...

1. Warmth in winter.
2. Humans keep lights on in the evenings, and bugs are attracted, thus meals for spiders.
3. Insects, both crawling and flying, make their way into our homes for warmth and food sources... and spiders follow, because insects are their meals.

So, they may not be coming in with your plants... they may just be coming in. Don't forget that most spiders, insects, and rodents can find their way inside almost every home, whether old or new. There are tiny cracks and openings everywhere.

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Toni, those friends have a lot of animals, apart from Chico, poultry and their dogs. Each of their 2 kids has a lizard, one a Blue-tongue Lizard, the other a Bearded Dragon. They also have some Childrens Pythons and a Northern Long-neck Turtle. Until recently they also had a Freshwater Crocodile. But she regularly takes in injured wildlife (there's a volunteer organisation which coordinates that) and then releases them when they're healed.

I only have 2 Northern Long-necked Turtles. Only took them in when we were invaded by feral Cane Toads. The turtles are very vulnerable to their toxins. So I constructed a pen with ponds inside, landscaped a little (for my own benefit, the turtles couldn't care). They have fish in the ponds and I feed them as well. Toads can't get into the pen. Other than that all "my" other animals are wild and just let me share the place with them. More like I'm their pet, or just that "other large animal" they ignore or put up with. The Butcherbirds come into the house for a feed, so I know they definitely want me to stay.

Millipedes? They're harmless, too busy concentrating on keeping all their feet in step. With the snakes, I guess I did bring too many venemous ones back, but most of the ones around there were that. The biggest was a Carpet Python just over 2 metres long, beautiful snake. Brought it home in a box and in the kitchen announced I had something. My father immediately said, "It's a snake!" (Why did people always think I was so easily predictable????) I just replied, "Just wait and see." Anyway, the head came out, and then the body started coming out, and kept coming out. They were all impressed. Just had different ways of expressing it, LOL.

Milking spiders is simpler than you might imagine. They aggravate the spider which gets it's venom ready to inject in self defence. The venom beads up at the ends of the fangs like droplets. A pipette, or eye-dropper type of instrument is used to suck up the venom. You need quite a lot of spiders to fill a milk bottle, LOL.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Id love one of those giant millipedes as a pet, so cool. Or even a centipede. The big ones are ferocious predators a foot long!

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Jodik...For some reason, I find spiders on the stairway to the basement.
Where it's dark.
There's a closet at the bottom where Christmas and Halloween decorations are stored. The spiders love it down there. I'm afraid to remove ornaments for fear a spider will be in a box..lol

On the other hand, in our front plant room, where it's bright, spiders make webs behind a large shelf, usually wall corners. I don't know if they're spider webs or or cobwebs..are they the same? Once in a while a baby spider is hidden in the corner walls.
It's hard cleaning behind the shelf since there's very little space. The shelf is wide, about 2" from one side of the wall across to the other.

Oh God, yes, this old house has many openings. Far too many. If I knew how to fix them I would.

My brother lives in a secured Condo..last summer a bat somehow got inside. They believe it snuck in through their exhaust fan.

Tropic..your friends are very kind-hearted. They'll be rewarded.

We have a couple rescue shelters that take in injured wildlife..This organization nurses wounded animals then releases them in the forest/wooded areas after they're healed.

How big was the crocodile?

I don't know what feral Cane Toads are. Does Cane Toad look like most other toads? Warty, etc.
Do toads bite? Is biting how toads attack turtles and get venom inside their system?

The pen you constructed is inside your house? Wow..Cool. lol.
Have a picture?
LOL, turtle couldn't care less about your landscaping.

Do Cane Toads live inside your house, too? If so, how do you keep them from entering the pen?

Lol, wildlife allows you to live in 'their' home. lol.

I'll have to Google, Butcherbirds. Never heard the type. Why are they called Butcherbirds? A name that includes butcher, well, these birds don't sound very friendly. lol.

Millipedes might be harmless in the way of venom, but if a huge 'pede crawled on me I'd pass out. Oh, getting goose bumps thinking about it. lol.

Although Carpet Python is colorful, beautiful in fact, I could do without..lol. Spying a CS at the zoo would be fine, but not living in the house.

Tropic, what's with the snakes? If you don't mind me asking.

Milking spiders..when a spider is going to be milked, espeially after agitating him/her, how does the milker near the spider w/o getting bit? Very dangerous career if you ask me..hope milkers have sufficient health care.

Larry..Go to Nam..you'll find two-foot pedes. My dh was in VN..they came across a 2' 'pede. Don't know if it was a millipede or centipede, only that it was huge.
Dh said, although the body was 2', its legs were about 4-inches.

Where does one keep a 'pede that big? lol. Toni

Yuck..the delivery spider truck driver delivers a quart of leggy creatures. lol.

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Toni, with the amount of traffic on toads these days a lot of wildlife ends up injured or dead. But I did have a funny incident in relation to wildlife rescue. I found a Collared Lorikeet lying on the ground at my place, still alive but semi conscious. There's no fast road near my place (my road is dirt, not sealed) so a collision was unlikely and besides there wasn't any physical sign of damage. Anyway, I took it to the nearby wildlife park where they had a vet. The vet checked the bird over and announced it was drunk. Being late in the mango season a lot of fruit knocked down by all the animals (birds, possums, flying foxes, etc.) was fermenting on the ground. This Lorikeet must have fed on some of those, got very drunk and passed out. So they let it sleep it off and released it next day

My friends crocodile was about 1 metre long. You need special permits to keep crocs here, and the authorities check that the housing (pen) is adequate and secure.

Cane Toads are part of the food chain but their eggs, their tadpoles, the toadlets, and the adults are poisonous. Anything that tries to eat them dies, and they eat anything that will fit in their mouths. A female toad lays about 30,000 to 40,000 eggs, they just swamp the environment.

The turtle pen is OUTSIDE the house. It's the pond that's inside the pen. So no turtles in my house, and no cane toads either.

I guess snakes are so easy to keep, and there were always so many around. Also I liked most animals, snakes were just one kind.

Milking spiders isn't such a big issue. They're very small and easily controlled. The spiders behave defensively so they're unlikely to pull any tricks.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Toni, butcher birds are Shrikes. They catch their prey then impale it on a thorn. I did a drawing of one once.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

There you go Toni, my drawing of a Great Grey Shrike. Not from the wild as theyre not very common in England.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Hey Larry, that's a great drawing!

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Tropic..how funny about the drunk Lorikeet. Wonder if the little guy woke w/a hang-over.

Mango wine, huh? How long do mangos sit before fermenting?
A Dom Perignon for birds. lol

Yep, we need permits here, to keep wildlife or exotic animals.
Some people keep Chimps or Ocelots. Illegally, of course.
Especially in the county we live. Other county's are a little more lenient.

When I was a child, 5-6-yrs old, my father brought home a baby, 'don't know if it was a 'gator or crocodile. It was kept in a, of all things, pickle barrel.
Don't know the reason he brought it home, 'maybe to aggravate my mother, lol, but we only had him/her a short time.
The little guy/girl bit my father..that I remember..lol.

I read a little on Cane Toads. Said they were brought to Australia to devour/kill Cane Beetles. Cane Beetles are destructive/devour sugar cane...
Suiting name for toads and beetles.

40,000 eggs! I wonder how many toad babies survive.

Snakes may be easy to keep, but I wouldn't want to feed pets, living or dead animals. Rats..yuck. Alive or frozen.
I used to breed fish. Feeding live Brine Shrimp wasn't a problem, considering meals were on a much smaller scale..lol.

Professional Milker's know what they're doing, otherwise there would be some serious injuries.
And they CANNOT fear spiders/pedes.lol.

Larry. I did a little reading on Shrikes, too..they're such pretty birds.

Larry, did you draw the Shrike picture?
If so, your very talented. Quite artistic. A realistic likeness of a Shrike.
Did you use a charcoal pencil?

To top if off, you figured how to post a picture on GW.
So unlike my !!! Jade pics..lol.

BTW, I read how Shrikes capture prey on a thorn..What happens if there aren't thorns around? Do they carry prey to the nearest thorn or hang around areas thorns are likely to be?

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Thanks Rhizo, Toni.
Yes I drew that, with a full set of pencils, many years ago! I used to draw a lot, cant do it anymore...
Toni, I figured out how to post a pic? Ive been doing that since 2003, lol

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