Schefflera has some brownish discoloration on new leaves

oneleafOctober 5, 2010

I have a Schefflera in a gritty mix that has been doing real well. The plant has been putting out lots of fresh new growth. However, many of the new leaves are showing some brownish discoloration on it. It seems to be showing up on the bottoms and because of the transparency of new leaves, it is visible from the top.

It had some mealies infection that I have been controlling with rubbing alcohol and neem oil.

Here are some photos. Thanks!

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I'll guess and say maybe a fungal infection but don't really know. Doesn't look like sunburn.
If you are putting leaf shine on the plant it isn't doing the plant any good. It just clogs the pores.
New leaves are shiny some but normally that goes away when this big.

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luckily it has not gotten worse over the past week. And new shoots are fine. I did neem oil on it for mealies which is likely why it looks a bit shiny.

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