Rooting lettuce??

Jebeld17November 23, 2011

Is it possible to regrow lettuce you buy at the store by planting the core back into the ground? I am interested particularly in Romaine Lettuce. Are there any other vegetables I can do this with?

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I'm sure you could. Not sure why you would, since I'd think it might be bitter plus it costs energy to try and get it to grow... but if it's for an experiment, you should try! You can regrow Carrots by putting tops in the ground. :)

It's much cheaper to go with seeds though.

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I have heard of people regrowing celery from its base. - Haven't tried it but it looks easy and fun. Link to a nice blog entry below.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Technically, yes...but the plant would probably rot before it set a proper root system.

Head and leaf cuttings are not desirable, though possible. Shoot cuttings have a better chance, but you're not getting that in grocery store head lettuce.

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Brassicas throw up shoots readily, but I don't know what kind of results you'd get from cultivating them.

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Some people will root lettuce shoots through the winter to make "yellow" lettuce shoots...micro-green type snack/salad addition. They're pretty good if you have the patience to pull shoots and replant them. Decent indoor/winter option for low/no light conditions.

As far as field's easier to plant from seed because there's little to no time saved vs. more labor and greenhouse space for rooting.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

ltilton - not quite sure what you meant exactly but lettuces are not Brassicas, just in case that was the inference.

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The original poster asked if there were any other vegetables that he might be able to root, besides lettuce.

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I've had good luck with scallion roots from the grocery store. I just stick them in the ground about 2 inches deep and they grow a whole new scallion. I had one overwinter and go to seed (and have a new crop growing from those seeds). It's still in the garden and about 2 inches in diameter now. You generally cut off and discard the roots anyway. I call it 'garbage gardening'.

I've also had pretty good luck with potatoes that get too old. This year a I had a bag from the grocery store that sprouted and started to rot, so I planted them and harvested more than the original bags' worth. I was told by an acquaintance that you can even grow potatoes just from the skins.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Aha - ltilton - I see. I missed that bit. Thanks

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

There are some Burmese women here who cut the celery into individual stalks from the base and then plant individual stalks to grow whole new plants. They say it works very well.
One stalk of lemongrass will eventually grow a whole plant,
onions and garlic (of course) can grow new plants
Fresh peanuts of course, can be used for seed
turmeric, ginger and taro's can be grown from the grocery store plants. I grow them in large containers
I grow all kinds of plants from seeds I obtain at the grocery store. It's often cheaper. All sorts of beans, herbs (often cutting herbs used more as a sprouts in salads, we eat a lot of them).

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In the case of brassicas, celery, lettuce and most others, re-rooting a mature plant will result in some quick growth of foliage and then bolting. A second large mature bunch of celery, for example, is very unlikely.

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I'm rooting onions and leeks that I got at the store and they're doing fine. A lot of veggies have what's called a basal plate on the bottom. The onions and leeks had enough on them, including a bit of root, and they rooted quickly.

If there's enough of it on the plant when you buy it, you may be able to root it. So, if there's enough of the plate at the bottom, it may root. I always look for plants with enough of the plate left on; they cut the roots off and usually take a lot of the plate with it.

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