Identify this little beauty?

pinkiemarie(5)October 10, 2012

A coworker brought her plant to my office mate and I asking us to help save her plant. We're not exactly sure what it is though so we're not positive what we need to do! It' been in the same pot for about 4 years so it's definitely going to get some fresh soil, but beyond that, we're not sure what kind of light, water and food it needs. Ideas?

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Looks like a Dypsis palm, made up of lots of seedlings because palms dont branch.

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is the soil clumpy? It kind of appears that way in the photo if I am seeing it correctly. If it is, its probably to heavy and to wet.They need a well drained soil.

Could it be a chinese fan Palm?

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A bit difficult to tell from that photo which palm it is, but it does look like it's the victim of heavy soggy soil. Maybe originally it had a lighter, more organic soil but over time the organic matter has completely broken down leaving only the heavy stuff.

Definitely not a Chinese Fan Palm (the fronds are pinnate) and doesn't really look like a Dypsis, although some of those are clumpers.

Some palms do branch, but what's more common is clumping where the original sends a lot of new shoots from (or below) ground level, as this one appears. Some growers do put many seeds in the one pot for a fuller look, but maybe not necessarily with this one, you could only tell when taking it out of the soil.

So you need to remove it from the soil but check the roots in the process, you'll probably find some rotting in there which needs to be removed. get some very light reasonably fast draining potting mix to which you can add some slow release fertiliser. Once you repot it will take some time for it to look good again. Most of those fronds won't "heal up", they'll get replaced by newer healthier ones. And that'll take a bit of time. Good luck with it.

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I love that pot.

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I tried to post earlier and evidently it didn't take! FYI I think you guys are right about the palm assessment. It's in one of those pots that actually has a double ceramic pot on the inside for constant watering so it's probably better suited for a violet. We'll repot :)

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I only use those solid pots to put another not so pretty pot (with drainage holes) inside. Is pretty though.

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Need2SeeGreen(10 (SoCal))

Could it be a Cat Palm?

I have one, and it's always thirsty. The leaves change color in a day or two, which to me, seems odd for a palm. I probably need to repot it.

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