How are your Haworthias?

Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)October 4, 2013

This is part of larger mini garden, the Haworthia forest. I wonder how many there are out there? There's 6 here. The 2 bigger ones to the left have bloomed a couple times. I'm surprised by how thirsty these are sometimes, especially the one in the bottom left corner. That one also seems really tough. It went through a lot of different situations in a short period of time before 'coming home' to the mini planter. The 2 that look like somebody hand-painted little white dots get lots of different peoples' attention. They look dressed up for a special occasion.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

So cute!

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Purple, your succulent dish garden looks fantastic. Seems plants grew a lot over summer or is it my computer? :)

Is the plant, top/back Haworthia too?

Hey Rhizo!

I'm having major computer problems. I cannot work through Internet Explorer. Can't get emails either.

Anyway, Purp, your garden is doing great. Toni

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hiya Toni,

Quick question, could you try using Google Chrome instead of IE? Much less problematic from what I've seen, read & experienced.

Pls. excuse my interruption & Hello there Purple (waving), very nice Haws.

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Hi Karen...glad to see you...

I tried dice..says it needs my pw, which I've typed in a zillion times..display reads incorrect pw. Sigh..Thanks though.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Thanks x3!

Toni, at the top is a plain green clump of Haworthia, with a Peperomia to the left. To the left of that is artillery fern & ponytail palm leaves over everything. At the left edge are 2 Alternantheras. Bottom right corner is Peperomia prostrata. I'm not sure if others can see the tiny flower spike on it or if only I can because I know it's there. I should have said what all of the plants were yesterday, sorry.

OMG Google won't accept me either. I have no idea whatsoever when in the past years I might have signed up for something with Google or what it was. Since I can't answer the questions about when I signed up, what I used, it won't send me my password even though it has my correct email address. Since it's connected to youtube, I can't use that either on vids that aren't rated G or something like that. It must be something people accidentally check because most of the vids I end up not being able to see are supposed to be about gardening. Why won't it just email my password? I feel like it's holding my email address hostage.

Firefox is free too, but they change it so often. Don't get too comfy with settings, or where stuff is in the menus if you try it.

Something went wrong with IE about a week after we got this computer. I've tried everything, deleting history, cookies, cache, even uninstalling and reinstalling it, it won't work. The automatic fix thing can't fix it. Hilariously ironic on this Windows computer.

I gave up on 'regular' email a couple computers ago and went to a webpage-type. Obviously g-mail isn't an option for you at the moment, but lots of websites offer free email service, if you want to investigate. I'd recommend Yahoo, but my security system has a warning at the top of the page lately that suspicious content was blocked. But it also says the same thing about a lot of GW pages, depending on what ad shows up. I wish GW could find enough legitimate ads to pay the bills.

PG, glad you're back from sabbatical. It's been undoubtedly more dull and less informed around here in your absence! I'm surprised if you don't have some of these guys. I think they would be quite happy at your place. They're like 'kinder, gentler' cactus, not actually prickly, less light (than baking in the sun constantly) is good, kinda thirsty when it's hot. A lot like Sans, now that I think about it. Sure don't take up much room, huh? LOL!

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Purple, my screen isn't wide enough to see all your plants. I don't know how to expand.

I guess the plant I was asking about is a Pep. I also leave Pony Tail leaves, and can't ID, but a leafy plant underneath.

Purp, it's ironic about IE.

What can it be? When I click on my home page which should be Yahoo, it transfers to AT&T. I detest those people!
After several phone calls, 3.75 hours talking to at&t and mcafee, sp, nothing was accomplished.
Both reps wanted to sell me products.

So, Yahoo was my home page..Yahoo, Google and IE keeps asking for my pw, too.
I type it in..says error.
Then I click on can't recall pw.
I type in my damn says no such address.

When did your problem start? Do you know the exact date?

Oh, one site said, Yahoo moved!!! How about that??

I wonder if at&t bought Yahoo out...???

I can't do much on Yahoo.

I can go to YouTube through IE...When I type in YT, it downloads, then a second, and third tab opens..I click them out and listen or watch whatever.

Via IE, I can come to GW, 'w/extra tabs on top,' type, but it won't submit. I this morning.

But, there is a I'm unsure if it's my computer or IE is having problems.
Did you phone them??
Sheesh, NO email...

BTW, although we love the net, my dh's computer was hacked..two different ppl used his cc, the end of Sept and Oct. One was for 4000.00, the second 199.00.
This is BS!

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