Mosaic egg

mosswitchMay 4, 2013

I broke a couple of my honeycomb carnival glass iced tea glasses, and couldn't bear to throw away the pretty glass, so I found a big glass egg at a flea market and used the pretty pieces (plus some flat marbles) to cover it and make a marvelous "egg" for the garden. Who knows what could hatch from this? A dragon? Fabulous bird?


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garden2garden(z8 FL)

I LOVE your egg! The carnival glass looks beautiful used for mosaic! It did not die in vain. I like the medieval-ish feel of your design and the little nest.
Do tell, did you glue the pcs first or set them into the
concrete or what?.

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Elegant! Beautiful placement of the carnival glass & 1/2 marbles. I think this is a "Forever Egg"! Jan

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I found a big glass egg vase at a flea market, to begin with, (it was rather ugly purple and green) and glued a plastic piece to cover the hole, then I glued the glass shards and marbles to it, one side at a time with E6000. When it was dry and cured I turned it over and did the bottom side. Then I used mosaic grout, working it in between the pieces with a damp sponge (being very careful and using rubber gloves as the glass is kinda sharp!) also doing one side at a time. It was a fun project! Thank you for your compliments!


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Absolutely Beautiful!

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What a beautiful project. That was a great use of your broken glassware. You will enjoy it for years to come. JLily

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Sandy, I love your mosaic egg. You have certainly been busy and creative. Thanks again for sharing. Marylee

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PKponder TX(7b)

I love this too! You have some fabulous talent for putting things together!

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