Peanuts and tepary beans?

tracydr(9b)November 30, 2012

Thinking about growing peanuts and tepary beans next summer. Wondering if either are worth it in limited amount of space? I understand both do well in my hot climate. I've usually stuck with pole beans due to lited area but would really like to try peanuts and teparies should do very well in one of my less improved areas. However, I have no idea what yield will be and don't know if either will be worth the space.
I could also grow pole cowpeas or yardlongs on a trellis, perhaps with heat tolerant squash or melons underneath, instead.
The area that I would put the teparies is flood irrigated every two weeks during hot months, which I understand is how teparies are usually grown.

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grandad_2003(9A/sunset 28)

I grow peanuts every year, but only for boiling. I would not grow peanuts if my intentions were to grow them for roasting. I've never weighed or measured production but generally each plant will produce a handful or two of boilable sized peanuts.

Yardlong beans on a 7 ft high trellis have done very well for me. These have proven to be a very productive use of space. Like peanuts, they do love the heat.

You may want to also consider okra as this is another heat loving vegetable.

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Actually, I was planning on boiled peanuts. I've only had them once, in New Orleans and loved them.
I grow yardlongs each summer, as well as cowpeas and some okra, although nobody eats the okra except for me and my parents. This summer, I plan to grow more okra so that I have a big batch to put up or pickle at one time. Generally, I've had just a few pods to pick at one time so that they'd all end up going to wast. Im growing red okra this summer so that theyre prettier, too.
The teparies, I want to plant where hardly anything else will grow, although I guess okra and cowpeas would grow there.
I plant Armenian cucumbers in a shady spot and they go gangbusters in the shade!

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