Can Anyone Identify These Plants?

mistymizteeOctober 24, 2010

I have two plants for which I need care instructions, but don't know what they are.

#1 - deep purple in bright sun. green in less sun. leaves and stems have fine fur. pink flower. wandering vines. propagates easily but vines are fragile.

#2 - tall stalk- leaves at top. ridged stalk. burgundy stems and dark green leaves lined with burgundy.

Anyone know how I can post my pictures?

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To post pics, open an account free on photobucket or similar site, unload your photos to your account and simply copy the html code into your message here.
The pic will display in your message.
That's the quickest way to see them and help you.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Wild guesses: 1) Tradescantia spathacea aka Moses in the cradle

2) One of the many dracaenas


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2 sounds like Cordyline...or Variegated 'Ti' Plant.

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Your first one is a Purple velvet plant or Gynura aurantiaca. Your second description is too vague to ID correctly.

~Will Creed

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