White fuzzy mold appeared almost overnight

BloomAddictOctober 16, 2013

This is an African Violet in a watering pot. The soil is MG Cactus. I've had the plant about 6 months now. I'm very new to house plants as in this might have been the first one. Is this a form of mold or something worse? I look at the plants almost daily and didn't notice this yesterday. Thank you for your help!

Edited to add: Right after I posted this I pulled the plant out of the soil to dry. I'll leave it out to clean the mud off the roots then repot in a faster draining soil. I'll use the same pot just leave the water well dry.

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Hi BA,

Your African Violet definately has mold.

I don't understand what you mean by, 'the AV is in a watering pot.'
Does the container have drainage holes???

Besides using well-draining soil, soil needs to dry between waterings..
The pot should have drainage, too.

With a paper towel, wipe as much mold off as possible. Toss old soil.
If you use MG, you'll need to amend with perlite, tiny pebbles and/or small orchid bark. The smallest in size.

I've been told to sprinkle cinnamon on mold. It helped with my succulent.

How much light is your AV getting? Also, is the room warm or cool?

How often do you water?

I water my AV's via the saucer. When they're fertilized, it's done on top. So far so good. :)

Good luck,, Toni

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