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oldcrafty(8)May 5, 2014

Has anyone ever painted on a satellite dish? I have collected several now and was going to do a mosaic on one and then thought I would like to paint a scene on one. Not to be used as a satellite, I will build an a-frame to hold it up in the garden. I googled and saw painted ones but never could get info on paint used. Do you think Deco art paint (acrylic) would be durable. I love that paint for wood but not sure it would adhere on the metal. Any suggestions?

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Marlene Kindred

I'm assuming that you're talking about the small satellite dishes that are used nowadays, so they are metal. I would think that if you spray it first with a metal primer, you could use the regular acrylic paint on it. I would also spray with shellac or polyurethane after it dries well. Don't forget to let us see your creations!


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popmama Zone 5(5)

Yes I sure have!
This is my satellite dish sunflower. I did coat it with a layer of spray primer, then used latex paints. It is now attached to a piece of an old pergola and is used as a trellis for one of my clematis.

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I have one--but have not done anything with it. Mine is more of an oval shape. The 10 foot one I have, has been made into a gazebo, It had a mesh on it that we took off and put metal flashing on to replace.
I love all the ones I have seen, both painted and with mosaic.

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I like to use Patio Paint for outside projects if I'm not spray painting. I get it at Micheal's.

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OH Popmama your sun flower is lovely. I have a second one to do as a memorial for a friend of mine I lost two years ago. I did a mosaic one for another friend when she passed away and it was so emotionally hard to do. I think I am ready soon to do the one for Claire. I will do it in mosaic too as I can not paint for beans, wish I could, but I can work in glass and china.

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popmama Zone 5(5)

Wow those mosaics are amazing! Does it actually still receive tv signal?

I think making something from these is a wonderful way to recycle.

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Papamama it is not longer functional as a satellite dish. We just went back to dish so they install a new one. The installer took several pictures of my mosaic one. He said he thought it was painted on until he got closer to it. I told him and time he had a dish to discard to please leave it off here. He said they just throw them away when they put up a new one. He did leave the old mount for the one he installed because it matched the Sunflower one. He gave me the shorter mount to use. I hope to put my second one up in the center of the house. I will have to have some one do it for me. I am afraid of heights. Terrified kind of afraid. LOL

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Those are really beautiful shades! I have a round one that I wanted to put a deer in mosaics but I was having a difficult time with the curves so I thought I would change my plans to painting it. Any hints for how you work with the curves?

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OOPS more question . What did you use to adhere the tess? I was going to use either Loctite or GE II Silicone for windows. And then grout. After seeing yours I may REALLY reconsider and try that deer again. I want it for my son-in-laws BD in July. Thanks for any input!

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Oldcrafty. I use the walmart version of GEll for my glue and regular sanded grout.

Those curves can be a boogar. I just have to cut the pieces smaller. One thing that kind of helps me with the curved pieces is to lay the piece in its larger state on the curve and see where it rocks or arches over the curve. Then cut it in the center of the arch or rocking at an angle.

If this is not understood I can do pictures later after I help hubby with his truck. Says she muttering I am so not mechanical but he still can not lift because of his surgery and he wants to do guy things again. :^)

I want to do a small mountain on mine with a Goat because the Mountain is galled Goat Mountain. I told my friend Claire , the day before she passed away,to meet me there when I die and she said she will. It is a long story from over 40 years ago.

And now hubby is back with my new medicare book. Sheese I am suddenly feeling so old.

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Beautiful pics!! I use Patio paint for all my outdoor stuff & finish with several coats of spray Satin clear or matte by Krylon. Seem to last much better that way. Jan

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