Treasure in the shed

tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)October 26, 2012

So I was outside playing with the kids this morning and as always Jake wanted to go into the shed. Big boy toys I guess...he likes to look at stuff in there. Well as I took a closer look, I saw these scattered all around the shed. I was so excited and will be washing them up to decorate my new family members! Woo Hoo. Super exciting. Thanks FIL!!!

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Tiff...Wow! Your FIL found some beautiful treasures...all for you???

I'm sitting here thinking which plants would look good in each

Do containers have drainage? If not, there are different solutions...

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"one mans junk"-- as the saying goes. :)

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Toni, I found tem today while Jake was playing. Apparently dad used to be a plant guy...hence all the stuff. Some of them have drainage, some dont. So since I JUST potted all my new stuff AND it is isnt the season to be repotting, I can stick the little planters in the pots for decoration. However, some...most of them arent tall enough and the planter thing sticks out from the deco pot...booo...
\Open to suggestions as always!

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Look at this little guy. What can I put in here? The Jade, since they take a long time to grow?? There is a drain hole in the bottom..

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Try a saxifraga stolonifera in it. It will trail down nicely as long as it is well maintained.

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Marley goes in the Red one, if he fits!
(Or some rooted Pothos cuttings trailing over the sides!)


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Tiff, men enjoy

Do you have plants in shallow pots?

You can add rocks, a inch or two will do, then set a shallow pot inside, sitting on the rocks/pebbles, assuming you have shallow pots.

There are bits that drill through clay, but don't know if you want to attempt making holes..

Did Jake tell you the type of plants he grew in the containers?

I shouldn't say this, but I have several plants in pots w/o drainage. The secret is very careful watering.
But, I won't recommend potting in a non-drainage container. Don't want to be responsible if something goes wrong. lol.

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Wow, your one lucky person. I wish I could hit a jackpot like that. I really like that hanging pot in your last pic, it's very unique, so I think you should put a unique hanging plant in it.


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Tiff, have you decided which plant will go in the last container?

FPT. One never knows what will be found in old buildings, sheds, etc.

When we went to TN, we visited dh's great aunt. She has a pretty large piece of land.

Out back of her house, was an old building..It was larger than a standard shed, so don't know what it was called.

Anyway, we stepped inside..All types of odds and ends, and pots, were lying around.
DH's niece, took two old filled w/penny's, the second antique buttons..
I wish I'd have taken the penny's..I collect coins, and I'm certain there were plenty goodies inside.

One never knows what could found in old buildings.

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very nice. if your present plants dont fit, in the future I'm sure you will have some to fit.

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

@Charlie Marley is way too big for that pot. Maybe cuttings from him. I do have a smaller philo brazil (Ziggy) :-) He would have fit but he is already in a pot and I dont want to upset him.

No, I havent put anything in the "unique" pot yet...MAYBE...I will have to find something next time I go to the store!! HAHA (any suggestions?)

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String of pearls?...
(not my photo - Debra Lee Baldwin, found on web)

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

okay, heres my votes (before photoshop crapped-out-on-me, lol)

btw that one is a 17th century Bed Pan relica !? ...purrrrty sure!? lol

..nice doo Rina hehe :)~

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Joe...You are awesome!!! I love how you gathered all the names of the plants for that. I love your ideas but, they all are already planted in pots. SInce everyone says now isnt a good time to repot, I would hate to upset any of the "older" plants.

I kinda made use of some of them. Put alot of the new plants in there as decoration as they are planted in those little plastic pots that the plants you buy from Walmart come in. They are sitting in the deco pots.

The ont I am most undecided about is the last hanging mini pot I posted...not sure.

Speaking of "shopping"...Friday I decided to take a ride to a place called Trax Farms. It is a nursery, a pumpkin farm, christmas tree farm, has a mini "grocery store" where they sell produce they store from locally grown grape vines...anyway, I wanted to just look and see what they had in the way of house plants...And I did just look because I only took $10 with me.

But..OMG, the house plant selection they had there was OUT OF THIS WORLD. I said to myself, thank goodness I didnt take money with me. They had sooooo many and they were all beautiful! I cant wait to go back and get some.

I did however buy some Eco Green biodegradable pots. They were BOGO. Anyone know anything about them? Are they junk... I mean I guess they are better than plastic. They are pretty colors and like I said, BOGO.

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

i had to look a cpl up, dont know em good as you hehe
yea, i kinda figured as much, and youll likely have more even by Spring, so even MORE decisions lol
sometimes i just cant decide what should go in What!? ya know,
..and then as soon as i Do decide, a week later something Better comes along lol

'deco' pots?? ya mean Decorative? or as in 'Art Deco',
or, ...Decoy Pots !?? lol i like that! yea i have some that are pots-in-pots (draining ones inside of non-draining decorative ones) that actually works out pretty good.

Never heard of the BOGO? you arent talkin about peat-pots are ya?
Trax sounds like a Nice find tho, always nice to have a good go-to-place for down the road.
I sure miss that little country cottage garden store we had years ago,, neatest little place, great plants, bonsai pots, sweet lil lady owner,,,

heres todays snag from Goodwill Store ($1.50)w/my 'senior' discount, required some drilling tho,,
man im soo glad i dont have to buy diapers! lol
smootch Luke n Jake fo me, erm,, man-hug maybe?
take care Tiff :)

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Biodegradable - so they will eventually decompose.
I never used them. I think they are made of rice hulls and bamboo fibre and/or some other grain fibers. Good instead of plastic (which will probably never decompose), just understand you have to replace them after a while. They suppose to last about 5 years.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

I'd say the crescent-shaped pot doesn't want a strict trailer, though something more erect that can be pruned to compliment the shape of the pot, THEN cascade partially, would be fine. I'm thinking it wants a Nematanthus wettsteinii (goldfish plant). The pot would nicely compliment both the color AND the shape of the blooms; and if you get one with some burgundy on the stems & leaf margins or undersides, it would look great ....... ahem, and I just happen to have one I could make a start from ......

See what I mean about what a difference it makes when the plant and pot interact to create a composition with a sense of harmony:


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Tiff..I bought a few annuals potted in BOGO pots a couple summers back.

Plants do well in BOGO pots, except when it's time to repot. Roots attach to the inside, so when soil-ball is to be removed, 'repotting,' several roots tear off.

SS...great job! How did you number plants and pots? Wasn't it you who said "I'm computer illiterate?" lol.

Al, what a beauty! At first glance your Bonsai reminds me of a sail ship on a windy day...
What's the plant to the right? Toni

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

@Joe. I cant have anymore plants by spring. I dont have the room right now and it wouldnt be fair to a plant to bring it to a condition where it might not get the best care right now.
I meant decorative. Was being lazy. :)
BOGO is buy one get one free!! I went to my Goodwill last week and they had NADA. I was bummed. Which is what sent me to Trax Farms then.
Diapers AND expensive special formula for Luke!!! Now I am starting to wonder if he has a wheat allergy/gluten intolerance. Oh Boy.

@Rina. Thanks! I am ok with that. They were BOGO and they are cute so the use I will get out of them will be worth the little money spent.

@Al. My pot would love to house your goldfish plant. It is looking for the perfect tenant. But as I mentioned I need to put something in there that can handle the current conditions. I can put it in a North facing window till we move so it has to be able to handle that light.

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

Tiff, Toni,,
interesting(?) semi-related side-note,
i recently had a f.microcarpa growing in an stock 3.25" sq. black plastic nursery pot, which i had placed inside a prefectly matching sq. outter-glazed ceramic pot, with a little pea gravel in between em (thinking humidity),,
the thing grew (vigorously) untill roots were coming out the bottom, were so encircled and encased, and actually adhered to the insides of the secondary pot so hard i had to scrape them out with a putty knife to even seperate the two! just sumthin-to-think-about (potting-in-pots). :)

wasnt me, i AM illiterate, but im a whiz @ Pshop,
dont lemme catch ya posting any self-portraits cuz i'll feel obligated to muck em up and repost em here! lolo

its funny, Als Gorgeous chameacyprus~arborvitae~? in such elegant display,, !
...and still the companion plant caught my eye too ? maybe its those mame pots, i dunno hehe

lol i meant more Pots (by Spring),,
No your Definitely Over your Limit on Plants this year kiddo!
No MORE Plants!
in fact, Al just send ME the GF plant,
...and maybe a cpl salicifolia if ya think of it! hehe

i kid but, ive been collecting pots for Yrs,, and gooodwill's like a block away,,
pfft! im getting a pot a week regardless,
just wish i had the compostional eye to DO something w/em besides stare-at-em in the box. lol

hey you kids remember Frank's nursery and Crafts' ?? (..thought it was national?)
man i miss that place,, they used have these big, kinda soft, Lava-Rock like things, you could carve into all kinds of neat stuff w/just a butter knife, and they were porous too.
I had created a whole mudman village at one point. :)

whew, Very nice!
you really should do a pictorial-thread on your Trees!
or is there? keep forgettin some you kids been here since the 90's hehe

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