The first of my swirlies....

Marlene KindredMay 16, 2011

I'm not sure what else to call these! These are some of the metal work pieces that DH and I fished out of the dump a few weeks ago. I realized after I took the picture that the pieces shifted in the huge storm we had last night, but you get the idea. And the red farm implement to the right was a Christmas present from my DH. It helps the vinyl porch post to be straighter with all of the weight of the well buckets on the opposite side.

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loribee2(CA 9)

Wow, those are absolutely beautiful. I have trouble believing I'd ever find anything that good at our dump! Love the color you chose for them and the way you have them arranged. Stunning!

Here is a link that might be useful: Loribees garden blog

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Love that porch piece- would make a wonderful sunflower too.Looks so interesting with all the greenery around. Red,white & blue or purple theme too!Iris?? Jan

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The "swirlies" are wonderful! What a great dump find---I can't believe it! I love the color you painted them. The stars and farm implement are perfect. What a good job and imagination putting it all together like that!

You said it is the first of your swirlies so there must be more? -----Sheri

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THOSE were at the DUMP???? Wow, what a find!! I could only DREAM of finding something that great at our dump, or even at most yard sales here :)

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Marlene. I love it all! Good job!

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Those were great finds to begin with, and now you've upped their beauty. The red sure pops and I love it.

hugs, Karen

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Incredibe finds and you've done an artful project with them. It reminds me of a tree somehow. It has a very graceful look for being so square and heavy. The farm implement is beautiful and fits right in.
(Vinyl porch post! Does it really stay put? We don't have those up here.)

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Marlene Kindred

Thanks all! It's been kind of funny to watch the vinyl post straighten over the past couple of days. They're suppose to have a metal frame inside, but these were freebies, so they didn't have one and the insert is pretty pricey, so we opted to go without since it wasn't on our porch. I love these painting EVER! And since our front porch has six of these babies, I'm all for it!

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Ooooooooh, I love your dump swirlies! That red is outstanding, I'm really liking red this year, I put some red cushions out front. That was very sweet of DH to find you such wonderful garden junk for Christmas. And your plate flower is the perfect accent.

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I love ALL wrought iron stuff!
Altho red is not my color, it sure looks good
in your yard! I have 2 of the farm implements
that Bill had welded to re-bar--one I left as-is
and the other I painted like a sunflower. It's
been awhile so it sure needs re-painting. The
iron stars look good too!

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

I love your swirles, Red is one of my favorite colors. The stars are great. I love

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It is all so pretty! I like your metal "panels" with the white stars. Very unique and creative display. Your farm blade is very cool. They sure aren't cheap around here. I will have to look for one this summer (I know just the place to get it) ... our garage needs straightening! lol! I like your plate flower too.

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WOW! I NEVER find anything like that! beautiful!

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