It was the craziest thing...

tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)October 9, 2012

I was at Walmart today buying laundry detergent and I happened to stroll into the plant section...this golden pothos wrapped its vne around my cart and jumped in. Then a philo brazil jumped in also saying "save me". They looked scraggly as al heck and I knew I could help they came home with me.I was really caving to have a pothos already vined out...and i could resit the baby philo.

My only worry is the pothos was super dry and crowded in its pot. I thought the pot it was in was a 4 incher and I bought a 6.6 inch clay but when I brought it home to repot, the new pot didnt look much larger than the one it was in. Didnt realize this till I was already loosening up its roots. Will she be ok till next summer?

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Top view...

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

New Philo..

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The Ficus Wrangler

Until you get a chance to repot, the pothos will be perfectly content in the 6"pot. In commercial settings, they grow wildly for years in 6" pots without ever being repotted. It just looks like it needs some water, and some good light. The brazil looks very pretty and healthy, by the way.

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Those plants are sneaky, they tend to jump in the cart when we arent looking. I came home with 3 last time I went to the big box store. Once they are into the cart I dont have the heart to tell them no.
Are the roots comming out the bottom?

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Ficus, both plants were repotted. The potho was in a typical black plastic container. I put it in a 6" clay pot.
Roots were slightly coming out of the bottom, yes.

Both plants looked like death came over them until I cleaned them up and repotted...also they were both watered before the picture was taken.

But this brings me to another question: Clay Pots. I noticed after I watered the plants the pot was damp feeling. Is this a bad thing because it would seem to me the pot is taking moisture/water from the plant....

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Hey Tiff...Glad you're adding more plants... :)

Both Pothos and Philo look healthy.

I agree with TFW...the Pothos will do until spring or whenever you're ready to repot.

Pot sizes are sometimes deceiving. Some pots marked, let's say, 6" might have a rim diameter of 6", but the edge, middle and lower part tapers down to 5 or even 4". Yet, we're charged for a 6" pot.

Most clay pots are very dry..I've never seen a new, moist clay pot. In fact, clay pots should be soaked before use.
Is it possible another plant was sitting in your new container or water leaked from an upper, possibly hanging planter?

It is amazing how plants jump in our carts, but weirder yet is how they mysteriously arrive to our homes from an online nursery..a strange box suddenly appears before our front door. Isn't that an enigma?

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Hi Tiff!
Been popping in when I can.. Glad you stayed.. Cool people here, albeit somewhat strange, myself included!
Saw the baby pic! Adorable! Enjoy these times..

Nice finds at Wally World1 I did much the same with a Pothos and a Scheff. I like the looks of your Pothos better than my own. Good plant for you, given your light situation. You may want to cut some lengths of vine to root them as a backup.

Dont worry about clay pots. They are all I use. The water that's escaping through the sides of the pot is water the plant doesn't need.. another benefit of unglazed clay. Additionally, because they are pourus, air can also enter the pot, and they aid in the exchange of gases, (and I'm not up on my gas exchanges so I'll stop there..)

It looks like you've got a full-blown case of GW Disease there kiddo. I'm still in the early stages myself.. 16 plants, maybe 17. Ask Toni..ask Josh.. there is NO cure!
Some days I find myself out of mix, knocking on the door at Petsmart, trying to buy bark after hours..
"Please! Just a small bag! I've got it under control now! I can quit anytime I want!" Normally, If this works, they hand me the small bag and quietly whisper... "Seek help." :-)


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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Thanks Toni and everyone!!

CHARLIE!!!!!!!!!!!! There you are. Ive missed you! THought you forgot about me! Boy is it nice to hear from you! I am settling in well here, driving everyone crazy with my million threads...but I have to learn somehow, right?
Man I was so happy to see your post when I opened my email! :)

I think I HAVE to be done with the plants for now, till we get our own place. I am not real comfortable buying anymore because I would have to put them elsewhere in the house and ...well its not my house, I have to be respectful. So I will try very hard till spring to hold off. It will be hard but I have to...While FIL is happy to have us, his 10+ year live in GF doesnt share the same feelings. So I dont want to make waves.

I bought skewers today also to get a handle on watering. Glad I did because the skewer was damp towards the bottom of the pot but was dry at the top.

I like the clay clumsy butt will end up breaking one of them though. They were dry when I bought was when i potted and watered the plant I noticed the pot was damp-ish on the outside.

ONE MORE QUESTION...(yeah right) ;)

pruning/pinching pothos and philos...where it is best to prune dead leaves, or take a piece to ...propogate? Is that the word?
The pothos I bought today had a dead 2 inches on one of the vines. I just snipped it but then wondered if there was a special place I need to do this.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

From the grower's perspective, you'll find lots of reasons offered that disfavor clay pots - too heavy - too ugly - too unimaginative - don't like the patina that develops on the outside surface, - all legitimate; but from the plant's perspective, it's hard not to like a pot that offers gas permeable walls. Even the complaint that you need to water more is a significant plus when viewed in light of what's best for the plant.

Remove damaged or unwanted leaves by using a scissors or sharp tool to cut through the leaf petiole (stem) half way between where it attaches to the stem/branch and the leaf body. The remaining stub will quickly die & fall off. Pulling the leaf off with your fingers can damage the latent bud in the leaf axil (crotch), so avoid that practice.

To take stem cuttings for propagation, use a very sharp tool that can't crush the base of the cutting to sever the cutting just below a node. A node is a place where a leaf is or was attached. Do it in 2 steps if necessary - harvest the cutting with a pr of scissors, then prepare the cutting by trimming it close to the node with a razor blade, new utility knife blade, VERY sharp knife .... Cuttings with crushed or ragged cuts at the basal ends have a much higher incidence of rotting as the fungaluglies find it easier to invade the damaged tissue. On plants with nodes close enough together, try to have 2-3 nodes below the soil line and 2 above. Lots of air in your cutting media is highly desirable, and damp - not wet, is how you should be able to describe its moisture content. If you DO use a soil that supports perched water, be sure the cutting isn't stuck so deeply in the soil that the proximal end (base) isn't immersed in water. The cutting should be able to breathe.

Propagating from cuttings is a race to get a plumbing connection established between newly forming roots and shoots before the fungaluglies can clog the works & spoil the fun. Often, other steps can be helpful, like reducing leaf surface area so the cutting doesn't collapse from lack of water, but the basics include a healthy cutting taken from healthy parent material so its energy reserves are high, a well-aerated medium, and a damp not wet medium. Other things might be helpful, like bottom heat, tenting, ....., but those can be discussed on a plant by plant basis.

Many growers propagate everything they can in water because it's easier, but there are reasons why it's actually better to start your cuttings in a well-aerated solid medium instead. If you're interested, I'll explain why, but you prolly have enough to digest now, as it is.

Fare well, T. Keep asking questions ......


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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Al, Thanks!! While we are on the subject of pruning. Can you please tell me how to properly prune my other plants so that I do not damage them?

Rubber Tree. ( I already cut some leaves when we thought it had that odema (sp) I cut at the base of the stem and wiped up any juice that came out. Then a "scab" formed and I picked them off. I shouldnt have , huh? So I have 6 stems, 5 of which had new growth and the 6th the top leaf was one that was cut...HOWEVER, I noticed today there is a spudling sprouting!!! So excited

Peace Lily -

Parlor Palm -

Schefflera (small)

Thanks, your the best!!!

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Tiff, start as many threads as you like. No one objects, and you'll get tons of info here. Never assume a question is too silly to ask.

Sorry...thought you had your own place..In that case, I'd hold off adding more plants.
Other than making waves w/family, finding a new place with appropriate window exposures make a difference.

As far as your Philo and Pothos, you're safe..Especially Pothos that survives almost anywhere..'except, directly before south or west windows during summer.'

Perhaps it was condensation on the outer clay pot??

Every serious indoor gardener should keep skewers handy. Moreso for new gardeners or those who can't resist offering their, already wet plant, a drink.

Ha, yes, it's inevitable clay pots will fall and break. Especially, those kept outside on windy days. Can't tell you the number that broke over the years.
One Hoya in an 8" clay pot, which is still outside, needs repotting..It fell from the top of a shelf, landed on the walk. The problem is finding a replacement.

Al, you said, many growers propagate everything they can in water because it's easier...
True, setting a cutting in a cup of water is easier, but laziness isn't the reason I root in water.

I've tried rooting certain plants in soil, but they died. I used to root AV leaves in soil, w/99% rooting rate. But, several years later, each and every leaf started in soil died..An online friend instructed how to root a leaf in water, and it worked. What's funny..she used to root AV leaves in water, and I in soil..After talking, she now roots leaves in soil, and I in water.

Pothos, Philos, and a few other plants root easily in water, while others do better in soil. As I type, I've got a few treys filled w/soil and cuttings. Succulents.
So, at least in my case, it's not a matter of being's a matter of which plants root.


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Lol - who said/suggested/inferred anything about anyone being lazy or lax? That would be pretty close to the last thing on my mind as I was putting my offering together. There was no hidden meaning in what I said ("Many growers propagate everything they can in water because it's easier"). It can be taken quite literally as a pretty basic truth that carries no judgment. Obviously though, if someone is consistently having difficulty rooting in a solid medium, a general review of how the grower is approaching the operation would be helpful because there ARE distinct advantages to rooting in a solid medium.

Tiff - they write BOOKS on how to properly prune, so it's not something I can teach you in a few paragraphs. Different plants require different pruning techniques, as does reaching various goals you've envisioned for your plant's appearance or even well-being. For now (at this point in the growth cycle), it's prolly best to allow plants to keep their foliage, other than some incidental tip pruning if you feel the urge, so they can make enough food to keep their systems orderly over winter. When spring comes & your plants have built up some reserves, we can approach each plant on an individual basis until you've gained the confidence you need to strike out on your own.

I absolutely LOVE pruning. Lol - I carry a pruning saw, a set of bypass pruners, a pair of concave cutters, and a knob cutter with me (in my truck) from May thru Oct. I own a glass company, so I'm in at least a half dozen homes every day. Often I'll compliment a customer on a small tree (as a lead in to suggesting it could use some guidance) and offer to prune it for my (potential?) customers. Usually, they wouldn't have a clue about how to go about pruning the tree, so when I offer, they're almost always up for it. So, I prune the tree & explain what/why I'm doing what I'm doing. The customer always appreciates it, ends up with a tree on the right track; I get the sale (almost always), and have some fun while doing it. I bet I pruned at least 25 trees in the landscape this year and another 25 or so in pots that people bring to the shop because someone told them about 'the bonsai guy at the glass company on XXX boulevard' who'll trim your tree (usually out of control small bonsai) and offer guidance for free. ;-) It's all good though. We do a lot of small favors for people quite regularly; and even in this day and age of the self, people remember, so it ends up coming back around in one form or another - referrals & such. It's particularly satisfying to realize that you're making a sale because of a favor you did for someone many years ago. OK - I've strayed ..... ;-)


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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Al. I know they have books. I was actually more concerned with the Parlor Palm. I should have just specified. THe Parlor is doing iffy since the repot. While it has new growth, alot of the smaller skinny...fronds?...are browning and dying. I have been just snipping them off. Was hoping I was doing the right thing.

\Thanks Toni. I bought skewers the other day. What a handy dandy tool!!!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

A parlor palm shouldn't need anything done to it except to remove dead fronds. It takes a while, sometimes a few months, until the stump of that dead frond will come loose from the trunk. Not everyone removes them but I can't stand to look at them. If you don't like them, tug on them once in a while, kind of a downward motion. Eventually they'll let go. For this reason, I don't trim them as close to the trunk as I could, so there's something substantial to grab when attempting to remove it later.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Al, I feel sad that clay pots are not offered anymore!

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our lowes has clay pots

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Morning All,

Al..miscommunication. A problem talking
When I said lazy/lax, I meant in general, then I felt compelled to explain my experience rooting in water/soil.

My comment wasn't directed 'exactly' to yours..I KNOW my explanation is incomprehensible. Sorry.

Tiff, what size skewers? Long enough to dip deep in the soil?

Larry, clay pots are no longer sold in UK? You sure? Toni

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

hopefulauthor - you're right. Clay pots are widely available here.

Greenlarry - if you Google clay/terracotta flower/plant pots you'll get a lot of hits. They also have a wide range in the garden centres round here. Are they not sold in your area?

I have also picked up (with permission) quite a lot of nice old weathered ones in various places like skips, round the back of allotment dumps, elderly relatives' sheds, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: Just one example

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

um, Tiff,
I'm Sure we cautioned you about straying from the home-wares aisles, right?
But thats okay (this one time), its not your fault,,
...just give me the name of your designated chaperone that day, I'll take care of it.

hehee,, seriously, i luv that lil Philo 'brazil' ? its gorgeous!
dint see that one at my local wally,,,
im green (and gold-green) with envy. :)

hmm, booger, im gettin em for pennies at the local thrift, collecting all i can,,
dang that big pond! .. i know we'd all be mass-trading if we was more (immediate) neighbors.

cheers all :)

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birdsnblooms are you? Haven't see you around..Hope all is well.

Larry, there ya go..Flora's link is very helpful. Toni

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Toni, I got the real long ones. They work perfect for the pots I have. They were 97 cents for 100 of them! Score!!!

Joe, Once I learn how to snip the plant and send it to you without it dying I would certainly be willing to share with you! I have two brazils now but neither of them are long enough for me to take cuttings from ...yet. When It is you all can aid me in snipping some off for Joe!!

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Yea flora, cool link, but too expensive for me. On a tight budget here so I stick to plastic or enrol in a pottery class...done that before!

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Hi Tiff..

Good video for you on YT.
"Propagation of Division for a Pothos" by FloridaGardenKid.
No computer skills, so I cant post a link or any other computery stuff for you.

Kid really goes to town on it!


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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Thanks Charlie! Your the best!

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Tiff. A local grocery store sells 50, 12" skewers, 2 packs for 1.00. They're not long enough for tall pots, but work for small-medium that price I couldn't pass it up. :)

To be honest, my testing w/skewers days are over. I use skewers to stake small, viney plants.

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Checked out the golden pothos at my Walmart today. None as pretty as yours, so I didn't end up picking up any!

Sure, GardenWeb makes me want to buy plants, but it also keeps me from buying plants since I have such high standards and want my plants to look as pretty as everyone else's!


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

" GardenWeb makes me want to buy plants, but it also keeps me from buying plants since I have such high standards and want my plants to look as pretty as everyone else's! "

Good one!

I got distracted at WM last night too, ended up with the same Philo Brazil, a pink and a red Fittonia, a Dracaena sanderiana, and a Maranta. Cute little $3 EA plants! They were full of water in the dumb little cache pots again. They had to be rescued! They're recuperating in dappled light and I took the pots off for about an hour when I got home.

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Rachel. I am sorry you havent found a nice philo brazil. Maybe one day when mine gets bigger I can give you some of mine!!! :)

PurpleTiff, Congrats. Two Tiffs, Two Philo Brazils. hehe They are so pretty. I cant wait till mine gets bigger. I am excited to see her grow.

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

did i miss something? are Tiff and PurpleTiff related now??

dangit, (None) of my local wallys have that Brazil either,,
..guess im stuck w/this 'Silver' one :x

like i said, if we was 'neighbors',,,, hmm i gotta look into this whole mail-order thang!?
haha Cutting is tooo easy, Trust Me lol
i'd recommend single edge razors,, cept for the boogers there,,,, :o

hmm, im finding the skwers have 1000's of uses, some not-mentionable-here tho hehe

LOL Rach,
you guys Are settin the bar kinda high! dang-ya's hehe

um, Purple? is it 'PurpleTiff' now...? i gotta catch-up,, WE need a chaperone now too Lady? hmmm?

hehe Tiffs excited!
is it the upcoming Vegas trip? or,, just normal houseplant-induced-psychosis??
inquiring minds wanna know :)~~

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Joe. No me and Purple Tiff arent related silly. We do have the same name though, so that means we are awesome!! haha

Yeah both my Brazils arent even close to clipping yet. BUT...I am pretty sure my Walmart has more Brazils. If you all direct me I can ship to you provided you send me the means to do so...just a thought.

I think my next plant is a Chlorophytum Fire Flash. Wow they are pretty. I also like an Ocean Spider Plant.

And Hoyas. WOAH! They are pretty. I was going to start a Hoya thread and ask for some pictures before I decide to buy one. Want to make sure it fits me, but from what I have seen they are pretty and fragrant. I would like some flowering plants someday when I have more light.

Leaving for Vegas Thursday EARLY morning, like early you dont want to talk to me early! Taking the kiddos to my moms tomorrow. Much needed break! Cant wait, although I will miss the little ones.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

It's true, two Tiffanys, two very cool chickz! Hope you have a blast in Vegas! Do you have an interest in visiting the pawn shop from "Pawn Stars" show? I would want to see that if I went there. And the Hoover dam.

Silent, keep checking. You never know what's going to show up in the plants section at any WM.

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Well It is a very short trip. I plan to realx and sleep. HA! And lay by the pool with a cocktail. Yes I would like to see the pawn shop but I have heard the line wraps around the building and down the street. I will at least check it out and snap a pic for ya! Hoover Dam, there was supposed to be a tour scheduled for that but for some goofy reason not enough ppl were interested...WHAT?!?!?!?!? So If we have time I would love to go there as well.

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